Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Jami Jo and I own a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance and I did that partnership all the way back in 2008. So I have been working with Best Scentsy ScentsĀ  products for over 14 years now. And in that 14 years I have figured out what works. I’ve figured out what doesn’t work and I have worked really hard to design and create the best customer follow up system. Now hopefully you watched my video from yesterday. If you have not stopped this video right now and go watch the video right before it because it’s going to get you prepared for the information in this video right here. Um, but the basic thing is the best system for customer follow up is whatever system works for you and whatever system you will do consistently, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

You just have to figure out what works for you and what you will do consistently. So I talked a lot about that yesterday and I started what will be super helpful for this video. I started talking about it yesterday, which is my customer spreadsheet cuz everything I do that I’m gonna talk about today stems from that spreadsheet that I talked about on yesterday. So you definitely need to go watch yesterday as a video. So we are going to jump right into what works for me, the best customer follow up system that I have found, and maybe it’ll give you some ideas or maybe you’ll be like, oh, absolutely not. I’m not going to do that. And that’s completely fine because I’ve looked at other customer follow up systems and said that exact same thing. Now, just to give you a little overview, I use a spreadsheet to collect and um, catalog all of my customer information.

Then I have four main forms of follow up. That is smell mail, social media, email and project broadcast for texting. So we’re gonna jump right into what I do for smell mail for my customers and there’s really two things that I do in smell mail. The very first thing is the first interaction that I have with my customers once they place an order. Now most of my customers are ordering online, so I’m just going to talk about this form of customer follow up. Like it is an online order. You can tweak it and adjust it as you need for personal interaction orders. But as soon as I see an online order come in from a customer, I am going to put together a packet of information to be dropped in the mailbox to them. And it can vary different things. But I want to just show you the basic packet of information that people will get.

The first thing that they get is a two-sided rack card is what this is called. It’s like a cardboard. Um, it’s the perfect size to fit in a business envelope. So the front side is just a thank you for me. It tells them how they can get added to my project broadcast thread, but honestly I’m gonna add them to it anyway. Um, asking them to gimme a Google review with my QR code and then my happy little smiley face because a lot of these customers have never met me before. If they just found me online through the customer locator or through Google, they don’t even know what I look like. So I want them to see that they’re buying from a real person and not just some website on the back. I explained to my customers that there are four ways that they can purchase their products.

They can pay full price, they can get them at 10% off. They can get them at half price or they can get them free. Guys, this is just a conversation opener about hosting affiliate links, hosting sent events or joining Scentsy Club. So that’s just a conversation opener. Then down here I tell them that they can always get 20 to 30% in rebates. That’s a conversation opener about them partnering with CSI themselves. Again, my picture, my contact information. So that’s just kind of the basics of thanking my customer, but that’s not where I stop. The next thing, they’re always going to get a warmer of the month brochure. It’s gonna change from month to month so they can have information about that. They’re always going to get a rack card about Scentsy Club. I wanna make sure that I’ve informed them what Best Scentsy Scents Club is and all the perks of Scentsy Club.

They get a magnet from me. This is my business card guys. I do not print regular business cards. I think regular business cards are a waste of money because people are just gonna throw them in a trash. So in my opinion, don’t waste your money, don’t waste your effort. I don’t do business cards. This is a magnet. The chances of people throwing a magnet away are much slimmer than throwing a business card away. I also keep it very simple, not too much info, it’s just my logo with my picture and then my name, my website, and my phone number. So basic information, this is the super fun part guys. All of my customers get a prize time slip in their thank you mail. And I get these tickets on Amazon. I have several different colors cause I changed the color from month to month. What this is is for every $10 they spend with me, they get a ticket.

If it’s a club order, I double it. So they get these tickets. Why do I do this? I do a drawing once a month for my customers. I do this because it gets them onto my v i p page on Facebook because that’s the only place that I announce the winner. So this QR code right here takes them to my v i p page on Facebook. If they wanna know if they won, they have to be on my v i P page on Facebook. So yes, I treat one customer a month to a freebie. It changes from month to month, but there is an ulterior motive. I want them on that Facebook v i p page. Okay? So that is my initial mail interaction with them. But then from, from month to month, not every month, maybe every other, I do other mail mail. So I was just prepping this for this month.

Uh, just a little newsletter, but it, these are samples guys skies, these are samples of the new Sunshine State of Mind collection. So it’s not a big enough sample that they can actually warm, but it is enough that they can smell to see if they like those fragrances. I’m just gonna update them on new things coming out. Tell them to check out this YouTube channel. We bring back my bar coming up, I have all the info about that prices and that they can add it to their Best Scentsy Scents club. And then this month they’re also getting this, this little coupon thanks to the Amer amazing Sarah speech Lee. I grabbed one she created and altered it. Um, so those are going in my customer mail at the end of May, at the end of this month. So that is my smell mail. That is an interaction that I have with my customer.

Very first thing when they place an order, but also periodically every month, every other month in the least every other month. So they are smelling things, they are getting things from me in the mail mail because everyone loves Happy Mail. Guys, don’t you love going to your mailbox and getting something that’s not a bill? It’s a fabulous way to follow up with your customers. So the other way is social media. We talked about Smail Mail. Now let’s talk about social media. There is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Those are my three basics. I know there’s other Snapchat I don’t get, TikTok I don’t like. Um, so those are the three that I use. You use what works for you. Uh, Instagram, I am constantly posting silly, funny reels, but I’m doing them so they can see my personality, who I am as a person, as a real human.

But then also I throw in business stuff. It is not all business because people don’t wanna see all business. They wanna see who you really are. So I do a fun mix there. Same on YouTube, because those shorts that I do on YouTube, they’re the same that I’m using on Instagram. But then I do my daily long video like this on ins on YouTube so they can get new information about the products. Rarely like this, it’s about the business. Most of the time it’s a customer interface that I can use to explain to them different perks and details about the Scentsy business as a customer host or possible recruit. So that’s Instagram and YouTube, Facebook. Three aspects of Facebook. There is your personal wall, which I think it’s completely fine to post some things about Best Scentsy ScentsĀ  on your personal wall. The thing is, if you’re posting it on your personal wall, it needs to have benefit to them.

You need to be either just sharing a product or telling them a really great perk about the business. Now, if it’s your business page, I think you need all three personal business and v i p personal, I just explained business people expect to be sold to on a business page. This is where they’re not really needing me. They’re seeing the products and the upcoming things. I keep it very, very business related. It is not personalized about me at all on my business page. It’s very professional, very business related. My v i p page is the fun place because I do interaction with my customers. I do live videos for my customers. I do, um, you know, show them different specials, different upcoming things. The v i p page is the place that I really enjoy working my business. So I have all three of those.

That’s social media. I am doing emails with my customers. My goal is once a week. I will tell you, it doesn’t always happen that way, but my goal is once a week to email my customers. Now you guys are saying, wow, you are connecting with your customers so much. Isn’t that too much? I don’t think it is because I am not reaching the same customer in all the different ways. The person that I might be reaching on social media is not necessarily checking their email. The person that is off of social media might check their email on the regular. And here’s the thing, if they don’t wanna see it, if they don’t wanna interact with it, they can swipe on or delete the email. It’s perfectly fine. So I am doing an email. My emails are picture heavy and word slim <laugh>, meaning lots and lots of pictures, very few words.

Uh, people like to look at pictures. They don’t wanna read a whole lot. Let’s face it, people’s attention span is very, very short. So emails need to be lots and lots of pictures. Clickable links, taking them straight to my website. I use MailChimp for my emails, but there’s tons of amazing email creators out there or email servers out there that you can use. And then the third is project broadcast. I am using project broadcast to text my customers. Now, personally, I just text my customers when there is a sale, a special or a new release of a product project broadcast costs me money. So if I am going to spend the money to send a text to my customers, I want to make sure that it, there is a return on my investment. So I am using that just to alert them of specials deals and new release products.

Guys, this might sound like a whole lot, but I have it so systemized that this is the most simple way to follow up with my customers. Again, I’m not doing individual follow up at all. So I’m doing all of this for all of my customers. It’s way easier for me and that’s why I do it consistently, because it’s easier for me and it works for me. But like I said at the beginning of this video, you have to find what works for you and what you will do consistently. Guys, I hope this was really helpful. If you are looking to start a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents , I would love to mentor you and help you along the way if you already are a consultant. I am so glad that you stopped by and I hope the information I share today was helpful to you. If you guys have any further questions, feel free to add them down in the comments or if you are, like I said, considering a partnership with Scentsy, feel free to jump on Jami Jo sells wax.com. There is a join button up at the top or if you have any questions about that and you wanna talk to me individually, feel free to text me at nine 1-888-896-NINE. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you find your perfect follow up system for your customers.