<silence> Hi there guys. Thanks so much for stopping by here at Jamie. Joe sells wax on YouTube. I’m so excited to have you here today to, we are going to be talking about another six pack pick, and today’s six pack pick is my personal favorites from the new fall and winter catalog. You guys, if you’ve never been here before, this channel is all about S Scentsy fragrance. I have had a partnership with S Scentsy for 15 years now and been loving their products, absolutely loving the fragrance and what it adds to my life and to my different surroundings, but also being super thankful for the opportunity that S Scentsy has offered me and it could offer you as well. So if you’re interested in that, please check out some of my other videos about the business opportunity or shoot me a text. I will give my phone number at the end of this video, and it’s also in the video description, but like I said, today is a day for a six pack pick.

Let’s talk about some super yummy fragrances. I had to narrow down <laugh>. It was a tough choice, but I chose my six favorite fragrances from this new catalog. So for this, I did not include any limited time offers because if that was a allowed hometown cowboy would be in there, or maybe even the new Disney villain sent, those two would definitely be in there, but they’re not because these are just catalog syn. The first one was the easiest choice, like actually the first two I didn’t even have to think about. I automatically knew what they were going to be. So this is Scarlet Sunflower. My camera is not gonna cooperate, so maybe I just won’t even show you the labels. I’ll just tell you what they are. Scarlet Sunflower. This came out, was it just last year, maybe two years ago, and I instantly fell in love. I want Scarlet Sunflower in all the things. It just relaxes me. It makes me feel so good. It’s in the fruity category. And so my favorite scents are kind of all over the board, which really surprised me because I always say, oh, I just like the woods scents. And honestly, only one of my six pack pick is in the woods category. This is in the fruity category. It’s juicy apple and a hint of red cranberry. They’re brightened by scarlet sunflower turning to face the sun. Alright guys, here’s my take on it. If you

Grew up in the nineties, there was an Estee Lauder fragrance called sunflowers, and this has a reminiscent hints of that sunflower perfume. I will tell you that I used that perfume when my husband and I first dating, so it’s definitely reminiscent for me. But this has that same type of scent with a touch of sweetness on top of it. It is so, so, so good, and I absolutely love it. Now, I was really, really excited when this catalog season, they also launched counter clean in this scarlet sunflower scent. I almost called it stunning sunflower, but it’s scarlet sunflower. Trust me when I say get it, try it. I really think you will like it. I could go on and on all day about how awesome that fragrance is, but we’re gonna move on. The next scent is cozy cardigan. Now, cozy cardigan is a a warmer scent to me. I’m gonna flip over so I can get the exact description of it for you. I know I marked all these. There it is.

Hmm, it’s so warm and yummy. It’s definitely to me, I’m really surprised it’s not in the woodsy category. It’s actually in the fresh category. I mean, it is a clean, fresh fragrance, but it’s so warm and I mean cozy cardigan is just the perfect name for it. ’cause it makes you feel like you’re cuddled up in this big fluffy blanket Scentsy says fine bedded bliss in layers of soft suede, blushing rose and amber silk, you can definitely smell the amber. That’s what’s warming this fragrance up. I don’t know that I’ve ever read that description. I’m surprised that there’s rose in this. I don’t really smell the rose, so if you’re like a, Ooh, I don’t, I don’t do rose scent, it’s okay. Don’t let that freak you out. This is so warm and yummy, like seriously, you can feel a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you or a cozy cardigan.

Now this next scent is one of our brand new fragrances. This season two of my choices are brand new fragrances and this is dashing. Now, when I read the description of this, I pretty much knew that I would love it and maybe you know what scent notes that you always tend to go to like I do, but this has the creaminess of vanilla, but there’s a bit of a a bite on it that is like earthy at the same time. So it’s irresistible. Vanilla and creamy mahogany will leave you swooning under fresh night skies. That

Creamy vanilla is definitely the first thing that you notice, but it’s not straight vanilla. It has that undertone of deepness, of the woodsy, of the natural earthy scent. I absolutely love this new dashing fragrance. And while we’re talking about earthy scents, this next one, again, I cannot believe that this is not in the woods category because it is a natural and earthy scent. This is eucalyptus wreath. It smells like a touch of Christmas, but in a spa <laugh>. Does that make any sense? You know how when you walk into a spa, there’s just this relaxing smell? Uh, eucalyptus. It’s eucalyptus and this is eucalyptus, but this has like a touch of, to me, I’m not even looking at the description yet. To me it’s like a little bit of pine on top of the eucalyptus. Now, now that I said that, let’s see if I’m proved wrong. Oh, I was right. Uh, fresh eucalyptus is woven with juniper and adorned with fresh mint. So that juniper, that’s that pine that I’m getting.

There’s a slight hint of mint, but it’s not much at all. Guys, it is so good. It just makes you feel like you need to take a big deep breath and it’s so relaxing. I really think you’ll like eucalyptus wreath. This next one really got me when I decided I liked it and I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s so funny because I always say I don’t like cinnamon. I don’t like cinnamon. I’ve always said that I don’t like cinnamon, and the next two have cinnamon in their name <laugh>. But this one is in the woods category. I always say I love the woods fragrances and this is there cinnamon pine cone. Guys, this to me is Christmas.

This is the best Christmas scent in my opinion. You can, you can fight me on it. I used to say very snowy spruce. I’m totally changing it to cinnamon pine cones. Cinnamon pine cones. Yeah, this Christmas season, I probably will have a mixture of both, but this does have that pine in there. It does have that cinnamon on top. If you liked homestead holiday, you’re gonna like cinnamon pine cones. They’re very, very similar. This is the warm scent of sparkling pine cones, adorns festive fur balsam branches at a classic hint of sweet cinnamon stick. Christmas in a bar right there. That’s what that one is, and then we’re rounding it out with, again,

I cannot believe that this was even on my list. It is one of our new fragrances. I know why I like it, but it still has cinnamon in it. It’s Palo Santo and Cinnamon. I love Palo Santo. Love it. We used to have just a Palo Santo scent and it was so good and most people didn’t like it, so they thought, let’s take that scent. Let’s throw some cinnamon in there. I guess. Now I will tell you, I wish this was stronger. It is not super strong. Usually I pick scents that are like, knock you over strong. This one is not as strong. So if you like a more tamed down scent, this one might be for you.

If you don’t know what Paulo Santo is, think of like a yoga studio <laugh>. It’s a very hippie-ish scent. Think of like a patchouli friend. It’s gonna be kind of like that. Palo Santo energizes Italian bergamot scented with clove leaf and cinnamon bark. It’s just a nice fresh hippie scent. It totally is a hippie scent. If you are a patchouli fan, Palo Santo and cinnamon is for you. Now guys, you can get your very own Jami Jo’s six pack pick. You can do that by going onto Jami Jo sells wax.com. You’re gonna wanna go to the specials tab or maybe it says deals I don’t remember. And do a combine and save deal. That is a six pack pick six, I think it just says six pack wax bars. Anyway, that’s what you wanna do because you’re gonna get one of these free. Anytime you buy five wax bars, you’re gonna get one free.

Same with room sprays, same with scent circles, same with scent packs, all that good stuff. When you buy five, you get one free. So always make sure that you’re looking at that deals section, that special section to get the best deal so you can order it that way. You can switch up any of these. Pick and choose whatever you want to make your own six pack pick. If you guys have any questions about that or have any difficulty with it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, and I would be happy to help you with any of your Scentsy questions or issues. Other than that, guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you guys have a sensational day.