<silence> Well, hello guys. We are taking a field trip today. You are on Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. Normally you would see me sitting at my cute desk with all these adorable SY products behind me. But today we’re taking a field trip into of course, my laundry room. And before I came in here and set up my camera, I thought I really should like pick up in here and, and make it look all beautiful and nice. And then I thought, no, no, we’re doing real life today. We’re doing real life today ’cause we’re doing laundry. We’re doing laundry because I want to share with you my tips and tricks. And of course this is a channel all about s Scentsy products. So we are going to be using some of these Scentsy laundry products as I do laundry today. So we are going to jump right into it ’cause I wanna show you every single step of my laundry process and show you exactly what I’m using.

And here’s something fun. Normally I am sharing just Scentsy products and only Scentsy products, but I have a couple tips for you today using other products out on the market. So let’s go ahead and jump right in. I have a pile of clothes right here today. We’re doing a rather small load and it’s all of my, I don’t know that I would call them delicates, but these are things that I don’t like to put in the dryer. So for those of you who don’t know, uh, I recently had a hysterectomy abdominal surgery, so I haven’t been able to bend down for a while. This means that Paul has been doing most of the laundry and bless his heart, he’s been trying his best. But that is a load that he’s afraid of. Like as I’m guiding him through sorting laundry, ’cause I can’t bend over, I’m like, Ooh, don’t put that in the dryer.

Don’t put that in the dryer. And so he just throws ’em in a pile all all their own because he’s afraid to mess them up. So we are going to do them right now all by themselves. This is what we are going to be using. This is Scentsy’s Laundry Liquid. This is our laundry soap. So here’s the cool things about s Scentsy Laundry liquid number one. Guys, we are s Scentsy. This stuff smells amazing. Now you can tell by my pile back here, um, this has been my favorite for a while. Fiji flour, it is still available but this catalog season, this fall and winter catalog season Scentsy launched this fragrance white, amber and te. Now the thing about white amber and te is it is in our woods line, which typically to me means a little bit more of a masculine smell. Now what I love about white, amber and tea is Paul enjoys me using it on his clothes ’cause they do smell a little more manly.

Fiji flowers great, but not manly at all. White amber boutique, a little more manly, but to me it’s not like so much cologne that I smell like a man. I really enjoy it too. That being said, I do enjoy very, um, woodsy and manly fragrances. Now I wanna do a little experiment just to show you something. The laundry liquid on the back it says two pumps for a small load, three pumps for a medium load, four pumps for a large load. Guys, this is a cup from a traditional laundry detergent. This is from all free and clear. I have to keep that on hand because Paul is a hunter and his hunting clothes can’t smell super yummy. So now on this cup there is measurements, the 1, 2, 3, 4, and five. I know when I was using traditional laundry detergent, I didn’t really know the how much I should be using for the load size.

You know, I usually filled it up to four. I don’t know why four was my magic number, but I filled it up to four and that’s what I put in the washer. Now I would assume that it probably says one for a small load. This tells me two for a small load. So we’re gonna do a little experiment. One, two guys. It doesn’t even cover, it doesn’t even cover the bottom of the cup. Like I know you probably can’t see that on the video. It does not even cover the bottom of the cup. Look at how much less detergent we are using. Now let’s say this was a large load and it tells me four squirts. So we’re gonna add two more in there. Still I am not even to the number one on the cup. This stuff is super, super concentrated. But let me tell you it works.

I’m gonna go ahead. We’re gonna use too much because that was four pumps and this is a small load. I was super skeptical when this stuff came out. It’s taken forever to drip out of there too. It’s much better when you just use the pump. I was super skeptical when our laundry products came out because my husband works in dirt work. He’s a landscaper. He sometimes comes home filthy dirty. Let me tell you that our stuff still works. I’m gonna go a little bit faster because I like my videos to be around 10 minutes and we’re already halfway through and we just started doing laundry. Okay, let’s talk about softener. Scentsy does not have a fabric softener replacement anymore. We used to. They’ve done away with it. Honestly, I didn’t love it. Anyway, here’s what I use. Oh, what’s that? You say? It’s just a glass bottle.

It’s vinegar. Friends, did you know that when you use traditional fabric softener, it’s actually like a waxy buildup on your clothes. Your clothes made from fabric have channels, especially your dry wicking clothing, your workout clothes. They have channels to pull the moisture away from your body. If you are using traditional fabric softener, it is filling up those channels, filling up those tubes or those holes with like a waxy substance. Ew. And it doesn’t ever like rinse clean out of there. Using vinegar will soften your clothes. It will, um, help eliminate the static. And no, your clothes are not gonna smell like vinegar. Now I think the actual measurement is like half a cup. This is my measurement. Blo, bloop, bloop, we’re done. So, uh, this is just white vinegar. I just put it in a cute bottle with a pore spout and I keep it right here in my laundry room.

That’s what I am using instead of fabric softener. Now the next thing that I’m going to put in my washer, two more things. These are heaven washer wss. Think of another product line that has something called uh, unstoppables. I don’t know who makes unstoppables, but these work the exact same way. These aren’t gonna clean, they’re not gonna soften. They’re not gonna do nothing except make your stuff smell so freaking good. I told you that white, amber and teak was a great smell. I I want this all over my clothes. Now you can use as little or as much as you want. That’s a really small load. So I didn’t even put a full scoop in there. If I’m doing like my sheets or my towels guys, I load it up with like two scoops. I want those smelling super good. Now these come in two different sizes.

This is the tub. Here’s a small one. Uh, US pricing. I think this is 12, maybe 16. This is 30. Uh, so I use tons of these. You could see I have like tubs built up back there. So there’s my tubs. Okay, I have another product for you that is not a Scentsy product. I’m not getting paid by this company to recommend this. I just absolutely love these things. Shout color catcher. Now maybe you saw me putting that load in the washer. There was like a light cream color sweater and then I had like something hot pink and you were like, Jamie, don’t do it. These, my friends are a lifesaver. I don’t know how they work. It’s just like a little piece of paper. I don’t, I don’t know. But you put it in there and you just let it wash with your clothes and it really does catch all the color.

Now I forgot to give that tip to Paul and I have a white shirt hanging up over here that’s a little bit blue, so we gonna have to do something about that. Super thankful for him helping with laundry, but it’s not one of his normal chores. Okay, so my washer is ready to go. Uh, I’m not gonna start it ’cause it, it might be a little loud, but we have one more product to talk about because we’ve still got this dryer over here. These are our drier disks and I absolutely love them. Now a box is $7, but it comes with two inside of there. You don’t need to use two, but I usually do. I throw both of those in my dryer. You just throw ’em in there with your clothes and you let it tumble around with your clothes. You reuse those over and over and over again. I think the box says 15 loads.

I don’t know, it just says maybe reused for multiple loads. Guys, you can use those so many times. Eventually the scent will just fade away. So they’re gonna help with static. They are gonna add just a little more fragrance. So think about how awesome your clothes are gonna smell. You’ve got the laundry liquid, you’ve got the washer widths, you’ve got the dryer discs all in the same scent. Just working together to make that layering Scentsy magic. It is so good. Now, fun tip with those washer whiffs or uh, dryer discs. These little thingies, these, uh, when they do fade away on scent, maybe you don’t wanna use them in your laundry, you want fresh ones in your laundry, but don’t throw ’em away. Take this and throw it in your suitcase. That’s either like ours stuffed under the bed. Maybe it’s in the back corner of a closet, maybe it’s up in the attic, but put it in there and zip your suit back, suitcase back up.

That way when you go to grab your suitcase to pack for your next vacation, it’s gonna smell super duper yummy in there. Now guys, the best way to give a try for our laundry products is a package deal that we call laundry love. You get one of the laundry liquids, you get the big tub of the washer waste, you get two boxes of dryer discs, which means four dryer discs. Guys, all of that together is only $50. Here’s the really cool thing. If you decide to host an affiliate link or do a shopping link with me, that qualifies as a half price item. So when you start earning all your credits and half price items, you could get that whole deal for $25. Guys, I told you this alone retailed at 30 and you could get all of that for just 25 as a half price item. Also, that washer with tub is one of the great things to do is your half price item on Scentsy Club. If your club has reached that level, that is another great

Tip because you’re gonna save so much money. Guys, I need to get this washer and this dryer started. I’m so glad that you hung out with me here in my laundry room today. If you are ready to order Scentsy Laundry for yourself, you can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and find it there. Or if you have any questions about it or wanna set up an affiliate link so you can earn that deal for half price, just shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and you can find me there. Other than that, I think that’s all today. My name is Jami Jo, thanks for joining me in the laundry room and I hope you have a sensational day.