Hey there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. I am your host, Jami Jo, and I am a Scentsy consultant. I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for a long, long time, 15 years I’ve been a consultant. I started all the way back in October of 2008, and this channel is all about s Scentsy fragrance. I love to come to you to talk to you about tips, tricks, product reviews, product releases, all kinds of fun stuff with s Scentsy fragrance. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, make sure that you like this video and subscribe to this channel. Today, we are not talking about wax, that is what we’re normally talking about because it’s the main product line of s Scentsy fragrance, but Scentsy has lots of other things as well, and today we are talking about the premium diffusers and the fact that these diffusers have interchangeable shades on them.

Now, I have pulled down this diffuser normally up on that shelf. This is one of our premium diffusers, and it’s giving a lovely reflection of my ring light. But we’re just gonna live with that. I’m gonna go ahead and turn the light on so you guys can see it rotate through. Now, video does a really weird thing with LED lights. This is not flickering. I know it looks like it is on the video, but it is really not flickering, but you are going to see it rotate through colors. Now, the really cool thing about the diffuser, the premium diffuser, is that it has 16 different LED light effects. You can have it rotating through these colors, you can lock it in on any certain color. You can have it on white light, low white light flicker, or the diffuser still works even without the lights on.

But what we wanna talk about today is the fact that these diffusers have interchangeable shades. They are a high end product. Our diffusers kind of range in price. We have deluxe diffusers that are usually, I’m wanting to say, right around the $60 marks, $65 mark for our deluxe diffusers. Uh, this is one of our premium diffusers, and they range in price depending on the shade that you choose. This one that we’re looking at right now is $140. That is for the base and the shade altogether. But like I’ve been saying, the shades are interchangeable. So once you have purchased your first premium diffuser with s Scentsy, you can easily change the lookout just by changing the shade. We had a really gorgeous Christmas tree for Christmas. I have been wanting a new shade on my diffuser for quite some time, but I was, I was trying to be good.

However, I had some hostess rewards just sitting there for a while. So I splurged and used my hostess rewards on a brand new shade for my diffuser. So I have not even looked at it in person yet. I saved it for you guys because I wanted to unbox it together. My living room is very boho. I love all things seventies. I love the oranges, the, the rust colors. I even dig me some avocado green. I love all things boho, lots of brass in there. I love sunflowers and there’s lots of sunflower things. And I am a plant mama. I love me some plants. So that will kinda tell you the vibe of my living room. And I knew that this diffuser shade I had to have. Uh, but like I said, I was trying to be good and stick to the family budget and not, not splurge for it, but that’s a perk of being a Scentsy consultant.

I can set up Scentsy parties and have all of my customers orders go through those, and I build up rewards. Now I like to take care of my customers that take care of me and share those rewards out, but this time I just decided to, to use it on myself. Guys, check this out. That is gorgeous. And so well done. Even the bottom, like the wrap of it, guys, this is not a cheap diffuser by any means. Not cheaply made, very well done diffuser. And I have a diffuser up in the main living space of my home, and that’s where this is gonna go. But I’m gonna put it on this one down here just to show you guys a couple things. So this piece is the shade that came with the diffuser. It just comes completely off. So I’m just gonna take that off.

I’m gonna set it to the side. Now this one is ascend. It’s a beautiful like cloud look. It is glass. That’s why we call these premium because they are super, super high end and gorgeous. But I want to show you the difference that a different shade can make. Look at that. You could still see the colors underneath. I’m gonna go ahead and turn my ring light off, so maybe you can see it a little bit better. You could still see the colors underneath that shade changing there, but the look is absolutely very different. Very, very different from the other one. So I’m gonna go ahead and turn this back on as we go through the features of this premium diffuser. All of the premium diffusers have the exact same base. That’s why these shades are interchangeable. Now let’s talk about how to make this diffuser work.

What exactly do you need? So you’ve purchased your diffuser. All you need from that point on is water and some essential or natural oils. Now, Scentsy has some amazing ones. I don’t want that. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>. I want that one. Scentsy has some amazing oils, but here’s the difference in our oils and other oils that you are going to get. You can grab oils from some different companies out there. You can even get them at grocery stores, health food stores, different things like that. And they might tell you different things, um, medically about those oils. I’m not here to say that they’re right or they’re not. I’m just here to say our oils have no medicinal promises. Here’s the one promise that we are going to make about s Scentsy’s oils. They are going to smell good. We are a fragrance company. We are not a medical company.

So we are selling oils that simply smell delicious. Delicious. So I was just gonna read you real quick, our different oil selections. I mean, we have quite a few. We have four different categories. We have calming fragrances like Jasmine white tea, of course we have lavender. That’s one of my favorites. And then some different mixes like lemon, lavender, peach, and Patchouli. Twinkle Twinkle is a customer favorite. It’s chail, eucalyptus and lavender. Um, I love that fragrance and it, it, it tends to relax me, just the fragrance alone. We have uplifting fragrances like citrus, cinnamon, tea, uh, ocean mist and aloe, peppermint and vanilla, a brand new one called White peach and eucalyptus. We have balancing oils. Eucalyptus, eucalyptus, lavender, mint. That one’s been a customer favorite as well. Brand new one called Orange Blossom and Cashmere. Of course, we have peppermint. I know that a lot of teachers like to use peppermint in their classrooms.

And then we have a comforting line of oils. Apple, mahogany and oak, marshmallow, buttercream, hello toasted vanilla cranberry and a wild coconut and sugarcane. So we have lots of different types of oils. This is one of my favorites. It’s an old one, but I absolutely love it. It’s cedar, lemon, lavender. So when you have your diffuser, this top part is going to come completely off. You can pour directly into the base or fun trick. If you plug up the bottom here and fill it just to this top, it’s the perfect amount of water to dump right in there. So I know a lot of my customers are doing that. I’m just going to use this bottle for the sake of this video.

It does not have to be bottled water. It can be tap water. So I’ve got the water poured in there. I’m going to put my oils in. You can use as a little or as much as you want. I’m in a really big room right now, so I put quite a bit of oil. And then you just put the lid back on. I’m gonna go ahead and put our shade on and then show you the different feature buttons on our premium diffuser. You’re gonna see two different buttons there at the bottom. This one right here is our diffuser button, so I’m gonna push it. You are instantly going to start seeing it diffusing. Now this is not warm, this is not steam. This is mist. So you don’t have to worry about this hurting a little one if they put their hand over it, it’s not hot at all.

This button over on the left side is your light button. So by pushing that, you can change it to the solid light, the flickering light, or have it on this color rotation. So lots of benefits to the premium diffusers by Scentsy. I feel like I’m in a club now that I have this going around my head. Um, lots of benefits. The benefits are <laugh> lifetime warranty. There is a small uh, charge if it’s passed a certain point of time, but it’s still not the price of a whole new diffuser. You can interchange those shades and try different ones for different seasons. You have so many different abilities with the light function with the diffusing function. I don’t think I even mentioned there’s different settings for the diffuser. A high, a low, and an intermittent. The diffuser works whether the light is on or not, and the diffuser automatically shuts off when that water reservoir is empty.

Our diffusers are amazing and if you are looking for a diffuser, I think that Scentsy is a great one that you should consider. You can grab ’em on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com. There is an entire section just for diffusers and oils. If you guys have any questions about this or anything else since you related, feel free to put it in the comments of this video or shoot me a text direct at nine 1-888-896-NINE and you can get ahold of me there, guys. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.