Hi there. My name is Jami Jo and I own a business where I am partnered with Sentsy Fragrance. My business is called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have been partnered with Sentsy for over 14 years now, and I have reached the top tier of the company, which is called Superstar Director. I know that sounds made up, but it is a legit title and it is the top level within the company. So I have been doing this for quite a while and have achieved great success with my partnership with Scentsy. Most of my videos that you find here on YouTube are directed towards customers or product based, but today I want to talk to other Scentsy consultants, or perhaps you are considering starting a partnership with Scentsy, and I want to talk a little bit more salesy today and different sales methods and ways that you can increase your commission check within your partnership with the best Scentsy scents.

Today we are going to be talking about suggestive selling or what some people might call upselling. Now, I do have notes today. I want to make sure that I hit on all the topics that I wanted to cover with you. So forgive me if you see my eyes cut down. I’m just looking at the notes that I’ve made for myself. So like I said, we are going to be talking about suggestive selling or upselling. Now, a lot of people shy away from this topic because it sounds a little bit icky, it sounds a little bit gross, but if you are doing it the correct way, it will not be icky at all. It will actually be not only a benefit to you, your sales and your income, but also a benefit to your customers. And that is one thing that I always wanna focus on within my best Scentsy scents business, is the fact that I want to make sure that I am meeting the needs of my customers over the needs of myself.

I never want to talk someone into buying something that I don’t think they’ll love or talk someone into buying something that I don’t think they will need. That is good customer service, making sure that your customers needs are met and that you are giving your customers the products that they will love and use. So remember that when we’re talking about suggestive selling and upselling, it is all about helping your customers. There are five main ways that I am helping my customers with an upsell or a suggestive sell. So I’m making sure that they have everything that they need to have a good experience with their products. I am suggesting complimentary products. So if I know they love something, I am going to suggest a complimentary product. I am going to help them save money in the long run by maybe spending a little bit more today, I am going to encourage them to try a new product that I think they will love.

And the fifth reason is to get them to think outside of the box of what they would normally purchase. So now let’s dig down deep into each of those five different categories in the exact same orders. So we’re gonna start by making sure that they have everything that they need. So in this example, you just wanna make sure that your customers are fully stocked with all the products to have the best experience with their best Scentsy scents. For example, if you have a customer that is purchasing a Scentsy warmer, there are a couple other things that you want to make sure that they have on hand and that they have enough of in order for them to use their Scentsy warmer properly and have the best experience. So anytime that I have a customer that is ordering a Scentsy warmer, I’m always going to ask them how much wax they have in stock.

Are they fully stocked with wax for a while? I wanna make sure that they have waxes for that season and fragrances that they absolutely love. I also want to check and see if they have extra light bulbs on hand if it is a warmer, that does use light bulbs. Not all of our warmers use light bulbs. We have element warmers and, and well, I guess that’s the only one that doesn’t use light bulbs is an element warmer. All the other warmers use light bulbs. So I want to ask my customer if they have enough light bulbs at least one extra of each size that they might need on hand. So that is another thing that I’m checking for. And the third thing that I’m checking for is if they have cotton cleanups on hand. Now, this is a fairly new product, so when I ask my customers that a lot of them might not even know what cotton cleanups are, so I am just going to ask those very simple questions.

When a customer orders a warmer, Hey, do you have enough wax on hand? Do you have your favorite wax on hand? If the answer’s yes, I’m gonna say, do you have any extra light bulbs on hand? I never want your light bulb to burn out, and you be scrambling to find one quickly. I wanna make sure that you have one in your junk drawer in your kitchen. And then I’m going to ask them, Hey, have you tried our new cotton cleanups? And do you have any of those on hand? And just those very, very simple questions. Those aren’t icky at all. They’re just simple questions to make sure that your customer is fully stocked with the items that they need. So that was the example for warmers. Of course, there’s gonna be different examples for different product lines. If you’re selling a diffuser, you wanna check on oils.

If you’re selling a wall fan, you wanna check on pods, you get the idea. So make sure that they have everything that they need to have a good experience with our product. The second was complimentary products. So this comes in to case when a customer is ordering a certain fragrance, if they are ordering Scentsy wax in a certain fragrance, I am going to look up what other products come in that fragrance. If they’re ordering a best Scentsy scents wax, I know that they already love that fragrance, so I’m going to suggest other products. All of our, well, not all, all of our catalog waxed products come in Wax, scent circle and room spray, and many of them come in other products. Think of our cleaning products, think of laundry products, different things like that in the same fragrance. So that is what I mean when I say make sure that they are hearing that we have complimentary products in that fragrance.

So the third one was saving your customers money. This is the case when we talk about the combine and save bundles or bundle and save. Any time that I have a customer that is ordering one to four of our smaller consumable products, I’m always going to make sure that they know about our buy five get one free. So you can buy five, get one free of most of our smaller consumable products like the wax bars, the Scent Circles, scent packs, different things like that. So I always make sure if they’re ordering from one to four of an item that they know if they buy one more, they get one free you or whatever the case might be, make sure that they know about those combined and saves. We also have several and save package deals with a warmer and three bars. So that is another way that you can help your customers to save money and suggest or upsell them to spending a little bit more, but actually saving them money in the long run.

The fourth thing was suggest that they try a new product. So this is something that you bring up that is completely different from what they’re ordering. My question is always, always, every single time an order is placed, Hey, do you need some fragrance for your car? And again, most people go, oh, well what do you, what do you have for cars? And it starts a whole conversation. You can also ask, have you ever tried our cleaning products? Have you ever tried our laundry products? And not every time is a customer going to jump on board and order that best Scentsy scents product, but you’ve started that conversation and possibly open the door to sending them a sample of something that they’ve never tried before that you think they will love. We have so many different amazing products that it’s easy to suggest a brand new product to a customer and open that door of communication just telling them what all we offer.

And the fifth that I brought up was to get your customer to think outside of the box. This is mainly talking about the gift ability of Scentsy. Scentsy makes such an amazing gift for so many different occasions. Right around the corner here, we have Father’s Day guys, dads love fragrance just as much as moms. So Scentsy is a great Father’s Day gift as well, not all of our products are super girly. We have some awesome and amazing products for the dudes in your life too. So you can bring up Father’s Day wedding gifts Scentsy makes a fabulous wedding gift. Baby gifts we have our Scentsy buddies are awesome. I also love our wall fan diffusers as a baby gift. It’s perfect for the nursery because even when that little one gets to toddling around and crawling around, we know that the wall fan diffuser is a no mess option and it’s not ever gonna harm that child.

So that’s a great baby gift. Right now we have the buddy Bon Bananas that going on. So there’s awesome kid products available right now at a great price. So it’s a good time to mention maybe grabbing a CII buddy or two to have on hand for those kids’ birthday parties that are gonna happen this summer. So guys, there are a lot of different ways that you can increase your sales and in turn in, increase your commission check without being icky, without being gross, without being super salesy just by offering good customer service and suggestive selling or upselling with your customers. So if you guys are watching this and you’re not a Scentsy consultant yet, but you’re considering it, I would love to chat with you just a little bit more about that. You can text the word start to my phone number, which is (918) 888-9690, and I’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have about partnering with Scentsy and our best Scentsy scents. So that is the best way to get ahold of me. You could also jump online. If you’re ready to go right now, you can jump on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a tab at the top that says Getting started or get started, and you can jump right there. And go ahead and get your starter kit ordered. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here. Make your nose happy. And today I hope that I helped you increase your commission check by some suggestive selling for your customers.