Hey there guys, today’s question is such an important one and a question that I get often. How much does it cost to sell Best Scentsy Scents? How much does it cost to have a partnership with S Scentsy? And I am so excited to be able to answer that question fully for you today. Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and I own a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells Wax and I have had a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in October of 2008. I’ve been working with them for over 14 years. I started just as a customer quickly, <laugh>, fell in love with the products and I’ve been working with them ever since. I decided to jump on board into a partnership with them just a few months after using their products and I have never looked back. So been sharing the products, selling the products for over 14 years now and helping hundreds of other consultants find their own personal success with Scentsy as well.

So let’s address this Best Scentsy Scents question. How much does it cost to sell Scentsy? The short answer is nothing. It could cost nothing to sell Scentsy. Now there’s two different things that you really need to think about when we’re answering this question. How much does it cost to sell? Scentsy would be the starter kit and then any monthly fees that there might be. So let me fully explain the answers on both of those aspects. Let’s start with the starter kit. So there are several different options for our starter kit and then Scentsy also offers some monthly specials from time to time as well, our full size starter kit, which is honestly the one that I suggest to people, it is 99 US dollars. Now there is shipping and tax on top of that. Um, around me. It’s gonna change depending on where you live, but around me that comes to about $118 after shipping and tax.

But that starter kit has over $200 worth of products in it. That starter kit gives you legit everything that you need to get going in Best Scentsy Scents. It’s gonna give you quite the collection of different items. I’ve actually done another full video for you on this topic. So just jump over to my full YouTube channel and you’ll see what is in the Scentsy starter kit. That’s a whole other video for you. But you are going to get several different products, a warmer wax, some other product lines for you to try. You’re gonna get samples, you are going to get business supplies, all the things that you might need to be successful in a Scentsy business. We have another kit option, which is a host exclusive kit. Now this, the most that it would ever be is $59, but it could be all the way down to $0 out of pocket.

That’s why I told you that the answer could be zero for what it costs to sell Best Scentsy Scents. So let’s talk about that host exclusive kit, what it is and how you can get it for $0 out of pocket. So the host exclusive kit is designed for, I bet you could figure it out, <laugh> hosts within the company. So how this would work is you would find a consultant, I would be happy to do this for you, to set you up with a party link. I offer to do Facebook parties to do affiliate links. If you’re local to me, I would even be happy to do an in-home sip and sniff party for you as well. I was pouring out confetti earlier your and I feel like I got some in my eye. Sorry about that. So I would be happy to set you up with that link.

Then what you would do is share that link to all your friends and family and you are going to earn credit for their sales. Now we are a party plan based business. So this is how we’ve always done things is to earn credit based on sales credit and half price items. But you have the option as a hostess to purchase the host exclusive kit and use any credit that you earn towards that kit. So I told you it’s $59, that’s the price tag on it. But if you gather up $500 in orders, you would earn $75 in credit. So you could use all of that credit towards the cost of the host exclusive kit and that would cost you $0 out of pocket. So you do have to do some sort of starter kit to get started. With Scentsy, there is the $99, the full size kit, and I always talk in US dollars ’cause I’m in the US it’s just a little bit more.

In Canada, you have the option of the host exclusive kit anywhere from $0 out of pocket up to $59. And then often Scentsy will run specials. We’ve had a $15 joint special, we’ve had a $25 joint special. So always keep your eye out for those joint specials as well. So I told you there were two aspects to think about when answering the question. What does it cost to sell Scentsy? So first was a starter kit. We’ve covered all of that. The other thing is monthly fees that you could choose to add on to your account. And there are two different ones of those actually three, but two of them are kind of the same. The first is your personal website. Now when you first get started in your partnership with Scentsy, they are going to give you your website free for the first three months.

Then after that you have the option of having your P W Ss is what we call it personal website for just $15 a month. And let me tell you, we are in the world of online shopping and it’s very difficult if you don’t have a P W S, but it is completely optional. Now let me tell you that $15 fee is so minuscule compared to the amount of money that it costs to actually run a website. I have a few different websites and let me tell you that that $15 charge from Best Scentsy Scents is the cheapest of my website links. So $15 is a great deal. Um, they’re always uploading all the new products for you. There’s tons of information on there and I will let you know that if you do not have a personal website, you are not able to sign up new consultants and build a team.

You are also not able to participate in flash sales or um, big clearance sales ’cause those are all done through the website. So it is optional, but I highly, highly recommend it for $15 a month. Also, that is a tax write off. So you will always want to keep all your receipts and keep track of all your expenses and it can be very beneficial to have all of those write-offs when it comes tax time. Now the other amount of money or the other charge that you can add to your account completely optional is the cent of the month or the warmer of the month subscription. Completely optional. I choose to participate in those, but it’s up to you whether you want to do that. So those are subscriptions that you can choose. You can change them month to month. You can opt out of them.

You can choose the lower priced, just the cent of the month. Or if you absolutely love the upcoming warmer, you can upgrade to the warmer of the month along with the cent of the month. So these are kits that you get two weeks prior, approximately it runs on the 15th of the month prior to this warmer of the month. Um, you get those ahead of time. So you would get several bars. You get a room spray, wait, maybe they don’t get the room spray anymore. No, no more room spray. We changed. It reversed, ignore, I said that you’re gonna get several bars of the wax. You are going to get the warmer of the month and the month flyers and then you’re gonna get scratch and sniff stickers with that. And then if you choose to add the warmer of the month, of course you would get the warmer of month.

And this is our warmer of the month right back here for July. So I participate in this program, but it is completely optional. So in short, to answer the question, how much does it cost to sell Scentsy, it costs $0 to sell s Scentsy. But you have options of different kits when you get started. Anywhere from $0 out of pocket up to $99 and there are zero required monthly fees to sell s Scentsy, but you have the option of adding on a personal website or adding on subscriptions to the scent of the month or the warmer of the month. Guys, I would love to answer any other questions that you might have about becoming a Scentsy consultant. There’s two different ways that you can reach me. You can always comment on these videos right here. I work really hard to keep up with my comments on here and answer any questions that you might have. But if you wanna talk to me directly and with specific questions, feel free to text me. You can do that at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. That is my personal number. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am here to make your nose happy and help you to decide if a partnership with Scentsy is a great thing to add to your life. If you ask me, it totally is.