Hello, hello, hello. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am your host, not your host. I’m just the one talking to you. My name is Jami Jo and I own a fragrance business where I have been partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance for over 14 years. We’re getting super close to the 15 year mark, but I have partnered with them for that long because I absolutely love them. I love Scentsy fragrance. I started as a customer, quickly became an addict. <laugh>, it happens friends, I mean, I’ll say it’s a healthy addiction. Um, anyway, became an addict, decided to partner with them and share Best Scentsy Scents with my friends and family, anyone else that wanted it. But this business has given me so much freedom and I love sharing that with anyone else that’s looking for it to. But today we are answering a super important question, and that question is, how many scents does Scentsy fragrance have?

How many different fragrances are there? Short answer, thousands. Literally thousands of Best Scentsy Scents  fragrances. Now, we don’t have thousands all at the same time, but over the history of the company, there have been thousands. The company’s been around for 18 years now, and typically each catalog season there is 80 to 85 different fragrances in their catalog. Now, when I say catalog season, there are two different catalog seasons throughout the year. We have spring and summer. The dates have changed a little bit over time, but typically the spring and summer catalog is February to August, I believe. Um, we’ve changed it a couple times and I think we’re about to change it again. But then the other is the fall and winter catalog, so that would be September to January. So two catalog seasons every year. Now we always have, or we have for the last few years, always have seven different fragrance categories in our catalog.

So we will always make sure to have a fragrance that every single person will enjoy. I promise you, out of 80 Best Scentsy Scents fragrances, you’re gonna find one that you absolutely love. You’ll probably find a few that you don’t like too. I know I have had some fragrances that I hated over the years, but some that just aren’t my jam, and that’s completely fine. Now, on top of our catalog season where we have that 80 to 85 different fragrances now, I mean, we progressed over time. The, the history of the company used to, it was just the catalog and the company’s really changed. So lately we have tons of different limited time offers, different, um, seasonal collections or holiday collections. And now that we have so many different partnerships, we have partnership with Disney, universal, Marvel, um, N F L N H L. We’ve had one with Jelly Belly.

I’m trying to think of all the different ones. Muppets, so many different Best Scentsy Scents  partnerships and all of those bring with them licensed fragrances that are usually limited time offers themselves. Now, some of them do make it to the catalog. You see Ariel and Sebastian hanging out up there. Um, little Mermaid is in our catalog right now. If you were to see the shelf up there, there’s Harry Potter stuff. We have Harry Potter in the catalog right now. So those are sticking with us for a bit for a minute until catalog change, but those bring on other fragrances. Now let’s jump back to I I squirreled off for a minute. Let’s talk about the different set categories that are always in the catalog. So I’m curious, as you listen to these, tell me in the comments below, which category are you? Because typically a person will definitely swing towards one category, maybe two, but most people have a favorite category.

So the first category is bakery. These are all the foodie smells. If you’re the one that when you are getting fragrance for your home, you go straight for the sugar cookie or straight for the the wedding cake. Any of these, you are my bakery fan. So those are all the Best Scentsy Scents  food related smells, not my jam. Just gonna say it, not my jam. Uh, they make me hungry. They make me crave things. I just, I, they’re not my jam. The next is citrus. Pretty self-explanatory. These are your citrus fruits, the ones that pack a little punch that, um, put a little tingle in your nose that are super strong. Usually citrusy fragrances tend to be really powerful. Now, I enjoy some citrus, especially in the summer. Uh, not necessarily my thing in the winter, but you know, to each their own. I’m okay with citrus, not my favorite.

The next category would be floral. Guys. You know what this is. It’s your lilac, it’s your violets lavenders rows. There are definitely fans of the floral category and they are like diehards. I’m telling you, most floral fragrance fans are like locked in on those floral fragrances. Definitely not my jam. Florals tend to give me a headache. I just don’t love them. With the exception of lavender. Give me all things lavender, I’m I’m happy. Um, next category is fresh. Now this is my number two. I, I do love me some fresh fragrances, but there’s another category that gets me even more fresh. These are like your spa fragrances. When you go to get a massage, this is what that place smells like. This is typically what like a hotel lobby would smell like or an office building. Places that, uh, people just want it to smell clean and fresh.

This is your category. This is where you’re gonna find all your laundry fragrances, your oceans beach. Um, I definitely enjoy me some fresh fragrances moving on. Fruity, pretty self-explanatory. Any fruit that is not necessarily citrus. This is our largest Best Scentsy Scents  category in the summer, in the spring and summer catalog. Mostly fruity fragrances. Like I said, we have ’em in all categories, but summertime is the time for fruity fragrances. Lots of strawberries, lots of melons. Um, just any fruit you could absolutely think of. Next is spice. Now in this catalog, the spring and summer catalog, we only have two spice fragrances. We have cinnamon vanilla, and we have welcome home. Welcome home has been around since I started all the way back in October, 2008. It is definitely a favorite. Uh, to me it reminds me of that store Kirkland’s or maybe Hobby Lobby. It’s that cinnamon. It’s just, um, inviting and welcoming.

Hence the name. Welcome home. Now, I will say that in the fall and winter catalog, the spice category is probably our largest category. Everyone loves all things cinnamon and spice in the winter, so we definitely expand out that product line and give it to you in that Best Scentsy Scents season. Now we’re gonna round out the scent categories with my absolute favorite. That is Woods, the Woods category. These are your sandalwood, bergamot, Amber Musk. This is totally my jam. I absolutely love the woodsy fragrances. Now, when it comes fall and wintertime, we’re gonna bring in the Christmas tree smells as well. Very snowy spruce. If you’re in the fall and winter catalog while you’re watching this and you want your house to smell like a natural, real Christmas tree, very snowy spruce is the one to go for. If you have an artificial tree, I would highly recommend you getting a wall fan to put behind a tree and put very snowy spruce in it.

Everyone will think you have a real tree ’cause it definitely smells like the real deal. Guys, I would love, love, love to help you find your favorite fragrance, no matter which category it is. Or maybe you’re all over the place and you don’t really know what you like. I would love to pop a little sample packet in the mail to you. Just text the word samples to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I will open up some communication there with you to get your address and get you a little sample pack in the mail so we can definitely figure out what your fragrance jam is and really help you get the best fragrances for you. If you know what you love and you are ready to order, just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can do all your ordering there, but like I said, text me if you have any questions. I have just realized as I’ve been talking, my camera’s just like it’s falling asleep. Sorry about that. If, if I made your head go <laugh>, guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy. ’cause this stuff that I’ve got, it smells so good. But also I’m here to make sure that we are finding the best scent for you out of our thousands of SS Scentsy fragrances.