Hey there friend. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I’ve had a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years now. So chances are if you clicked on this video, you are ready to jump in with S Scentsy Club and I’m gonna show you exactly how to start your very own s Scentsy club. But first I wanna run through all of the perks and all of the great things about S Scentsy Club just to make sure that you know all of the benefits. I actually have them all written down here so I don’t miss a single one. We have 11 to go through. So the very first one, anytime your S Scentsy Club hits $30 or more, you are automatically going to get 10% off every item in your Scentsy Club. Number two, when your Scentsy Club hits $60 in orders, you’re of course going to get that 10% off all of your items, but then you also get a half price item of your choice on top of that 10% discount that you’re already getting.

Number three, with Scentsy Club, you are going to get a discounted flat rate shipping. All Scentsy Club orders are just $8 shipping, so that is discounted from any other order done on our website, which is a $10 flat rate shipping. So saving a few bucks there with shipping too. Number four, you are going to get access to some bricks of wax that are not available any other way. Now our regular bars of wax this size right here are 3.2 ounces, but a brick is a full pound of wax. So if you have a favorite, make sure that you check on S Scentsy Club and see if you can get it in full brick size. A few of those bricks are discontinued fragrances that are not available any other way. Number five s Scentsy Club is absolutely free to sign up and you can cancel it at any time.

I promise you this is legit. You are not going to be tied down with Scentsy Club. Number six, Scentsy Club is the best way to ensure that you never run out of Scentsy. There is nothing worse than you find out you have company coming over. You go to change your wax so your your place smells good and you’re out with S Scentsy Club. They are going to make sure that they ship you your S Scentsy on the schedule that you choose. So you always have SS Scentsy on hand. Number seven, speaking of you get to choose, how often do you want your shipment? Every month, every other month or every quarter, you get to decide how often you want your S Scentsy Club shipped to you. Number eight, always get my bar. This is the coolest perk with S Scentsy Club. If you have a favorite fragrance with S Scentsy, make sure that you add it to S Scentsy Club when it is available and even if it becomes discontinued, Scentsy will always make it for you guys.

There’s no exceptions here. If you love a fragrance and you add it to club, they will always make it for you. Even if you are the only one that wants it, they will still make it for you. Number nine, you earn points every time that you have a Scentsy Club order delivered. Also, you can earn points when you refer other people to Scentsy Club. Those points can be cashed in for discounts on things that aren’t even available in Scentsy Club like warmers and other large items like that. Those discounts can be applied to any S Scentsy order. Number 10 s Scentsy Club is the only way to get a discount on the S Scentsy Wif Box. Wif Box is our monthly surprise box. It’s normally $35, but if you add it to Scentsy Club since it’s over that $30 mark, you’re automatically gonna get 10% off.

And coolest part is when your Scentsy Club hits that $60 mark, you can actually get that Wif box for half price. And then guys, we’ve added a brand new perk to Scentsy Club. That is the fact that Scentsy Club has exclusive items that you cannot get if you are just a regular Scentsy customer. You have to have Scentsy Club to get some of these perks. Now I’d tell you what they were, but they change all the time. So make sure that you sign up for Scentsy Club and jump on and see what those exclusive items are. Alright guys, I’m gonna shut this video down, pop over to my computer and show you guys exactly how to get started with Scentsy Club. Alright guys, I’ve moved over to my computer and I’m going to jump over to screen sharing so I can show you exactly how easy it is to get started with Scentsy Club.

So the very first thing that you want to do is go to my website, which is Jami Jo, J-A-M-I-J dot Scentsy us. If you go to my other website, Jami Jo sells wax.com, there is a tab there at the top that says Scentsy Club. And you can, it’ll get you to this page as well. So when you’re on this homepage, it might look a little different depending on what season you are jumping over to do this. But there will always be a tab up here at the top that says Scentsy Club. You can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and there’s gonna be a tab at the bottom that says Scentsy Club as well. So I’m just going to click on that and this page is going to go through all the details of Scentsy Club. We already talked about a lot of this, so I’ve already gone through the perks of it, but you could take the time to scroll through there if you’d like. If you’re ready to just jump in and get started, you’re gonna look for this button that says Create a subscription and click on it.

Then it’s going to open up the next page, which is where you are going to choose anything and everything that you want in your Scentsy subscription. Now, as you look at this, you will see that it is only consumable items because you don’t want the same warmer shipped to you over and over and over again. But these are the items that you will use up and use and need more. So you can click through these, you can add anything that you want. I wanna show you those Scentsy bricks. These are the bricks I believe that are available in catalog. Yes, I pushed the wrong button. So I’m gonna go back and over on the left. These select Scentsy Bricks, these are the ones that are club exclusives. So Sugar Cookie, not a current fragrance. Perfectly pomegranate, not current. Um, let’s see, I think there’s some other ones.

Oh, sea salt and avocado, a fan favorite. That is not a current fragrance. So I’m going to add a brick of sea salt and avocado. I wanna keep shipping or keep shopping. I’m going to go back to look at the bars, show you some of the bars that are currently available. Promotions. These are the bars that are limited time offers. So what I’m showing you right now is what is available at the moment. But when you go to do your Scentsy Club, these might change. Let me tell you, hometown Cowboy is one of the best fragrances absolutely ever. Okay, so I have reached $30. So if I go over to review subscription, gonna take a second, I’m gonna see there $24 and $6. You can see the club discount right there of 10%. I want to add more items and I absolutely love my washer whiffs. So I’m gonna add a tub of washer whiffs on there, this white, amber and tea, my absolute favorite. I’m gonna add that and review my subscription again.

So at this point, you’re not going to see your half price item because I’m not signed in yet. I’m gonna go to Secure Checkout. Now if you already have an account with Scentsy, you can put it in here. If not, you’re gonna go down to create an account. I already have an account, that’s not it, that’s my website. So it’s just gonna be your email and then you’ll have a password as well. So I’m gonna log in there. Now I can choose how often I want this. Do I want it monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly? I am going to act like I am doing this one. Let’s do it bimonthly. So every other month, this is a new subscription.

You can choose if you want it to process your order right away and then it will wait the two months ’cause I chose bimonthly. Or you can wait and not have it processed right away. But here’s the cool thing. You have earned a half price item. I’m gonna go back to choose half price item. I always recommend either the Scentsy with boxes, your half price item, or if you have an air purifier, the purifier replacement filter, I recommend those because they’re the highest value items and so you’re gonna save the most money. So I’m going to add that Wif box as my half price item.

So I am good to go here. I have $60 in products. I have that half price item. I’ve told it how long I or how often I want it to process, and I’m gonna go to continue to shipping. From this point, it’s all gonna be specific to you. So at that point, continue to shipping, you’re gonna put in your shipping information, you’re gonna put in your credit card information, and you are going to process all of that stuff. Now let me remind you that you can go in at any time that you want and change these subscriptions. So once you’ve created your Scentsy club, you are going to have an account login. It’s a very important that you remember that login and that password because when you need to make changes to your Scentsy Club, you’re just gonna go back to my website. Like I showed you.

At the very top, there’s a button that says login. You’re gonna go to your account, your S Scentsy Club account and make all those changes. That is also where you can see those S Scentsy Club exclusive products that I gave you a little teaser about. Guys, if you have any questions about starting your s Scentsy club, feel free to put ’em in the comments of this video right here or shoot me a text anytime at nine 1-888-969-ZERO, and I’m happy to answer your questions. If you’re ready to get started, jump over to Jami Jo Sells wax.com, click Scentsy Club or go to my corporate website here that I was on, Jami Jo.Scentsy.us. You can get your club subscription started at either one of those places. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.