So I had someone on social media the other day ask me the question, so why is Scentsy so special? Now that’s a really big question and it could go a lot of different ways. So I have reached out to seek clarification of exactly what this person meant, but I have a couple answers for this question. Why is Scentsy so special or what makes Scentsy so special? Hi guys, my name is Jami Jo Sulin and I have a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance and I have been working with them as a company for over 14 years. I partnered with them all the way back in 2008. I’ve been using the product since then, sharing the product since then, and also mentoring others to grow their very own fragrance businesses. So let’s answer this question and I really have three different answers because I really don’t know exactly what was meant by this question.

So I have three different interpretations of it. So three different answers for you. What is so special about Scentsy? Now, first of all, Scentsy’s main product line is warmers and wax. You can see different warmers behind me here. And then we have wax that we sell in what we call bars. Look kind of like an old school ice cube tray. You just pop ’em apart, put ’em in the warmer and they melt down. So essentially these are wax melts, um, but we just call them wax bars or wax cubes. So what is so special about Scentsy? First angle I’m gonna take on this question is let’s talk about the wax. What is so special about Scentsy Wax? And there are quite a few things that are very special about Scentsy Wax. If you’ve ever watched any of my other videos and I do sniff tests, you will see that I always flip the bar upside down like this to really experience the fragrance.

And there’s uh, one main reason for that. Best Scentsy Scents uses paraffin wax for their wax melts, and there’s quite a few different reasons that they choose to use paraffin wax. The first reason, and I think probably the most important reason is because of the scent loading ability of paraffin wax paraffin by nature allows itself to hold the most fragrance oil inside that wax. That means that Scentsy can absolutely load these bars full of fragrance oil, which means they are going to be stronger and they’re going to last longer. So the reason that I always flip a bar upside down to smell it to do a sniff test is because the oils are heavier than the wax. Now, yes, we do mix them up completely when we make these, by the way they’re made in Idaho, um, they do mix them up completely, but then as things sit, they settle and that oil is a bit heavier than the wax.

So if you’re storing your bars like this as Scentsy does in their warehouse, and we try our best to get them shipped like this, this is how they start out in the box. If settling does happen, those oils go down to the bottom of the bar. If you store your bars like this, the oils could seep out the sides. If you store your Best Scentsy Scents bars like this and some what we call sweating happens, the oils can come out the bottom of this and it’s, it’s not harmful to the wax, it can just be messy. So I always recommend that you store your bars like this. So that is the first thing, the scent loading ability. That’s why we choose to use paraffin wax. The other is the, the melting point. Paraffin wax melts at a very low temperature and it melts very slowly. So why would you want that in a wax melt?

You would want that because number one, we can warm our wax at lower temperatures so it, it’s not able to burn. If you have kids or pets in your home or clumsy husband or if you’re clumsy yourself and a spill might happen or curious kids put their fingers in, curious kids pick a dish up, whatever, you’re not gonna have burning of the wax because it burns at such a, it warms at such a low temperature. Also with it warming slower, that means that the scent is going to last longer. So that’s another great advantage to Peram base wax. And the third reason we choose Peram base wax is the texture of it, the firmness of it. If you have ever used wax melts, have a cheaper variety from a big box store. You will notice when you go to change your wax, it’s hard like a crayon and sometimes can be very difficult to change out of the warmer.

Our wax is very pliable, very easy to move and easier to clean up out of a dish. So for those three reasons, we use paraffin based wax. And I think that is one answer to the question. What is so special about Scentsy? So onto version number two of this question, what is so special about Scentsy as a customer and as a consumer? I’ve been interacting with this company for over 14 years and one of the things that I highly value about our company is the fact that they listen to their customers and their consumers. A couple different instances, I wanna talk about this in particular, warmers and wax are a great way to fragrance your home. But we had been talking to them about how many messes had been happening because of little ones and because of pets, can we have a fragrance option that gives off a great amount of fragrance but is no mess?

And they listened to us and they came out with this wall fan diffuser. So long story short, I have other videos just on this product, but there’s a fan down inside. You put the pods in, it’s a little plastic cage with sit beads, you plug it in, it blows through the sit beads and puts off the fragrance. Another great option for your home. If you have lots of little ones or lots of pets, it’s a no mess option. So Best Scentsy Scents has listened to us on that aspect. There have also been times where Best Scentsy Scents has discontinued a fragrance that was a favorite of many people and the uproar has happened and everyone just loses their crap over not being able to get their fragrance. So Scentsy launched a program called Bring Back My Bar, this happens twice a year, customers and consumers can vote on their favorite discontinued bar and the top 20 bars are re-released for one month only.

But what’s really cool is if your favorite is in that re-release, you can add it to Scentsy Club and Scentsy will always make it for you. That’s another way they’ve listened to us. They know that we fall in love with certain fragrances and it breaks our heart when those fragrances are discontinued. So they have made a program where if you find out that one of your favorite fragrances is being discontinued, you can add it to club and Scentsy will always make it for you. So answer number two, why is Scentsy so special? What is so special about Scentsy? They listen to their customers and consumers. And then the third interpretation of this question is, what is so special about Scentsy as a business, as a consultant and as someone in partnership with Scentsy? I will tell you, I tried several other, other companies before giving Scentsy a try and I won’t name those companies, but I will tell you that there were three other companies before Best Scentsy Scents and I never once made money with any of them.

Actually, I tended to spend more than I made with Scentsy. I made money my very first month and I have made money every month since then. Um, so I think there’s a couple different reasons for this. The first thing is the products are quality, they are good. The company has a great reputation. So people really want these products also go back to answer number two. They listen to their customers. They are, um, really in touch with their customers and launching products that their customers want and that their customers love. So as a consultant, it is easier to sell those products. I think it also helps that it is a consumable product, meaning it’s something that is used up. There are other great companies out there that sell other items, but maybe you only need one of them. So it makes it difficult to maintain a relationship with customers and always have them continuing to shop with you.

Where with Scentsy, they’re going to use up that wax or those pods or that cleaner or whatever and need to come back to you. So that’s another reason that I believe that Scentsy is great as a company and, and a great choice to make some extra money. And the third is the community. I have been in other companies where it was very cutthroat. When someone found something that worked, they kept it to themselves. Uh, they didn’t share ideas. There were stealing of cut customers. There was just some terrible, awful community that happened in those co in those companies. And I have seen quite the opposite with Scentsy. I have, I mean I would say probably 80% of my friend group now is because of Scentsy and not just because they’re in my upline or my downline, just my friends are Scentsy friends now and we are all there to help each other.

If one of us finds something that works, we are happy to share it with other people. There are more than enough customers to go around and so why not share ideas of things that work? That’s just a few of the reasons that I love Scentsy as a company and why I think it’s so special. I could actually go on and do a 30 minute video just on that topic. But guys, I don’t wanna take all your time today. I just wanted to answer that question that was presented to me on social media. What is so special about Scentsy? And I think there’s a lot of very special things about Scentsy guys. If you are looking to purchase Scentsy products or even get a Scentsy partnership started, I would love to help you out with either of those. You can go to Jami Jo sells or you can shoot me a text anytime at (918) 888-9690.

That is my personal phone number and I would be happy to answer any questions that you guys might have. Guys, just to remind you, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy cuz all this stuff smells good, but also answer any questions that you might have about why is Scentsy so special. Our government likes people to look for jobs and not opportunities. Therefore, I’m required to tell you that results are not typical. Now let’s take a second to look at what the word typical means. The definition of typical is usual, ordinary or average. No, these results are not average. But if you’re willing to put in some work and take a chance on yourself, these results are possible. I’m here to prove it to you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Check out this document for all the details.