Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company and we have a special partnership with Best Scentsy ScentsFragrance. I am one of their consultants and superstar directors. So I have been with the company since all the way back in 2008. I actually started as a customer, quickly became a scent addict, <laugh>, and decided to become a consultant. But one thing that I am asked more often than anything else is how can I get the best deal on csi? How can I save money on csi? And there are so many different ways to save money on csi. I’m going to focus on one of those ways today, which is setting up CSI Club, our customer Preferred customer system. But I also want to just touch on the other ways that you can save money on your Best Scentsy Scents products.

You can always look for the Bundle and save option on the website under the specials tab, you can shop our clearance section. There’s always tons of great things on clearance. Of course, you can host us a party, a scent event, or an affiliate link. So you can talk to me specifically about doing one of those. Or you can always become a Scentsy consultant just like myself and learn all of the awesome ways that you can save money on Best Scentsy Scents. But like I said, today we are going to be focusing on Scentsy Club, our preferred customer system. Now, Scentsy Club has been around for a few years, but they are perfecting it and it’s getting better and better every time I turn around. Scentsy has quite a few. Scentsy Club has quite a few different perks. So let’s just jump through. I’m actually gonna show you one of my Best Scentsy Scents Club subscriptions.

I have a couple of them, but I’m gonna show you one and show you why I love this specific sub subscription. Excuse me, and tell you how much money I’m saving with it. So this Scentsy Club subscription starts with the with box. Now, if you are not familiar with the With Box, it is one of my favorite things with Scentsy. It is a monthly surprise box of items. Now, I’m not gonna open this one up and show you what’s in it because it changes every single month. And depending on when you watch this video, what’s in this box might be completely different. Now the Scentsy Wi With Box is always $35, but you are promised to receive more than $35 of value in the Whiff box. So automatically you are saving money with your W Box. But I don’t even have that in my savings calculations of this video because it changes from month to month.

There are always fun items in here, um, things from all different product lines, wax cleaning products, laundry, fragrance, flowers, pods, and mini fans. There have been so many different things in our with Box. It’s always a surprise to see what is in there. Now with Box, like I said, is $35. So I start my Scentsy Club by adding in a Wif box. Even if I stopped right there, I would already be saving money by having that come on Scentsy Club because when your Scentsy Club subscription hits $30, you automatically get 10% off. So even if I stopped right there, I would be saving $3 and 50 cents. But wait, there’s more because Scentsy Club subscriptions always get discounted Shipping. Shipping is normally a flat rate of $10, but club orders, it is a flat rate of $8. So if I just did the whiff box, I would already be saving $5 and 50scentsbetween the 10% off discount and the discounted shipping.

Now let’s talk about how often you get Scentsy Club. This is one of the really cool things about Scentsy Club. You get to decide the answer to that. You can choose to set it up to come to you every month, every other month, or every third month. So you get to decide how often it comes to you. You get to decide which of our consumable products you add into your Scentsy Club. But even with that one item, I’m already saving $5 and 50 cents, but I want to kick up my savings a little bit more. So I’m gonna add a couple other items and there’s other reasons for adding these items too. On this Scentsy Club subscription, I have my whiff box. I also have from the Scentsy Epcot collection, the Soft Plumer. And then from our Easter collection, I added in Mandarin zest. Now here’s the thing, when I added both of these fragrances to my Scentsy Club, they were current fragrances.

But these are both limited time fragrances, like I told you from the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival collection, and then from our Easter collection. So these are not fragrances that we’re gonna have around all the time, but if I add them to my Best Scentsy Scents Club, Scentsy will always make them for me. I can always decrease the amount of items on my Scentsy Club as far as these discontinued cinco, but you can never increase. So if it’s a fragrance you absolutely love like this, soft plumer is all the things for me. I probably, while it’s still current, should add a couple more. And then if I see a stockpile building up, I can decrease the number of those. But as long as they stay in your club, you can always get those bars if you add them when they’re current. So this one is $6, this one is six 50.

I’m gonna add a couple other items. I love, love, love my cotton cleanups. These are the coolest way, easiest way to change out your CIN wax. They’re just large cotton rounds with a handle on them. So it makes it easy for you to dip that down in the fully melted wax. That cotton soaks it all right up and then you just toss that away. There are 25 of them in this bag for just $10, but like I said, I’m getting them at a discount. I always like to have these on hand, so I have added them into my Scentsy Club. That way I can fix it and forget it, put it on there and forget about it. I know I’m never gonna run out of cotton cleanups. And then one other thing I never like to be without is the Scent Circle. Um, my husband, this is one of his favorites, mystery man, he absolutely loves, um, mystery man scent circles in his work truck.

It’s a very strong woodsy fragrance. So it’s like I said, perfect for his work truck. So I always like to have these on hand for him. Now, between the width box, the two waxes, the cotton cleanups and the Scent circle, my total is at $60 and 50 cents. Pre discounts, pre savings and all that good stuff. So another perk to CSI Club. When your subscription hits that $60 price point, of course you’re already getting that 10% off, but when it hits that $60 price point, you are also going to get a half price item of your choice. Now I am a lover of all things frugal. So I want to save the most money with what I add as my half price item. And there are three items that are, um, the highest price point of the individual consumable products. That is the width box, um, or the large tub of washer whiffs.

I was looking behind me to see if I have any here. I don’t think I have any right here. But washer whiffs, I absolutely love large tub of washer whips, um, is normally $30 or this is what I have on this club subscription as my half price item. This is an extra filter for my air purifier. These are normally $35. And so I definitely love to get these at half price. I have a couple air purifiers in my house, so I am constantly needing to have an extra filter on hand. So that is one of the higher priced individual items. So I’m saving the most money with that. So I have my W box, which I’m already getting more product than I’m paying, but I’m not even adding that into this calculation. I’ve got two wax bars, I’ve got my bag of cotton cleanups, I’ve got my scent circle and my air purifier filter.

With the savings from the 10% off the half price item and the discounted shipping, I am saving over $25, $25 and 55scentsto be precise about that. So this is a great way that you can save money on Scentsy products without hosting an affiliate league, without having a party or doing any of those things. If you are just a Scentsy addict and you want to always have your CIN on hand and want to get a great price for these items, Scentsy Club is the way to go. You can join Best Scentsy Scents Club at any time by going to my website, Jami Jo sells wax.com. And there is a tab up at the top that says Scentsy Club. You should click on that and it’ll take you through all of the steps. If you have any questions about Scentsy Club or really anything CIN related, feel free to gimme a text 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

And if you haven’t smelled Scentsy in a while and want some samples of some of the new Scentsy fragrances, just text the word samples to that same phone number (918) 888-9690. And I would be happy to pop some samples in the mail to you. If you have enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe to my channel. I post videos often answering, um, common questions about Scentsy fragrance and giving you product reviews and fragrance reviews. And I’m just here to help you enjoy Scentsy as much as I do. As just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you save money on getting your Scentsy products.