Hello there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is completely and solely devoted to Scentsy fragrance and the amazing products and opportunity that we offer. Now, I am going to skip the full long intro today because we have a lot to cover and I’m super, super excited about it. If you love Scentsy and you love Harry Potter, or perhaps someone in your life fits that description, hi, it’s Christmas season. Um, you need to watch today. You need to hang out with me for like 10 minutes so I can show you all the Harry Potter stuff that is available right now. We have brand new, brand new products never seen before launching today for the Harry Potter lovers of the world, <laugh>, and I am so very excited. Now. I have done other full videos on Harry Potter products before. I have done a full video showcasing this warmer, showing you all the details of this warmer, super cute dish with your Hogwarts letter in there.

Adorable. Super cool. The detail is amazing. I have shown you the Hogwarts at Christmas warmer. I have shown you the Hedwig warmer, which is not able right now. Um, I have shown you the Hedwig buddy is available. I have shown you the Golden snitch buddy clip also available. So the Hogwarts Castle warmer catalog available, the Hogwarts at Christmas limited time offer still available. Hedwig buddy and Golden Snitch, both catalog products. Always available today, guys. <laugh>. Today we have five brand new products and then a re-release of some other products. So first, let’s talk about the brand new stuff. I want you to check this out right here. Yeah, yeah. Friends. That is a Harry Potter Scentsy buddy. How adorable is he? So, so, so cute. I mean, who wouldn’t love to snuggle and cuddle A Harry Potter Scentsy buddy. Now, if you’re not familiar with our s Scentsy buddies, they are essentially a stuffed animal.

They all have a zipper pouch somewhere on them, I am assuming his is on his back. And inside we tuck a scent pack, which is like a fabric scent sachet with fragrance beads in it. That’s how it fragrances the stuffed animal. So Harry Potter is going to come with a scent pack of Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Harry Potter, yes. Yes. I wanted to check and make sure of that. I don’t have the sit pack on hand, but I do have the bar, which is also available. I will tell you, I really enjoy this fragrance. It’s very woodsy. It’s very masculine.

It’s got some fruit in there too. Let’s see exactly what’s in it. Uh, where’s my description? Sparkling citrus and green apple illuminate mahogany woods while vanilla and a touch of amber add warmth and charm. So fruits woodsy. It’s a great, great combination. It’s definitely a masculine feel, but with those fruits on top of it, kind of softens it down a little bit. I love Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I warm this wax in my house, but that is what Harry Potter is going to smell like because he’s going to come with a scent pack in this fragrance that you can tuck inside. Now let’s talk about pricing. Harry Potter is only $50. That is a great deal for a high quality licensed Harry Potter item. These go live starting at noon central time. So that is, oh, I don’t remember my time zones. That’s 10 o’clock Pacific. Yes, 11 mountain, noon central, one eastern.

I don’t guarantee that’s right. You better check it <laugh>. But make sure that you are online at that time if you want to grab it. Okay guys, that was fabulous. He’s super cute, but I’m having to gather my composure for this next part. <laugh>. Guys, check these out. We are launching mini warmers in all four houses of Hogwarts. You get a mini warmer with your specific house on it. What are you, where do you belong? What’s your house? Are you Gryffindor? Are you Hufflepuff? Are you Ravenclaw? Are you slithering? Tell me in the comments which house you are. I am Gryffindor all the way Gryffindor has my heart. Now let’s talk about the details of these warmers. I’m gonna scroll through some pictures right here. ’cause I haven’t even got my hands on these. They launched today. I haven’t even, well, I mean, I’ve seen them, but I haven’t got them at my house yet.

Gryffindor will be going up in my house. Here’s the cool thing about these warmers. Each of the warmers has the crest on the front for the house of which it belongs. All of them have the sorting hat on the back with the candles around it. So here’s fun fact, fun fact that you might not otherwise know. Um, Scentsy, of course, we are Wickless candles. That’s what we pride ourselves on, is the safety and the fact that we don’t have fire or flame. So when the designers were designing these warmers, they went to Scentsy several times and were like, are you sure this is okay? Are you sure it’s okay that we put a candle on this? Really? You guys are wickless candles. Can we really put a candle on this <laugh>? Yes. Yes, you have to. I mean, you have to have the floating candles on Harry Potter products.

So House Crest on the front, floating candles around it. Sorting hat on the back here is just a fun little added, I don’t even know what to call it. Added excitement for each mini warmer. The light bulb is the house color. How cool is that? So Gryffindor is gonna get a red bulb. Hufflepuff is gonna get a yellow. Slytherin is gonna get a green, and Ravenclaw is going to get a blue bulb. So they are gonna come with those. The mini warmers only $30. What an amazing price point. If you have a Harry Potter in your life, this is the perfect Christmas gift. I promise you, you get them this for Christmas, you’re gonna get the biggest hug around your neck and they’re gonna love you forever. But wait, it gets better. Okay? When we first launched Harry Potter products, we launched this as well. It was a cute little suitcase looking thing.

All four bars of wax came in it, it was the Hogwarts House’s wax collection. And while that was absolutely fabulous, I loved it because they got each of the houses like perfectly. As far as fragrance goes. We found that customers didn’t want all of the houses of waxes. They just wanted their particular house of wax. So what Scentsy has done, they’re relaunching these for a limited time, relaunching the house waxes, but they’re not putting them in the collection where you’re forced to buy the entire thing. You can buy your individual house of wax. Here is something that you really, really, really need to pay attention to. These are brought out on a limited time. So what you need to do is jump over to Scentsy Club and add it on club so you can get it every single month, every other month, every quarter, whatever you choose to do.

But when you add these waxes to Scentsy Club, Scentsy will always make them for you. So you definitely need to jump over and do that. Now, let’s go through the waxes. Talk a little bit about them. I told you they got the houses, the scent of the houses dead on, and they totally did. We’re gonna start with my house with Gryffindor. So when you think of Gryffindor, what do you think of? What do you think of? So when I think of Gryffindor, I think of <laugh>. I don’t know, like, I wanna say the popular kids, but it’s not even about the popular kids. It’s like, it’s the, the pleasers, the, um, high achievers, the, I don’t even know how to describe it. And, and I don’t wanna do this for every house ’cause maybe I’ll fend someone <laugh>, but let me tell you, this is so, so, so yummy. Definitely masculine, definitely woodsy. It is exactly what I picture, uh, Gryffindor would smell like. Let me go through to the description. It is lemon zest, cinnamon leaf, amber and smokey Woods, an amazing, yummy, yummy scent. Let’s move on to Slitherin. Slitherin, kind of sly kinda ornery. Um, cunning and ambition is, is their logo. So, I mean, that says it all right there. Oh, I should have looked at Gryffindor. Gryffindor was bravery and determination.

Okay, here’s the thing, guys. I mean, I’m Gryffindor, but I love this slither. Incent is that terrible of me? Blackberry, dark chocolate, fresh Amos Ox. Mm-Hmm, Oak moss, <laugh> and crisp leather. It’s the leather that gets me every time. I love me. Some leather, fragrance chocolate. Interesting. I don’t get the chocolate, but I definitely smell that woodsy of the oak moss and the leather on there with a little bit of sweet on top. Slither is a great fragrance. Moving onto Raven Claw, Witt and Wisdom. These are our Smarty Pants friends. What do SmartyAnts friends smell like? Hmm, let’s see.

Oh, there’s a lot of leather in this, guys. I haven’t smelled these in a while. I use Gryffindor, but I haven’t smelled these other ones in a while. There’s definitely a lot of leather in that. Let’s see, watch, they’re gonna prove me wrong. Smooth, vanilla, airy, white, musk, incense, <laugh> guys. There’s not leather. Um, smooth vanilla, airy white musk incense, spiked sandalwood and mahogany woods. I could have sworn there was leather in this. It does smell like a Western clothing store. It really does. And rounding it out with Hufflepuff. Oh, our sweet little Hufflepuff. My daughter’s at Hufflepuff, just and loyal. These are the sweet ones to me. They’re the, the do riders. They’re the make everyone happy. They’re the friends with everyone. And this fragrance <laugh>. Yeah, it’s sweet. It’s, um, just yummy and cozy and comforting. That’s what a full puff is. It is warm cinnamon sugar, golden apple, white hazelnut and whipped vanilla almond.

So there are your four house waxes. You can get those individually for six 50 a bar. You can bundle them in a three pack or a six pack pick, and you can mix and match those with other licensed fragrances. So if there’s a Disney fragrance you like, you can, you can bundle it with the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. You can make those bundles with any of the licensed products. But guys, so much Harry Potter stuff available right now. I really hope you’re as excited as I am. But like I said, this is a limited time offer. We don’t know how many they have in stock, and we don’t know how long they’re gonna keep them in stock. So if you must have one of these items, or if you have someone in your life that would love this for Christmas, jump over to Jamie. Joe sells wax right now. Click on Licensed Collections, click on collections. You’ll see Harry Potter there, and you’ll be able to choose all of the products that you want. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to reach out. Shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, if you love Scentsy and you always wanna make sure that you have all the latest of the Scentsy info, make sure you subscribe to this channel. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.