<silence> Hello, hello, hello and thank you so much for popping by Jami Jo Sells Wax. This is a YouTube channel all about S Scentsy fragrance. I come to you to talk to you about new products, about my experiences with Scentsy products, my experiences with the business, but also brand new release items. And we talk about them and I get to open them and enjoy them and describe them just for you. And today that is what we are going to do. We are going to be talking about one of our brand new items and it was just released in the Harvest catalog that launched on September 1st, but it is not a wax most of the time. I’m coming here talking to you about Scentsy wax and warmers. Today we are talking about diffusers and specifically the Brand New Harvest collection of essential and natural oils. So before we jump into this fragrance collection and we do a little sniff test of these, let’s talk real quick about the basics of Scentsy diffusers.

We have two different designs. Let’s look at them, the differences between the two so you can make an educated choice if you are looking for a new diffuser, which one you might want. And then we’re gonna jump right in to the harvest collection of oils. Do a little sniff test and see what we think about those. So first of all, both of our offerings of diffusers essentially work the same way. Inside is a reservoir where you’re gonna add water, you’re gonna add your oils, whether they’re essential or natural, that’s up to you. And then you plug them in. Both of them have different light options and light offerings. This is our deluxe diffuser. These run $65. This is our premium diffuser. Depending on which shade you choose, they’re gonna run one 40 or one 50. But also these have interchangeable shades. So then if you wanna change the look of this diffuser, all you have to do is purchase a shade which is much more affordable at like 60 to $70 each.

So let’s start by looking at the deluxe diffuser and then we’ll look at the premium. The deluxe diffuser is all plastic. It is medical grade plastic. I have on it on color rotation. You might’ve noticed that the colors have been changing through the first part of this video, but you can actually stop it or lock it in on any color as well. Now it’s gonna look like it’s doing a little bit of flashing there. It really isn’t. That’s just, I don’t know why it picks up like that on a camera. Some of the um, tones of color

Just don’t serve well on the camera. So you get to choose which color you lock it in on, or if you put it all the way to the end, it’s gonna rotate through those colors. Now the cool thing is it works whether the colors are on or not. Even if you are using this at night and you don’t want the light on at all, it will still diffuse. So this has a larger reservoir base. It is a much larger reservoir base than the premium diffusers. So that’s our deluxe diffuser. I’m gonna go ahead and pop it on the shelf back here. And we’re gonna look at the premium diffuser.

Now our premium diffusers are just that, like I said, they are absolutely gorgeous. There is a different definite difference in price point, but there is a reason for that. These are much more high-end. They are beautiful. I’m gonna go ahead and turn the light on so you can see it again. You might see some flashing of color. Um, that’s not really happening right here in front of me. It’s just on the camera. So I have it on the color rotation. So you’re gonna be able to see all the different color options that you have with this diffuser. I’m gonna let it go for a few minutes while I talk to you about some of the features of the premium essential oil diffuser. Just like the deluxe inside, which I’ll show you in a second. There is a reservoir. You’re gonna put water in and your oil of your choice, you get to choose on the premium diffusers.

Do you want it to diffuse at high for about four hours at low for about eight hours or on intermittent high and off, which also lasts eight hours. Just like the deluxe diffuser, you can diffuse oils without the light function on. I have it on color rotation in a second. I will show you there is a low light or a candlelight flicker option. Like I said, it also works with the lights completely off. The diffusing does still work on that. So I think we’ve just about finished the rotation of colors. So I’m gonna go ahead and turn the color off and then I’ll show you. I hate how it flickers on the video. I don’t know why it does that. This is a low light option.

No, that was highlight. This is low light and then this is candlelight flicker. It’s really flickering for me in real life now, not just for you. So I’m gonna go ahead and turn off that light function ’cause we’re gonna open it up and look at the inside. Like I told you, these premium ones, the shades all come off. You can easily change the shade or purchase just a different shade. We sometimes have um, different ones for holiday offerings and in fact, we have a really cute Christmas tree one that we’ve had before. I’m trying to think of the other holiday ones. So there’s tons of just general shades, but then the holiday ones, all of the premium diffusers look the exact same inside. You’re gonna take this cone part off. You have your water reservoir in there. Now, I don’t know if you can see it on the video there, but there’s a little ledge here.

You’re gonna fill it up with water to that ledge. So I have a bottle of water here. You don’t have to use bottled water. You can use tap as well. But obviously for filming this, it was just easier to have a bottle. Right here I have blackberry, basil oil, which I absolutely love. You can put as little or as much oil in this as you want. Scentsy has amazing super yummy fragrance oils, but if you have another favorite fragrance oil, you’re welcome to use that as well. So water and oil, that’s all you have to do. You’re gonna put that top back on, put that gorgeous shade back on it. And I am going to push the button for diffuse. Let’s see if it’s going to show on camera.

Oh yeah, there you go. You can see it. So I have it on high diffuse right now. Now I wanna let you know when you’re using essential oil diffusers, they are cool mist. This is not steam, although it looks like steam. This is a cool mist. Now I have seen some people, since we are in spooky season, getting cute little skull decorations or something like that from home goods or at home or any of those stores and putting one of our diffusers, I think they’re using the deluxe diffuser for this, but putting it inside and it looks like that there’s smoke coming out of the skull head. It’s so fun. So those are our essential oil diffusers. I’m gonna leave this going right here.

I think I’ll leave the light going so you guys can watch that mesmerizing light effect. Let’s talk about these brand new harvest collection oils. We have three oils. When you open up this cute little book, you have the oils here, you have the descriptions up here. I’m gonna go ahead and actually turn that diffusing off because I wanna do a sniff test of these and I don’t wanna be smelling blackberry basil at the same time. So first we have beetles and blood orange. This is fresh cut. Paul Morosa cast into a cauldron of mold, cranberry and orange spice. Guys, I really can’t smell it. I don’t know that it. It’s my sinuses. I’m in Oklahoma and it’s allergy season. Maybe doing a snip test of these wasn’t the best idea, but you could tell from the description, Palm aosa, mold cranberry and

Orange spice. Let’s see if I can smell this next one. Snake oil and cedarwood. How cute these names that they came up with. This is simmering pumpkin puree with a bite of nutmeg stirred with a staff of cedarwood. Oh, I can smell that one for sure. That nutmeg and that cedarwood. I’m not a pumpkin fan. You can smell the pumpkin that. That’s probably the first thing you notice. That’s the top note. But it’s got that base note of that cedar in there with a little bit of nutmeg. I really like that one. Snake oil and cedarwood. Now I wish I wouldn’t have put blackberry in that ’cause I could put this in there and give it a try. And then we’ve got Wolf’s, Bain and apple Brandy love the marketing they did on this. This is a goblet of apple brandy enchanted with bright ginger root and a dash of sparkling orange. Oh guys, this one, it’s sweet, but it’s got a little bite to it. I love that. It’s the ginger that’s got that little bit of bite to it. That smells so good. Okay, now that I know I can smell, I’m gonna go back to this beetles and blood orange. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t smell it.

I can smell it a little more, but it’s definitely chill. Out of the three, it’s to me the chillest of fragrances. But again, I wanna show you this super cute packaging. It looks like a little book, but then when you open it up, you’ve got your oils. What a great job they did on marketing. Cute little graphics scent description there. This would be awesome to gift to the Halloween lover in your life. This is only $18. That set of three oils only $18. Great. For anyone that enjoys essential oils and loves Halloween. Whether that’s you or someone in your life, I think that they would love it. I have a squeaky chair. I need some WD 40 on that thing. We gotta take care of that. Guys. My name is Jami Jo. I would love for you to support my business. You can place orders at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or if you have questions about essential oil diffusers, about anything Scentsy related, put it down in the comments below or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Either way, I am here for you and happy to help. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day. Whether you’re using essential oils or wax, it’s gonna smell good.