Hello and welcome back to Jamie. Joe sells wax Friends, I’ve got my pink shirt on. I popped something pink in my hair, and these disco balls just screamed Barbie to me. I feel like our world has turned Barbie obsessed and I am so excited to bring to you my six pack pick of Scentsy Fragrances, Barbie style <laugh>. Well guys, my name is Jami Jo and I have had a business where I have been partnered with SS Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now. I started my Best Scentsy Scents  partnership with S Scentsy Fragrance all the way back in October of 2008. Been loving s Scentsy fragrance ever since then. Still madly in love with the company and use the products all the time. And I am coming to you today with my Barbie six pack pick. Now here’s my little disclaimer, cin. He does not have a partnership with Barbie or Mattel.

This six pack pick is in no way, what would I say? Um, it endorsed by Mattel or Barbie or even s Scentsy. This is just me coming to you with my favorite six pink Scentsy bars. Therefore, they’re the Barbie six pack picks. Let’s jump right in. Now, if you guys have never joined me before, I just need to let you know I always make wax recommendations in six pack picks. There is a reason for that because if you are buyingBest Scentsy Scents Wax from my Best Scentsy Scents  website, the best way to buy a large number of bars is in a six pack. Because every time you buy five bars, you’re gonna get one free if you order through the combine and save deals. Now, the only other way to get your wax cheaper is to start Scentsy Club, which is our customer loyalty program. If you do Scentsy Club and your order is at least $30 or more, you’re going to automatically get 10% off every individual item.

And if your Scentsy Club order hits $60 or more, you’re gonna get that 10% off, but also get a free and half price item. So before we jump into my six pack pick, I wanna know, tell me in the comments, what is your favorite pink fragrance? Maybe it’s a Scentsy fragrance, maybe it’s not, but what fragrance do you love? That is pink. That would be included in this Barbie six pack pick. So we’re gonna jump right in. The first Best Scentsy Scents that I have in this Barbie six pack pick is Sugar Blossom. Now, sugar Blossom was a new release this catalog season. So our spring and summer catalog’s been out for quite a few months now, only a little bit of time left before we switch over to fall and winter, but this was one of the brand new ones and my customers have been loving it.

It’s very light and airy. There is a touch of sweetness to it, but a little bit of tart citrus Scentsy tells us that it is golden blossoms, sugared, citrus, and vanilla. So a great mix of just fun summery fragrances in sugar blossom. So if you like sweet fragrances, if you like citrus fragrances, that’s definitely one that you are going to love. Now I am going to move on to one that I absolutely love. This is pink rhubarb sugar. Now, my dad always said he loved rhubarb pie growing up, but I’ll tell you, I have no idea what rhubarb pie is. So it’s odd to me that that was his favorite and I never had it. But also I, I know what Best Scentsy Scents rhubarb is. I know it looks like celery, but it’s pink. But I really don’t know what it tastes like or anything like that.

So I really don’t know what it smells like. But this is, this reminds me of like a raspberry lemonade scent. Actually. I really love it. I had, we stopped at a little roadside stand on a road trip yesterday and I got a pineapple lemonade. It was so good. This kind of reminds me of that. So in pink rhubarb sugar, we have pink rhubarb, sparkling raspberry, and a scoop of sugar. Oh, I said it smelled like raspberry lemonade. Well that makes sense now how about that Ra? If you love raspberry lemonade, you would like pink rhubarb sugar. There you go. The next one, rainbow sherbet. We’ve had this one for a while and it is definitely a favorite of many of my Best Scentsy Scents  customers that love a good sweet, um, summer scent. It’s just the epitome of sweetness in the summer. I don’t even know how else to describe it. It smells like a Popsicle, but there’s so many different flavors of popsicles. I, that’s weird to just say it smells like a Popsicle, but it does. It is orange zest, sugared strawberry and key lime. Oh, that key lime. That’s what’s given me a little pop at the end.

I love that. I’ve never warmed rainbow sherbet, but I have a lot of customers that absolutely love it. Maybe I need to warm it. We’re gonna move on to star Apple Andreia. Again, I don’t know what a star apple is. I think I’ve seen them at the grocery store, but I don’t know that I would know what it smells like or what it tastes like. I do smell a bit of apple undertone in this, but I don’t even know if a star apple is a type of apple or if it’s a completely different fruit. I’m so naive here, but it says it’s star apple, tropical mango and pink Freesia. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t smell much, much Freesia in this and Freesia is a pretty strong floral to me and I’m just not smelling it. Definitely getting more of the fruit sense in this.

Now have you guys ever wondered why I turn my wax bar over to smell it? I always open them and turn it over, and I do have a reason for that. Our wax is paraffin based wax. We choose paraffin wax for our wax melts. And there’s a couple reasons for that. One of them. And the biggest reason that we choose that is because paraffin wax has the highest scent loading ability. That means that paraffin wax will hold the most fragrance oil and still stay mixed together. But our oils are sometimes heavier than the wax. And so the oils will sink as we store our wax. So you should always store your Scentsy wax like this with the cubes on the bottom. That way the oils all settle down into the base of the container. ’cause if you store it like this, they can drip out the bottom and if you store it like this, it can just get all icky around the edges and what we call sweat.

It’s just messy. It doesn’t mean that the wax is bad, it doesn’t mean anything against the wax. It’s just messy. And we don’t want messy. So if you store your wax like this, all those oils, those heavy oils will go to the bottom. But if you want to get the best sniff test out of a bar, you should always pop it open and smell the bottom like this. So that’s why I always pop ’em open. We’ve got two more in this six pack pick. This one is pink lemon water. I think this is the most beautiful baby pink color. But let me tell you the name kind of weirds me out. They’ve named this pink lemon water. But I will tell you when I smell this, all I smell is rose. The rose fragrance of this is so strong. So if you love a rose fragrance, give this a try.

Uh, pink lemon water is rose water infused with refreshing lemon and a spoonful of sugar. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the rose water go down. Sorry, I’ll quit singing. I smell the rose water. That’s all I get. I don’t get a hint of lemon. I don’t smell a bit of sugar. All I smell is rose. But I have a lot of customers that love rose and a lot of requests for rose fragrance. So if you love rose scent, pink lemon water is the fragrance for you. Now we are going to round out this six pack pick with another beautiful light pink wax. It is hibiscus pineapple. And guys, that’s pretty self self-explanatory. It is a delightful and lovely fresh floy scent, but it’s got a little bit of sweetness to it. You definitely have the floral of the hibiscus. Uh, it’s like I can separate the different smells of this in my nose.

It is hibiscus, it is pineapple and it is mandarin. And I can smell each of those different scent notes in here. Isn’t that weird how one scent all mixed together and you can smell the different aspects of the fragrances. I love this one. I use this one a lot in my bathroom, which is weird ’cause I don’t normally put food smells in my bathroom that just kind of weirds me out. But something about this makes it different because it’s not like a food smell of something you would want to eat. It’s more like the food smell of just the sweetness of the fruits mixed in with the floral. So hibiscus pineapple guys, I think these are all super yummy fragrances. And if you are into this Barbie thing and wanting all things pink, this six pack pick is definitely for you. You can grab it on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Just go to the section that says discounts and deals. And make sure that you look for a combined and save of six Scentsy bars. And then choose those there. If you want me to handle the order for you or if you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to text me. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause this stuff smells so dang good. But also help to hook you up with all things pink for this Barbie season. <laugh>.