Hi there guys. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am your host Jami Jo, and I have a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance. I have been working with Scentsy Fragrance for almost 15 years now, since October of 2008. So a super long time. I started out as a customer, fell in love and decided to just join in a partnership with them. And a lot of you guys have asked me this question, actually, it’s kind of two questions, but it’s the same thing asked in two different ways. Do Scentsy consultants get a discount or do Scentsy consultants have to pay full price? And the answer is yes and no. I know that was two different questions and two different answers, and you’re a little confused and that was a little confusing because it’s kind of both answers. So I wanna break it down for you, but I’m curious, if you are a Best Scentsy Scents consultant, what is the product that you find yourself buying the most?

Tell me in the comments if you are considering being a Scentsy consultant, what is the product that you desperately want to get? Tell me that in the comments below. So let’s jump in to this somewhat gray topic. Do Scentsy consultants get discounts or do they pay full price? So first of all, I am going to tell you the official nitty gritty answer, the black and white answer, and then we are going to talk about the gray area. Okay? So bear with me, I promise I won’t take a lot of your time, but I wanna make sure to fully answer this question. The answer is, do Scentsy consultants get a discount upfront or do we pay full price? We pay full price for product. Anytime we gather an order from a customer, we are paying the company full price. Anytime we are ordering ourselves, we are paying the company full price.

Now we are getting commissions back on any order that we turn into the company. So I sometimes explain this to people that are considering a partnership with the business. I explain this as a rebate. So our months run from the first of the month to the last day of the month. I’m going to use the 31st just for simplicity’s sake, but I know not all months have 31 days. But, but our months run the first day of the month to the last day of the month, and then we receive our commission from our personal sales and any other bonuses that we might’ve earned Best Scentsy Scents . We get that back to us on the 10th of the next month.

So we are getting rebates on that money the 10th of the next month. A lot of companies do this different ways. I know some companies will immediately pay commissions as soon as an order is placed. Other companies like you collect say $10, but you only send the company $8. So you are already getting that commission in your hand. I love how Scentsy does our commissions on a monthly basis and all in one big, huge lump commission check. I love it that way because I have done other direct sales companies before. That’s no secret. I’ve talked about that before. And I’ve done those companies where I collect a certain amount from the customer and I mail in a discounted amount to the company and that’s how I’m making my profit is that extra money in my hand. And I found myself always spending that extra money just on little things.

’cause it was just a couple extra bucks or a couple 20 bucks in my wallet. It was easy for me to frivolously spend it. Now with how Scentsy does it with a large commission check all at one time, I find it easier for me to make smart decisions about my money to actually budget my Best Scentsy ScentsĀ  money and treat this as real income and not just a little extra cash in my pocket. Now that’s my personal experience. That’s my personal opinion. You might feel differently about that, but black and white answer, you do not get an upfront discount. As a consultant. You do have to pay full price. Here’s the gray area, here’s the but wait a minute, because there’s other things I want to explain to you. I rarely pay for my products at all.

Usually the items that I want I’m getting for free. Now that is not just because I’m a consultant, that is because I am acting as a host. So that is possible for you to do. Even without a full partnership with zi, you can just become one of my v I P hosts and do the same thing. So what I’m doing is I’m setting up online parties and anytime my customers go to my website, I encourage them to always choose a party link. Even if they don’t know any of the hostesses or you know, they’re just placing an order. I have asked all of my customers to always choose a party. Now, I personally always have a open party listed on my website along with all my hosts or my Best Scentsy Scents fundraisers listed. So my customers are going online to place their orders, or if they’re reaching out to me and contacting me, I am always putting in their orders through a party link.

And that starts building up. When you gather 200 in orders, you start earning rewards. I say 200, it’s 200 P r v. So in the US it’s basically dollar to P R V unless it’s a licensed item. It gets kind of weird and complicated if you’re talking different countries, but it still works the same way. P R V stands for personal retail volume. So as soon as it hits 200 P R V that qualifies as a party and you start earning rewards, you would get 10% of the sales and a half price item. Now the sweet spot is 500 P r V. So I always work to get my links up to 500 in orders. At 500 in orders, you get 15% in free Best Scentsy ScentsĀ  credit. And at that 500 mark you get at least three half price items. And then a consultant always has an extra half price item on every single party that they close.

So if I am acting as the consultant and as the host and I have gathered up 500 p r v and orders, I get $75 in credit, absolutely free product, and I would get four half price items. So technically do I get a discount? Nope. I pay full price just like any of my customers, but I know how the system works and I have set up myself in the system to benefit with free products and half price items. Now <laugh>, I’m getting so much of this stuff that I personally could not use it all myself. So many times I am sharing the love with my customers. I love to send out my customers. Thank you. Happy Mail, smell mail. I love to do, uh, mystery host parties. I love to just gift Scentsy items. And I am able to do that because I am utilizing the system as Scentsy has created it, to gather up those orders and earn those rewards.

Like I said, more than I could ever use myself. So I am getting one large commission check every single month and throughout the month, I am getting tons of free products and half price products through working the party based system. Guys, if you are thinking about becoming a consultant, this is definitely a huge perk and totally worth it. I would love to mentor you and help explain this to you and how you can greatly benefit from a partnership with Scentsy, both monetarily and through free and half price products. If you would just text the word partnership to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, that will open a text communication with me personally and I can answer any questions that you have about the business. If you are ready to jump on board right now, you know you’re ready to go, just go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and there’s a tab up at the top that says Getting started.

If you just click that, it’s going to take you directly to the form to get started and you will be set to go. But I’m here to help you every single step of the way and make sure that you are utilizing all of the tools at your fingertips to get the best deals possible for both you and of course for your customers. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy. ’cause all this stuff, it really smells good. But I’m also here to make sure that you are going to be getting the best benefits out of your partnership with s Scentsy.