Hi guys. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am here to share some super yummy Best Scentsy Scents fragrances with you. I have a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance and I’ve been working with them for over 14 years, almost 15. It’s just right around the corner. And over that time, I have loved sharing fragrance with all of my friends and family. Scentsy has really been on a journey to grow their business and offer several different fragrance options for everyone in your life and every area of your life. But we started with wax and warmers and that’s what I want to come and share with you today. It is a curated bundle by S Scentsy. This bundle is called Happy Hour, so I’ll let you guess what the theme of this six pack bundle is right here. Now here’s the really cool thing about this six pack bundle, and when you buy it in August of 2023, all six pack bundles, I should say, all non-licensed six pack bundles that you purchase in the month of August are 10% off.

Meaning that they are only $27. Now these bars are normally $6 each, so you are getting a heck of a deal at $27 for a six pack. Now it’s not just our six packs of bars that are discounted, it is quite a bit of our catalog. This month is 10% off. It is Best Scentsy Scents transition month. So we are scooting that spring and summer stuff out the door to the man room for fall and winter products. But guys, let’s jump right into the six pack bundle and see what Scentsy has to offer us in happy hour. So the first bar of the collection is Pina Colada. Chacha give you one. Guess what that one’s gonna smell like. Yeah. Pina colada. Now this is a very, very light fragrance. Obviously some pineapple, some coconut, super yummy fragrances. I’m not gonna look up the exact scent descriptions for you guys today.

Instead, you’re gonna get just a little piece of my mind and what I think these fragrances are. This one is a very unassuming, if you love light and unassuming fragrances, this one is for you. Are you kind of getting the idea that not one of my favorite favorites, but that does not mean it’s not a good fragrance? We have over 80 fragrances in our catalog, plus tons of limited time offers, and there is a fragrance for everyone. This Best Scentsy Scents pina colada chacha, it does remind me of the beach. It does remind me of an amazing trip that I recently had with my husband. For me though, it’s just not strong enough for my preferences in my home. However, this next fragrance definitely packs a punch. Did you read the name? Did you see what I did there? This is Paradise Punch and it is a strong and noticeable fragrance.

It is just a a really, it’s a glass of high sea. You know that, that fruit punch that we used to drink as kids, that’s what this is in a fragrance bar. It is so good. You can smell the fruitiness of it, the sweetness of it. It is very, very yummy. And like I said, you’ll notice this one if you warm it in your home. I love Paradise Punch for a great summertime fragrance. Now, this one is a brand new one this year. It’s called Mango Matcha. And if you wanna know my opinion, even if you don’t wanna know, you’re gonna get it. I don’t smell the Mango matcha at all. I love this fragrance, but I think it should be called Peachy Best Scentsy Scents candies. You guys know those little candies? They’re little gummy rings. They’re like peach flavor. And then they have that that crystallized, um, sour sugar on it.

I don’t know what they call it. I know sour and sugar’s like an oxymoron, but that crystallized stuff on it. That’s what this smells like to me. I personally cannot stand matcha. I think it tastes like grass. I think it’s absolutely nasty and this smells yummy. So I I just don’t put them in the same Best Scentsy Scents category. Mango matcha to me should be named Peachy Candy. I enjoy it. It’s super duper duper yummy. Moving on to our next delicious drink in happy hour. It is Appletini Splash. Give you one guess what the top note is? Yep, it’s Apple. It’s a very crisp apple. Honestly, I think this is a great summertime spin on just a classic Granny Smith apple smell that we often have in the fall. This just has that little bit of sweet tartness on top of it to give it that summertime spin.

I really enjoy this one. It is a fresher fragrance, not so much on the sweet side. I love to warm apple fragrances in my kitchen. Apple and lemon are the two fragrances that I go for in my kitchen. An Appletini Splash is one of those that I really enjoyed in my kitchen. I just think it smells clean, it smells fresh, and it’s just a great scent choice, um, for something that’s noticeable but not overpowering. If that’s what you like. The next one in our happy hour pack is Mahalo coconut. I haven’t smelled this one in a while, you guys. I don’t know that I’ve ever warmed this one. It’s really good. I would say I would put it in the fresh category. It’s definitely coconut. I mean that’s in the name, but Mahalo coconut, it almost has like a linen feel to me that really makes me wanna look this one up.

’cause that, that’s just weirded me out that they put this in the um, happy hour one. Oh, it says it’s a floral Hawaiian lay and violet over fruity fresh pineapple and coconut. So that’s why I’m getting that, um, fresh, that laundry fresh smell. It’s that Best Scentsy Scents Hawaiian lay and violet, but then it does have that pineapple and coconut to give it that little bit of a summery sweet fruit smell. It is a lighter fragrance but still noticeable. Definitely a little more punch than Pina colada Chacha, which was the first one I smelled in this collection. We’re gonna round out this collection with a very, very popular scent. Cocoa Lime. This is another one that I enjoyed to warm in my kitchen. Cocoa Lime. You guys can look. This collection is easy peasy to guess what those fragrances are. Coconut and lime. There’s also gotta be some lemon in this.

I smell a little bit of vanilla too. Maybe some vanilla. It is a citrusy limey fragrance, but it’s not as powerful as say squeeze the day or lemon drizzle. It’s a little more chill. That’s why I’m saying I definitely smell, um, some vanilla, but maybe it’s the coconut in there that’s really getting me that more mild fragrance. If you guys love like cocktail scent, this curated six pack of bars called Happy Hour is the perfect perfect collection for you. Like I said, these are a six pack for $27. If any of your favorites are in this collection, I would highly, highly suggest that you add them to S Scentsy Club because I have a feeling I don’t have the discontinued list right in front of me. But I have a feeling that all of these are gonna be discontinued at the end of the month because they are summer fragrances.

The cool thing about S Scentsy Club is when you add your favorite fragrances to Scentsy Club, Scentsy will always make them for you. Even if the company discontinues the fragrance, they are going to custom make that bar just for you and send it to you however often you choose every month, every other, or every third month. So Scentsy Club is the way to go when you have a fragrance that you absolutely must have. On top of that, I told you you’re gonna get 10% off this six pack this month. When you add at least a $30 order to your S Scentsy Club, you’re gonna get 10% off all the time, not just in August. With Club orders, when it hits $30, you get 10% off. When it hits $60, you get that 10% off and a half price item. Scentsy Club is the way to go guys, absolutely the way to go if you are a Scentsy addict and always need your Scentsy bars.

Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I have had fun sharing this six pack collection with you. If you want to order it, you can do that at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me a text anytime to place an order or ask any questions. (918) 888-9690 is my texting phone number. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have or always feel free to just comment here in the comment section on this video. All right guys, just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause this stuff smells so good, but also help you get a good deal on some summer happy hour scents.