Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I own a fragrance business that is called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have been partnered with  Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance since all the way back in 2008, so I’ve been working with them for over 14 years. I absolutely fell in love with the product line as a customer myself. I was a public school teacher using it in the classroom and in my house and I fell in love with the products because they absolutely worked. They overpowered the stank of a classroom of kindergartner kids. Also in my home. I had kids running around, I had pets running around and the products absolutely worked. I knew they were completely safe to have around both the kids in my classroom and my family, humans and pets, and I absolutely loved that they were affordable. So I just decided to go ahead and jump on with a partnership and become a consultant myself.

I’ve loved working with Best Scentsy Scents  products and loved helping other people grow businesses so it can help their family, which it helps different families in a lot of different ways. Whether it’s a hobby, income, up to a full-time income, whatever you want it to be, it can be for you. But that’s not our topic today. Today I want to talk to you about something really fun, an easy way to change the look of your Scentsy warmer for just $2. That’s it. And today we are going to be working specifically with this warmer right here. This is our warmer of the month. It is called Lux Leaves. I absolutely love this warmer. I am a bit of a plant addict myself, and so I love that warmer. We’re also going to be working with this warmer from a distance you can’t see much, but when I get it up closer, it’s got a gorgeous cross pattern, um, with just some different religious words on there.

It’s absolutely beautiful when I plug it in. So let’s go ahead and plug these two warmers in so you can see what they look like just regularly. And then we’re gonna have fun and start changing some light bulbs in these warmers. So you can see how much fun it is to change the li before I plug them in, because I wanna show you this tag down on the end of the cord. Um, a lot of times I’ve asked, Hey, I need a bulb for my Scentsy warmer. How do I know what size bulb that I need? And there’s two different ways. So I’m gonna show you the two different ways. Um, on Lux sleeves, this gorgeous warmer, it is right here on the tag. So you can see the little light bulb with a 25 W. That means you need a 25 watt, uh, this warmer, I believe it’s called trust in him.

You can see it on the bottom on that silver tag. Um, right there you can see the 25 W. So both of these use 25 Best Scentsy Scents light bulbs. Our warmers, the little bitty wall ones use a 15 wat. And our larger warmers use either a 20 watt, a 25 watt, or the new Edison bulb, which is a 40 watt. So first, let’s start by just looking at these warmers and what they look like. Normally. I’m gonna take the dish off of both of them just because I don’t wanna drop it and break it. So this is lux sleeves as it is lit up with just a normal light bulb. Beautiful, beautiful warmer. I have this in my dining room. Normally I pulled it in here in my office just to do this video. And then here is trust in him. I am gonna put the lid on that cuz it, well I guess it doesn’t change it too much on video, but beautiful, beautiful warmers.

Now here’s the cool thing. If you need a 15 wat, 20 wat or 25 watt light bulb, Scentsy has five different colors that you can choose from. Actually six different colors cuz we have the plain one and then we have red, green, orange, purple, and blue. So this warmer right here, trust in him. I have a friend that has this on her piano. Her mother passed away not too long ago and her mom is the one that taught her and her girls to play piano. This is a very special warmer to her cuz they grew up playing in church and also her mother’s favorite color was blue. So what we did is we grabbed her a blue light bulb. I probably should turn that off. It’s a little warm.

Turn this other one off so it can start cooling off. I didn’t realize it got warm so fast. Now I say they get warm, they cannot burn. It’s just a light bulb. And that’s the beauty of C warmers. They are completely safe to have around your kids. They will not burn them. Okay, so now let’s see the difference in this warmer with that blue bulb. How gorgeous is that? Now you can’t really see it cause I have my big ring light on. Let me turn it off you. Oh, there you go. Look how beautiful that is. So this warmer had special meaning to her because of her mom and all that. And then put her mom’s favorite color inside of it. Absolutely gorgeous Best Scentsy Scents . Just a little bitty change but completely changes the look of the warmer. Now let’s look back again at this luxe leaves.

This is what we’re looking at with it, with the normal bulb. I think I’m gonna try a, let’s do a, I don’t know, we’re gonna try a couple of, I was gonna say green. Let’s do green leaves, green whatever. I was debating green or orange because a lot of my uh, decor in that part of my house is very bohemian, a lot of brass. So I was thinking orange maybe. So I’ll try that next, but I’m gonna go ahead and do the green one first. See how that really changes the look of the warmer. Oh wow, what a big difference. Just changing the light bulb did in the look of that warmer. Honestly guys, I think I like the regular bulb better, but I just love having options. I love to have options with different things that I decorate. Let’s go ahead and give that orange bulb a try. Now remember I said this, that there are different colored light bulbs in 15 watt, 20 wat and 25 watt. So even if you have the little nightlight or wall plugin warmers, you can still get the different colored light bulbs for them. So a lot of people will just get a very basic Best Scentsy Scents  warmer and then change the colored light bulbs for the seasons. You know, red Christmas or even Valentine’s Day get you a green for St. Patty’s Day, orange for the fall. Ooh. Now I do like that orange in there.

I do love that. And even though this is a tropical plant, I think popping that orange bulb in there almost gives it uh, like a fall leaf feel. I think I’m gonna leave the regular bulb in there for now. But I love knowing that just changing that bulb to the orange bulb gives it a completely different feel for the fall. I will definitely be changing that in the fall. I’m gonna use this trust in him warmer and give the purple bulb a try. Let’s see what it looks like with the purple bulb. Now guys, you can order these bulbs on my website anytime. That’s Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or of course you can always text me. I love it when people text me. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. We’re gonna have to try that light off again. Ooh, this one’s almost like a black light look. Hmm, not real stand out in this warmer, but think in a really dark room. Like if I were to turn the lights off in this room, it’s almost like I don’t really like it in this warmer cuz it’s kind of an eerie glow. I mean, it’d be great to have it Halloween time in different Halloween warmers. Let’s see what it looks like in the luxe sleeves.

Let’s just do a lot of bulb switching today. How about that? I just love that it’s a only a $2 item that can significantly change the look of your warmer. And how fun is it just to grab a couple to leave on hand to change it throughout. Ooh, okay. The camera is not picking this up because this is a really cool look there. That looks a little better. How cool is that? Ooh, I really like it with the purple. It didn’t really come through with the trust in him warmer, but wow, how cool is that?

Completely, completely changes the look guys, we have one more color to try, which is the red. Let’s go ahead and just try it in both of them. How about that? See how big of a difference it makes in this trust in him. Now, the trust in him warmer that I’m showing you is one of our ceramic warmers. So the, the material that the warmer is made out of definitely has a lot to do with the light throw of the warmer. So the ceramic warmers are not obviously going to give off as much light as one of the fully glass ones. Oh wow, though, look at that with the red bulb. You can really see a difference even with my bright light on it. Huge, huge difference with the red light. Let’s switch it over to my lux leaves.

These little bulbs are just going on an adventure today, just trying ’em out in all different kinds of warmers. I have a feeling it’s gonna be super bright in this luck sleeves and I was correct. Yeah, I, I’m definitely not a fan of that look <laugh>. But I could see how with some other warmers it would be cool. I love the purple. I’m definitely going to keep in mind the orange for that warmer in the fall. But guys, I hope you have learned a new trick today. Maybe you didn’t even know since you had colored bulbs or, or how big of a difference it made in the look of the Best Scentsy Scents warmers. I know I haven’t played around with it like this before, so it was kind of enlightening to me. Like I said earlier, you can order the bulbs or any of your Scentsy items two different ways. You can jump over to my website, which is Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or you can shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you would like to sniff some new samples of Scentsy, I have a fun little sample pack, I’d be happy to pop in the mail to you. So just text the word samples to that same phone number (918) 888-9690. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you change the look of your warmer for just two bucks.