Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and I am from Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company and I started selling Best Scentsy Scents products all the way back in 2008. I’ve now grown a team of amazing consultants that are all doing the same thing. Like I said, I started with Scentsy all the way back in 2008. I am now a superstar director with the company and I adore this company, not just because we have amazing products, like the best fragrance products out there, but also just because of the awesome opportunity that I’ve had because of this business to build a life by design. Um, I don’t have to do the things I used to have to do to punch time clocks and all those things. I now have the opportunity to build the life that I want work, when I want to play, when I want, and do the things that I want.

And it’s all because of this company. So if that’s something that intrigues you, let me know by shooting me a text or leaving me a comment and I’d love to talk to you a little more about it. But today we are talking about fragrance products for your vehicle. Guys, we are in a world where none of us, none of us are just sitting at home anymore. Um, I know so many crazy busy moms that legit should have taxi across the side of their car. My kids are grown and gone. I’m an empty nester, but still I’m so super busy running around town, running errands, doing volunteer work, doing all the things that I need to do that I spend a lot of time in my vehicle. Guys, that means that that space is somewhere that you spend a lot of time in. So we want to make sure that that space is as pleasant as can be.

And the aspect that you are going to notice the most is with fragrance. And Best Scentsy Scents has so many different fragrance products that are perfect for the car. Let’s talk about it. So I am going to start with the lowest priced product, the most affordable product up to the deluxe product. But guys, even that deluxe product is only $15 <laugh>. So we’re talking affordable fragrance for your car here. Okay, so the very first product I want to show you is our Scent circle. So obviously the name suits it well, right? This is our scent circle and you can get this product in depending on what time of the year, 80 to a hundred different fragrances. This guy is only $3, so super duper affordable. And guys, when you buy five of these, you get one free. So a scent circle is absolutely a great choice for your car.

Now these are also wonderful to hang in closets or different Best Scentsy Scents spaces like that. My one caution with this product is to make sure that it hangs freely. This does have scent oils in it and if it is hanging in a place where it may be lays up against your dash or something like that in your car, it can harm the finishes. So just know that this is designed to hang freely from your rear view mirror or wherever else you choose to use the product. So scent Circle, it’s a good product, but we’re gonna go good, better, best, lowest price up to highest price. So just remember this is just where we’re starting. Let’s take a step up to our car bar. Designed to be used in the same way to hang freely. Again, there is fragrance oils in this, but this is like a, uh, moldable plastic.

And so that allows this product to hold a little bit more fragrance oil than those Best Scentsy Scents circles. Those scent circles are just a piece of cardboard where this is um, a, a piece of plastic that can hold that fragrance oil longer. Um, we do have the fragrance name marked on the rubber band, I guess for lack of a better word, rubber band that hangs there. So you always know what fragrance on the scent circle. It’s, it’s just printed on there and on the car bars, it’s on the elastic strap on there. So $6 again, when you buy five, we’re gonna toss a free one your way. So another great set product, but guys we’re moving up from good to better to best. This friends, I don’t have it listed as the best cuz actually I’m working in in in order of cost. But this is my favorite product for my car.

This is what I use in my car. This is a car bar clip so you could see where it gets his name. This is the car bar, this is the car bar clip. Um, this has just this little clip on the back that goes right into the Best Scentsy Scents air conditioner vent on your car. And so when the air or heat is blowing, it’s gonna go blow right past this again plastic. It’s just like that car bar that has the fragrance in it. Now these come in a twin pack for $9. So actually cheaper than this. Maybe I should have done it first, but $9 for this product. But you get two of them. Sad news, sad news and legit it might have brought a little tear to my eye. Um, Scentsy has pulled these from the catalog at the end of February. So if you’re watching this video, video right when I upload, you can still get it.

They are 20% off, so makes them even more affordable. Seven 20 for two of them. Um, they have promised us they’re still gonna keep making them and have them on limited time offers. So that’s why I’m still showing this to you guys. But like I said, my absolute favorite product for the car. Our next product is our scent pack. Now these were designed to go inside our scent buddies, our stuffed animals. You see Hedwig right up there. He’s one of those. So the scent pack is great for the car, but this is great for anywhere, everywhere all the places. Our fragrance is encapsulated in these little plastic beads. I don’t even think you can see it on that camera, but there’s beads inside of here. Then this net fabric so the fragrance can come through. So that means that it doesn’t have to hang freely.

Like I told you with some other products, this bad boy can go anywhere. Um, kids’ lockers at school, your gym bag, um, any closet space, um, dresser drawer, whatever. This can go anywhere. Before we had these, this was my choice for the car because I didn’t have to worry about them hanging freely. These are $7 guys. When you buy five, you finish it for me. <laugh>, you get one free. So again, buy five, get one free on these fit packs come in tons of different fragrances so you can check out all the listing fragrances on my website anytime at Jami Jo sells black.com. We’re gonna keep moving guys. This is a product that is the exact same price as the scent pack. So we’re parallel here. This is a travel twist. This is our newest product to the Best Scentsy Scents fragrance on the Go family. Let me show you how this works.

So this is what it is. It’s just a little plastic disc again marked with the fragrance and you give it a little twist and you can see there that it opened up and there’s somewhat of like a belt pad or something inside. I’m not real sure, but it is saturated with fragrance oils. Another great thing about this, that stent is snuck inside there so you don’t have to worry about where this is sitting. This is great. It’s called a travel twist. Guys, do you see where I’m going with this? Great for the car but also great for travel. Now what I’ve seen a lot of people doing with these travel twists is putting a command strip or a command Velcro on the back and tucking this in places. Like I have a drawer that my trash can is in in the kitchen. I have one of these on the inside of that drawer.

Um, Velcro on there. This is great for closets. Again, you’ve seen a lot of things that are fabulous for in closets or dresser drawers. Um, but this get creative. I would love to know where you use your travel twist. So put that in the comments if you’ve got one of these and use it in a non-traditional place. Tell me where you use your travel twist and how you love it. $7 again. Now it’s not by like, uh, but, but so many things are <laugh> so wanna let you know that special doesn’t work on those, but they’re still an amazing, amazing product. Now I told you we were going all the way up to the big boy, the $15 product and that’s what this is. This is a mini fan. Now why do we call it a mini fan? Because it’s so cute and mini. It’s a little bitty and also it’s a fan.

We’re real creative in our name products, right? <laugh> this mini fan. It comes with a chord like this. You plug it in like this, can you tell him a little Mermaid fan? That’s my best uh, Sebastian impression. Uh, plug it in there. USB port. So hopefully your car has a USB port. If not, you can get an adapter that you plug into your cigarette lighter and plug it in there so that fan will blow through a pod. This is a Scentsy pod, a plastic cage with those scent beads inside goes right there. And I know what you’re thinking but Jamie, that’s gonna fall off of there as I’m driving. So watch this little trick guys. On these cmsi pods, there is a little sticker around the edge that that is what labels the fragrance. But let’s see if it’ll cooperate with me. Of course not because I’m on.

Um, yeah, there it goes. So just pick up the edge of it and that’s a sticker guys. So then you put your sent pot on here. It doesn’t matter if it goes this way, this way, it, it doesn’t matter. Just put it on there and then take your sticker and run it across the top of it. That way you can remember what fragrance you have and it’s stuck on there guys. You don’t have to worry about it falling off as you’re driving crazily down the road cuz I know you’re a crazy driver. I mean everyone in Oklahoma is at least. So that is our high end fragrance product for the car. The fan is $15, the paws are $10 for a twin pack. So two of them. Um, but you purchased the fan and you don’t have to have to purchase that again. You just purchased the pods.

Guys, all of these products are 10 to 20% off in February, so it is a fabulous time to stock up and that even works on those five, five get one free. So we’re doubling up the discounts guys. Buy five, get one free, then 10 to 20% off a great time to get these. So February, great time to buy anytime. Great time to buy cuz we all need fragrance for our car. You can get these by texting me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or the easiest way is just to hop online. Jami Jo sells wax.com. I have a full website of all of our products. If you have any questions, you can find me on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. And like I said, text me or jump on my website guys. My name is Jami Jo. I’m with Jami Jo sells wax and I am here to make your nose happy.