Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jamie. Jo sells Wax and I sell Scentsy products, but I also love growing and mentoring a team of amazing consultant who loves Best Scentsy Scents just as much as I do. Now, if you’re not familiar with Scentsy, we are a fragrance company. We started by selling home fragrance, uh, basically warmers, which you can kind of see up there, warmers and wax for your home. But we have grown into fragrance for all different areas of your life now, I found Scentsy and started with the company as a customer all the way back in 2008. I fell in love with Best Scentsy Scents because I could have it in my public school kindergarten classroom. It was safer around the kids and let’s face it, kids stink and the Scentsy really helped with that problem. So I fell in love with it and started using it then.

But I’ve just grown to love the company more and more because of what this company has been able to do for me. Um, they have given me freedom. Scentsy and my Best Scentsy Scents business has given me financial freedom and time freedom to live a life by my design. But also I love, like I said, it’s a great product. I started as a customer and I am still a customer using Best Scentsy Scents products in all different areas of my life. But today I have a huge problem. I have a huge problem because Scentsy just released the brand new catalog and these are all brand new fragrances, guys, which 1:00 AM I going to warm first? That is the problem. <laugh>. Choosing the fragrance perfect for you is hard for a lot of people. We have, um, at times up to hundred fragrances available at a time, usually about 80. And man, that’s a lot to choose from.

So I’m going to focus just on the 10 new fragrances today. Um, we are going to go through sniff together. I wish this was smell vision, but it’s not. Um, I’m going to read the description straight from Best Scentsy Scents and then I’m going to kind of give you my take on the fragrance. And maybe by us working through this together, um, I can decide which fragrance I want to warm first and you can decide which ones you want as well. But keep in mind as I’m describing the fragrances that there are always bundle and save options. So any time you are getting wax or any of our smaller consumable items, it’s always best to choose six. That is the magic number because anytime you buy five of our smaller consumable items, you get the sixth for free. So let’s start sniffing. Um, we are going to start with banana, leaf and bamboo.

Let’s start by going straight to the catalog and seeing what Best Scentsy Scents has to say about it. So banana leaf and bamboo, juicy, sweet white peach and banana leaf envelop, aged bamboo and sheer mahogany. Guys, I crack up these descriptions. I don’t know who’s writing them, but they’re absolutely hilarious. Now as I smell a bar, you’re gonna see me open the bar. I’m going to turn it over and take it out of the clams shell. Here’s the thing. At Scentsy Warehouse and when I store a lot of my fragrances, we always store them like this. The reason for that is we use a parafin wax that holds the most fragrance oil. So sometimes if you store wax like this, oil can sometimes drip out. That’s because we use so much more oil than our competitors. Um, so we recommend storing them flat like this. So all that heavy oil soaks to the bottom of the bar, but that also means that the most fragrance is going to be at the bottom of the bar. So anytime I’m smelling a new bar, I’m gonna open it up, take it out and smell the bottom. Guys, this is a good one for me. I will tell you at the start of this sniff session that I prefer, um, woodsy fragrances and spa fragrances. I’m not a foodie, although I do like some citrus and stuff in the kitchen. This one, I wouldn’t really say it’s woody,

But it’s definitely a natural scent. I would put it probably in, in my mind in the spa category. I don’t know where Scentsy puts it. I don’t really smell the peach or the banana leaf, of course, I don’t know that I would know. What if banana leaf smells like they say aged bamboo and mahogany. I definitely can’t smell, um, a touch of that natural scent. So I’m gonna put this one in my maybe pile. That’s gonna be my maybe pile. We are going to jump next to raspberry hibiscus tea. And Scentsy tells us it is a warm cup of wild raspberry and hibiscus petals sweetened with a spoonful of elderberry sugar. So it’s funny to me that they call it um, raspberry hibiscus tea, but no tea in it. So basically raspberry hibiscus and elderberry sugar. Now this is not normally my jam, but I like it. Definitely fruity, but not like that. Um, super sweet, like candy, sweet, fruity. It’s more of like a natural fruit. Like I said, not one that I normally would go for, but I enjoy it. Okay, so if you like sweet, but maybe not super powerful, this would be a good fragrance for you. Let’s keep going. Lake. My day guys. I have a tickle on my nose and it’s hard to smell fragrances When you have a tickle in your nose, we’re gonna jump to a lake my day. CSI tells us it’s refreshing lake wave’s, lap peacefully over crisp bergamont and fresh oak moss. Guys, I can tell you right now, <laugh> without even smelling it. I’m gonna love this one. <laugh>. It’s got some of my favorite fragrances in there. Yep. Yeah.

Ugh, guys, this, this is like, it’s like an older gentleman’s cologne, but not like offensive like <laugh>. It’s not old spies or dror, your whatever that was called that my grandpa used to wear. But this smells like, it’s not like a little teenage boy <laugh>. It’s like a mature, mature fragrance. Like, um hmm. I don’t even know who to equate this to. It’s like a Sean Cony. This is Sean Connor. You guys <laugh> this, this totally just beat the other two. So I’m gonna put it over here. That’s a definite yes for me, <laugh>. All right, next is soak in rays. Feel the sunshine as bright mandarin and orange flour bask in ocean air. I told you I like citrus sometimes. This is not my jam. No, but I do see this being a top seller. That’s what’s funny because everyone has their own nose and just cause I like it or don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way. It’s definitely florally. I don’t smell the, um, mandarin, I don’t smell the citrus. It’s more floral to me. I would almost put this in the same family as like lush gardenia or lilacs and violet. If you like those two fragrances, you’re gonna love soak and rays. But guys, it is go way, way up there. <laugh>

Way far away from me. I don’t like it. Um, mango matcha, a mix of mango nectar and matcha sorbet topped with a slice of salted cucumber. Not just cucumber, but salted cucumber and a dash of pure sugar cane. These descriptions, friends, this smells just like, um, a pio. You know that candy, it’s like, um, it’s like a gummy candy. It’s round and it has the sugar on top. That is <laugh> exactly what this smells like. Mackenzie, you’re gonna love this. My daughter loves PIOs. <laugh>. Oh my gosh, yeah, Mackenzie, this one I’m sending you this one <laugh>. You’re gonna love it. You’re gonna love it. I don’t put it in my maybe pile as far as warming it, but if you love PTOs, <laugh>, mango matcha is for you. All right, next we’re gonna talk sugar blossom. Sugar dipped golden blossoms. A donna shimmer infusion of sugared citrus and vanilla. Now we used to have one just called sugar that was, um, a lot of my customer’s favorites and I was hoping this was it. And it’s not <laugh> again. I smell the floral. I smell the floral. I don’t really smell well. Maybe there’s sugar on top of the flower. I don’t know.

It’s really light and I prefer more in your face fragrance. I just say miff. I’m gonna go ahead and put it in my knot for me pile. It’s not terrible. It’s not for me. Mountain sunset, take in the view over wild blue bell and warm woods as coconut and golden amber, fill the air. Guys, I love me some coconut. I love amber. This one’s not wanting to come out, but I have a feeling this one is going to be a yes for me. Mountain sunset. Yes, please. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Um, definitely a spa fragrance. This is gonna be a great one in the bathroom. Fresh, clean, yes. If you like spa fragrances, if you like, if you’re a fan of lux vanilla, that’s my favorite. You’re gonna like this. Um, some others. If you like jammy time, I think you’ll like this. If you like alle water and cucumber, you’ll like this. Yeah, this is, this is going in my yes pile, but lake my day is still winning over mountain sunset. We have three more guys. Tropic nectar, tropical fruit nectar gets even sweeter with coconut milk and golden agave. Hmm, I’m intrigued.

Okay. Okay. I could see this in a kitchen. It’s definitely, um, summery. It’s bright, it’s light, it’s super noticeable, but not like give you a headache. Strong, cheerful. I’m not ready for it yet because I’m filming this in February, but maybe come June or July. Yeah, this smells like summer. It literally smells like summer tropic nectar that’s going in my baby pile. Peace. Literally be with you. White peace Lilly, Lilly and green apple harmonize with warri greens and a touch of vanilla. I don’t know how I feel about this one. Let’s see.


Kinda in between a maybe and a no, it’s definitely florally guys. I’m not a fan of florals, so if you like florals, if you like that lush gardenia, you like that lilac of vanilla, this is your jam. I, I think I’m gonna go on the side of no, because my baby pile’s kind of big. Uh, it’s not terrible, it’s not offensive to me, but it’s not my jam. But if you’re, if you’re my lush garden fan, nu that’s for you. Um, Woodland Meadow, this is our last one, guys. Woodland wildflowers flourish beneath a beautiful forest canopy and an air of bergamot. And amber, this one’s gonna be my jam. Yes, please. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Let’s see. How can I describe this one again? A, a touch on the masculine side. Definitely a woodsy. Um, if you’re a Chui fan, there’s no chui in this, but I feel like if you’re a Chui fan, you would enjoy this kind of hippie-ish. I, I don’t know why I’m getting that vibe from it, but I am.

I like it. I like it. I still think Lake my day is my tough choice. All right guys, so I have three yeses. Lake my day, Woodland, meadow, and mountain Sunset. I have four maybe banana leaf, bamboo, raspberry, hibiscus tea, mango matcha, and tropic nectar. I want to narrow down to six. So I’m gonna throw out the banana leaf and bamboo. So my six pack pick of the new fragrances lake my day, woodland, meadow and mountain, sunset, raspberry, hibiscus tea, mango matcha and tropic nectar. Funny how there’s like colored families. Most people tend to like colored families. I tend to always like blue fragrances. That’s so weird. Okay, so that is my six pack hit. But if you, if it sounded like you might have a hard time choosing your six pack, you can always get all of the brand new fragrances and even double up on two of them or pick two of your classic favorite favorites and that would be just $60.

My six pack pick $30. You could get all 10 plus two extras for $30. So the best way is to always do in sixes. So keep that in mind as you’re choosing your fragrances. When you are ready to order, these are available on March 1st. You can be among the first people to order these fragrances. And there’s two different ways that you can order. You can jump online to Jami Jo sells wax and look for the tab that says specials. And then you’re gonna look for bundle and say, that’s where that six pack deal is. Or you can just shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. And I would be happy to get those for you. Remember these come out March 1st. You wanna be among the first to get these. So let me know immediately. I’m gonna smell, uh, lake my day again cuz it makes me so, so happy. I absolutely love it. Um, thanks for spending time with me today. And remember that Jami Jo, that’s me. Jami Jo sells wax and a bunch of other CSI products too. And I’m here to make your nose happy.