Hey guys, are you in the club yet? You might be wondering what club I’m talking about and I am talking about Scentsy Club. Scentsy Club is one of my most favorite things about Best Scentsy Scents and it’s because I can get products that I absolutely love direct ship to me and not even have to worry about placing the order even better than that. I’m getting items that the company has discontinued, but I told them I absolutely loved, so they keep making it for me. Those are the two biggest benefits to Scentsy Club. So let’s break it down in why I think you need a club and then I am going to show you on my computer just how easy it is to set up a club order. So first of all, let’s talk about the benefits of Best Scentsy Scents Club. Really there’s three benefits I only mentioned to you so far.

The first is that autoship program. Now you might have been a part of an autoship program with other companies before, as have I, and it drove me crazy because whenever I needed to make a change, I had to contact my consultant and they had to deal with it and all that stuff, not the case With Scentsy Club. With Best Scentsy Scents Club, you make all the decisions yourself. You can choose whether to have it sent every month, every other month, or every third month. Essentially every quarter of the year you get to decide exactly what you want on your club order. There’s no minimum, there is no maximum. If you have one bar that you wanna get on the regular, do it. Now. I think that’s silly to pay shipping on just one bar, but no judgment if you wanna do that. So you get to make all the decisions.

This is a program just for consumable products. So I mean I don’t see why you would want the same warmer shipped to you on the regular, but you might want the same wax shipped to you on the regular. So it can be any consumable product, which essentially is anything that we sell except for warmers, fans and diffusers. Any other product is considered consumable. If you’ve never heard that word before, don’t know what it means. It just means something that’s used up. So our wax, our light bulbs, our laundry products, our cleaning products, all the things that eventually fade and fragrance or get used up are considered consumable and they can be added to your Scentsy Club order. So you choose how much you choose, how often you want it to be sent. Now why do I love Best Scentsy Scents Club? It’s because I don’t have to worry about running out of things and having to place an order.

Um, most people’s club orders are things like wax light bulbs, cotton cleanups. I think almost every one of my Scentsy Club orders from my customers has a package of cotton cleanups on there because I never wanna run out of those myself And <laugh> my customers feel the same way. Um, also you can put on, like I said, anything cleaning products. You never wanna be out without your counter clean. That stuff is like magic in a bottle. So get a bottle of counter clean on your club order. The thing that I love the most, the most, the most about my Scentsy Club order is my air purifier filters. If you guys have watched any of my videos, you know that I absolutely love my air purifier and I never want to be stuck with a nasty, nasty filter. So I have my air purifier filters on my Best Scentsy Scents Club order.

So that is one really cool thing. You can always have the items that you need in your hand on a regular schedule. Number two awesome reason to have a Scentsy Club order is a program that they have called Always Get My Bar. If there is a Best Scentsy Scents fragrance that you absolutely love, but the company is going to discontinue it, perhaps it was um, just a seasonal scent, maybe it was one of their holiday limited edition scents. Even the licensed fragrances, most of our uh, Disney Marvel, any of the licensing that we have, most of those are limited time offers. But if you get one of those and you absolutely love it, you need to start a Czu club or add it onto your existing Czu club because if you add that wax fragrance, this only works for wax. But if you add that wax fragrance while it’s still current and available with the company and you said it on your Simpson Club order, they will always make it for you.

So you never have to worry about being without that fragrance. Um, I always think of this in my makeup companies. I’ll finally find that lipstick that I absolutely love and inevitably the company’s going to discontinue it and I will never see that lipstick color again. Well, Scentsy doesn’t do that to you. <laugh>. If you find a fragrance that you absolutely love, they will always, always make it for you. And the third reason that Scentsy Club is so cool for my customers is because having a Scentsy Club order is the only way to consistently get a discount with Scentsy without posting or joining. So what do I mean by that? Anytime that you have a Scentsy Club subscription order set up on the regular that is $30 or more, the company is automatically gonna give you 10% off of everything in there. Now this is the only way to get a discount on many of our items.

It gets even better though. It’s like that infomercial bow wait, there’s more <laugh> because there is more. Um, if you have a club order that’s set up to be $60 or more, you get that 10% that I talked about, but you also get a half price item of your choice added on there. Now in my opinion, I want it to be like the biggest savings that I can get. So on my Scentsy Club order, I have my air purifier filters, which are normally $35. I have them as my half price item and it saves me 1750. My customers for their half price item usually choose the air filter. If they have an air purifier or some of them choose the big tub of the washer whiffs, that’s $30, you can get it for 15 or a lot of my customers like to put this right here as their half price item.

Guys on club is the only, the only, the only, the only way that you can get a whiff box for half price. Now what is a whip box? It’s a surprise. That’s why I’m not gonna open this box and show you because it’s a surprise every single month it changes. Um, it is $30 right now in a couple months it’s going to go up to 35. But no worries for you because if you have that $60 club order, you can get this for half price. It’s always valued more than the price you pay. And like I said, you can’t even get this for half price as a consultant or as a host or anything. The only way that you can get a whiff box half price is to have it as your half price item on your Scentsy Club. So those are the biggest benefits for Scentsy Club.

You get all your products shipped to you on the regular schedule. Um, you can do and always get my bar, which means Scentsy will always make your favorite fragrance for you if you add it while it’s current and is a great way to get discounts on the Scentsy products you love. All right guys, I am going to jump to my computer so I can walk you through the simple, simple steps of how to set up your own Scentsy Club order. All right guys, we are looking at my computer at my home screen of my website and this is where you would get started to do a Scentsy Club order. Now the pictures on your screen might look a little bit different based on our product offerings, but as long as you are@jamiejo.Scentsy.us or you have started at Jami Jo sells wax.com and navigated to this page, you are in the right place.

So you will see up in the top right of your screen these tabs that say Scentsy Club Host or Join. If you don’t have a Scentsy Club subscription, you would just click that Scentsy Club tab and of course it’s gonna show you all the details, all that stuff. But there’s gonna be several places on this page where you can create a subscription even if you keep scrolling down. It’s gonna give you more details, more details, um, all the CIN Club subscription stuff and you can start creating one at any time. Um, but if you already have a Scentsy Club subscription and you’re wanting to change it or I just wanna show you how this works, I’m gonna go up to where I’m already logged in and I am going to click on your Scentsy Club. So when I click on that, it is going to pull up my club.

Now you can see currently I only get one quarterly, um, but it is pretty high value. Of course I have that air purifier filter on there as my half price item and lots and lots of bars that are most of them currently discontinued bars that I still want to get. But just to show you how to do this, I’m gonna start a new monthly subscription. So I just click on new subscription Guys, this is so, so easy peasy. It totally walks you through what all do you want to add onto your Scentsy Club subscription and all these things on my screen right now are things that you can add on there. Now I told you that you can get the always get my Bars. So I’m gonna click on promotions. That’s gonna be bars that are limited time offers that we don’t normally carry in the catalog, but at this time it might look very different when you look at it, but at this time these are the ones that I can add on there that are going to be discontinued very, very soon.

So just for the sake of illustration, I’m gonna add some on here. Um, you’ll see the ticker over on the right side, of course I wanna work on getting that discount. Oh, I do love me some quiver. Add a couple of those on there. So I’m at the $30 point, I’m at that 10% off point, but I wanna keep going cause I want to be able to pick a half price item by hitting that $60 mark. So I’m not a Star Wars fan really, but this light sidebar smelled really good. Keep shopping. I’m gonna throw a couple Mandalorian bars on there as well. Okay, so you can see right now that I have hit that $60 mark. I’m gonna review my subscription so I can see what all I picked on here and it tells me, hey, hey, hey, you’ve earned a half price item.

I can also see that discount. Now guys, this is the only way you’re ever gonna see a discount on Disney bars. So I’m gonna go up here, of course I wanna use up my half price item. So I click there, it takes me back to the screen. I can pick whatever I want, but I always wanna do the higher price items. I’m gonna do that with Box that I was telling you guys about. It’s a great deal to get that at half price. Choose this item. Of course it’s not gonna show me what’s in there cuz it’s gonna change every single month. So that’s a fun thing to get every month because you will be um, surprised. Now a couple things that I want to show you here. If you have a subscription monthly and then a different subscription, quarterly shipping is going to be charged separately on those because they’re treated as two completely different orders.

Also, you get to choose, do you want your first order processed right away or you can un-click that and decide, uh, when it will be processed. You can skip your club subscription once every year. So you’ll see now I have that huge discount there. I would continue to shipping. All right guys, so obviously it’s not a smart decision to put my shipping address and my phone number and all that good stuff out on the worldwide web. So I did stop that video right there. Um, I do want to tell you about something I completely forgot about until I was working on that Scentsy Club order. You can actually refer your friends, you’re gonna be given a referral link and when you refer your friends to start their own Scentsy Club subscription, you are going to build up points. You can build up these points to earn more discounts on Scentsy in the future.

So I know you’re gonna love your Scentsy Club subscription and I hope that you even tell all your friends and share it with your friends and they start their own subscriptions so you can earn even more goodies. Now this was a crash course in Scentsy Club and you might have questions that I did not cover right here. And I just want to encourage you to reach out to me anytime. I’m super easy to find. I’m on Facebook, I’m on Instagram. You can text me anytime at nine 1-888-896-NINE and just ask me any questions that you might have about Scentsy Club. I hope you get a Scentsy Club subscription started soon and I know you’re gonna love it. And I really thank you for supporting my business.