Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sells Wax, and I am so excited about the video I have for you guys today. A few of you have asked for my favorite Best Scentsy Scents fragrances. So I have chosen my top six. This would be my six pack thick for my top favorite Best Scentsy Scents fragrances. Now you might wonder, why did I choose six? Most people would choose five or 10 In the Scentsy world, six is a magic number because anytime you buy five bars, you get your six for free. Anytime you buy 5scentscircles, you get your six for free pods. Buy five, get six free. Do you see a pattern here? So six is the number of happiness in the Scentsy community, and I have my top six fragrances for you. Now, I am going to start out with Scarlet Sunflower. I absolutely love, love, love this fragrance.

It’s like a throwback to me. Um, for, I guess I would say college, it reminds me of that old Estee Lauder sunflowers perfume, which is the perfume that I wore when my husband and I met. And he has actually purchased me that vintage throwback perfume a few times since then. Just because scent is one of those things that brings back the best memories. If you have a scent tied to a certain time in your life or a certain experience in your life, that fragrance is always going to instantly, instantly take you back to that time when you smelled that scent. And Scarlet Sunflower just reminds me of that. Now, the actual Best Scentsy Scents description says that it’s Juicy Apple, which really intrigued me. Juicy apple and a hint of red cranberry are brightened by a scarlet sunflower turning to face the sun. I love Scarlet Sunflower.

Now, right now this is a current scent at the time of this filming, but at the end of next month, the end of February, this scent will be discontinued. So if you are intrigued by the scent, hurry up, get it ordered, or open up a Best Scentsy Scents Club right now and get it put on there while it’s still a current scent and Scentsy will always make it for you. So Scarlet Sunflower, number one. Number two, whipped vanilla lavender. Now you’ll see when I open this it, this is a little partial bar and this is, this is the last one I have in stock right now, right now. So don’t worry cuz I, I have this on my club. Um, this is not a current fragrance whipped vanilla lavender, but if you wanna know a secret,

It’s coming back. March 1st.

Yep. This made it to the new catalog March 1st. This fragrance is coming back, but I have it on my Scentsy club, so Scentsy sends it to me all the time. I absolutely love lavender fragrances, but I’m pretty picky about my lavender fragrances too. I don’t like the French lavender when they start mixing all the other flowers in with it too. This is just so calm and relaxing to me. Um, this came out Mother’s Day last year in 2022. It came out in lots of different products since. So all the body line, all that good stuff, and I fell in love with it instantly added it to my Best Scentsy Scents club so I could always get it even after it was gone. It is coconut milk and whipped vanilla with English lavender. So if you are a fan of a traditional lavender scent, this is probably gonna be the closest one that we have for that. Like I said, not a current scent, but holds your horses and it’ll be right back. Um, coastal Sunset is my next one. A again, this one, not a current fragrance, but

March 1st.

March 1st, you’ll be happy if you like this one. Coastal sunset, creamy coconut and sandalwood. Set the scene for warm amethyst amber. So I’m, I’m seeing a pattern here. I have two fragrances that I love that have coconut in them. Now I’m not a fan of just straight coconut senses. I don’t really love like pina colada senses or just straight coconut in your face. Coconut. But I do enjoy it in several different mixes. Coastal sunset, um, similar to the whipped vanilla lavender, but the, the coastal sunset is definitely more beachy rather than like that old school floral. But again, it’s in my top six. I absolutely love it Now. Fluffy fleece. This is the newest edition to my top six. And fun fact, I’ve never actually warmed this wax. So as soon as this video’s done, I’m gonna go switch out some of my waxes for fluffy fleece.

It’s a bit of a tongue twister. Now if I’ve never warmed this wax, how do I know that I even like it? I filmed a video just the other day with a fragrance flower and I chose a fragrance flower that I had in stock and it just happened to be fluffy fleece. I didn’t even really pay attention to which one I grabbed. I just grabbed one for the sake of the video. And I have that flower in my bathroom potty closet right now and it smells so good. So good, fresh, clean, um, laundry, but not like in your face. Laundry scent, just like a spa fragrance Scentsy says that it’s black current and cozy musk beneath a blanket of heliotrope. Uh, full transparency. I don’t even know what heliotrope is, but I can tell you if it’s in this, it smells good. <laugh>, I would say fluffy fleece is like a mashup of a laundry fragrance, an earthy fragrance with a touch of a men’s cologne in there.

Okay, we’ll go with that. Yeah, uh, I like all three of those things, <laugh>. And I love fluffy fleece. This is in our catalog right now as is Scarlet Sunflower, like I said. But at the end of February this will be discontinued. So if you’re intrigued to try this one, get it ordered now or get it put on your Scentsy Club. Now I have one of our old faithful classics in my top six. This is Mystery Man and <laugh>. Sometimes I rename our fragrances Mystery man has been renamed in my household to George Clooney. If, if George Clooney was standing in front of me right now, this is what I imagine he would smell like. Mystery man, warm white, cedar, green Verna and citrusy bergamont in a perfectly spiced and sensual fragrance. Now fun fact, my husband has been, uh, has been told that he resembles George Clone. I mean, I don’t disagree. <laugh>.

Mm, yeah, George Clooney smells good. It’s a standard. We’ve had it for a long time. It’s staying in the catalog. It’s been in the catalog. But if you love a great men’s cologne fragrance, you have got to get this one. I love to warm this one in our bedroom because as it says, you know, a spice sensual fragrance and what better fragrance descriptor to have in your bedroom? So mystery man is my scent of choice in my bedroom. I think you might like it too. My last of my six pack pick is Lux Vanilla. Now Lux vanilla is a way old school fragrance and we haven’t had it for a really long time. So I almost feel bad telling you guys about Lux vanilla because there’s no way you can get it. It’s not current now it’s not coming back. I get it because I have it on Scentsy Club and this is one that I get tons of on Best Scentsy Scents Club because I never want to run out of luxe vanilla. It is just fresh, clean light but noticeable cuz I do like super strong fragrances. So it’s very noticeable, but it’s not, um, overpowering if that makes sense. The description says soft tones of musk, I don’t even know what this word is. C Y C L A M E N.

I don’t even know what that is guys. Is that a flower? Is it a herb, is it a wood? I don’t know. Soft tones of musk, that word cin and jasmine blends with the delicate scent of vanilla. So from my six pack pick, you can tell that I definitely have like a scent pallet as many of us do. I tend to go to fragrances that have vanilla, that have coconut and that have woodsy fragrances. And woodsy fragrances are often found in men’s cologne. So anytime that I am asked my favorite scent, you are going to get a spa fragrance or a men’s fragrance. That’s kind of hands down what you’re gonna get from my recommendations. So I would be curious to hear what type of scent family you guys like. And I can talk to you guys about other Scentsy fragrances. We have bakery since we have fruity scents coming into the summer season, we’re gonna have a lot more fruity scents and uh, quite a few floral fragrances as well. So tell me what fragrances you guys want to hear about and I will do another six pack pick review on a future video. Check out the website, Jami Jo sells wax.com. See what’s current. If you wanna try some of those that I mentioned, were discontinuing soon. Make sure that you start a Scentsy Club subscription so you can continue and get those if you enjoy them.