Hey guys, Jami Jo Sullens here and today we are talking about the top seven things to look at when choosing a side hustle business. Now I am basically going to be leaning more towards a discussion of direct sales or multi-level marketing companies, but this discussion could play into a dis a thought about starting any side hustle because a lot of these principles are going to be the exact same whether it’s in direct sales or not. Now, first of all, why do I even choose to talk about this and do I even know anything about this? I choose to talk about this because being in a direct sales, multi-level marketing company has literally changed my life, as cliche as it sounds. But before I found the Best Scentsy Scents company that works for me, I had several failed attempts with other companies. I have tried, um, selling skincare and makeup.

I tried selling health products, vitamins, energy drinks, weight loss products. I have even sold lingerie products, I have sold clothing products. I’ve sold lots of different things that never worked for me until I found the company that I’m with now. So let’s jump right in. Talk about the seven things you should look at when choosing a side hustle business. The first thing I want you to think about is the cost to start. Now this is a very important question because if you are looking to start a side hustle business, chances are you need a little extra cash. Now, that’s not the only reason that people start a side hustle business, but that is probably the top reason that people start a side hustle business. So the cost to start, there are so many companies out there and cost price points to start are all over the place from zero money to start all the way up into the thousands of dollars to start.

I want to encourage you to never go into debt to make money. I wanna say that again. Do not go into debt to make money. Now, yes, we have all heard that phrase. It takes money to make money and I don’t disagree with that. But just to get started and give a little side hustle a try, I don’t ever want anyone going into huge debt. The cost to start my company at the very most is $99. But there are always ways to get that cost to start down. So if you are considering joining my team, talk to me about how you can get that cost down if you need to. So cost to start, number one. Number two, look for a company that is selling consumable items. Now, I am not here to bash any company. There are several Best Scentsy Scents companies out there that I buy products from, but I choose not to sell them.

So make sure that the company that you decide to join is a consumable product. First of all, what is a consumable product? A consumable product is any product that gets used up, things that you have to buy again because they run out. This is important when thinking about a product to sell because you want your customers to use up what they buy from you. So they have to come back to you to buy even more. There are some adorable clothing lines out there, but if you have a shirt, you have a shirt. Now don’t keep that in mind if you look at my closet cause there’s a lots of shirts in there, but you get my point. If you have a purse, you have a purse and you don’t need another purse, it’s, it’s not gonna go away. I mean eventually it’ll wear out, but the timetable of that is so long.

You want to be selling products that your customers are using up and using up somewhat quickly. So they’ll come back to you to buy more. You are creating repeat customers, which means long-term sales with the same customers because once you get a customer, if you treat ’em right, if you treat ’em well, if you take care of them, they, they are going to be loyal and continue to support your business. Number three, I want you to think about the price point of the products being sold. Your first circle of people that you sell products to is going to be to your friends and family. Now, yes, the goal is to broaden beyond that. Broaden your horizons and we call it spider web. Grow out big to find new customers, but you will always start with your friends and family. Are you choosing to sell a product that your friends and family can afford?

On top of that, are you choosing a product line that has items at all different price points? The company that I’m with has items based from $3 all the way up to 250. So I have the opportunity with my company to reach Best Scentsy Scents customers on all different income levels because of the price point of my products. So that is very important to look at. Number four, I want you to think of who your target audience is. Is the item that you’re choosing to sell or thinking about selling just for women or just for men? If that’s the case, you are cutting your customer base in 50%. If it’s just for men or just for women. Think about if your products are for a certain age point. What comes to mind is skincare. You’re not gonna be selling much skincare to babies. Now yes, there’s always those companies that are natural products of baby lines, things like that, but on the whole, a skincare product is marketing more towards a more mature audience.

You also wanna think about generational purposes. Is your product mainly for people in, and this kind of goes in with age, but people that have kids or that don’t have kids, excuse me. Think about you want a company that is just super broad. Is the company you’re thinking about specific to people that live in a certain area of the United States or a certain area of the world? Or is this a product that anyone and everyone would want to enjoy? My product is a product line for infants all the way up to a hundred years old. People all over the world love my products. Men and women enjoy my products. So I have chosen a company with a super broad target audience and that’s one of the reasons that I have done so well and chosen to stay with my company. Now let’s talk about number five and it is your passion for your products.

Notice it’s all the way down on number five. A lot of times people want to choose the Best Scentsy Scents product that they absolutely, absolutely love and let me tell you, I do love my product line, but it is not required to absolutely adore everything that your company sells to be successful. The other things that we talked about, I believe are more important, but passion for the product is on the list of the top seven. You have to like what you sell because really you don’t wanna have to sell your product, you want to just share your love of the product and that is going to create the desire for people to purchase from you. So I am passionate about my product, I absolutely love it. If you follow me on any social media, you will instantly know what product I’m talking about because I share it so often because I have it all around me every day of my life.

Number six, how? Nope. Number six is the amount of time it takes from your schedule versus the amount of time that you have to give. Now this really comes into play if you’re choosing like a brick and mortar business over a direct sales business or multi-level marketing. But even within the direct sales field, there are certain companies that just require a little more time. Look at how much time you are going to have to invest versus how much extra time that you have to give. Now do not confuse this with I am so busy because I like to take that, um, I won’t call it a disagreement, I can’t think of the exact word, um, off the top of my head, but when people say it to me, I, I say you should consider my business. And they say, oh, I’m so busy. I say that’s crazy because busy people are better at social selling because they know more people.

So a busy person is a good business person, but you still have to consider the amount of time that it’s gonna take to run your business versus the amount of time that you have to give. And number seven, how and when do you get paid? Now this is a really important question that a lot of people don’t think to ask when they’re considering a business. The company that I’m with pays a Best Scentsy Scents commission check once a month. I absolutely love this and let me tell you why. First of all, it is now my full-time income. And so I like having that paycheck type of day that I can get all the money all at once, pay my bills and then know what’s left over is extra for me. Some people like to choose a company that is paid daily because they’re not looking to really make huge chunks of money.

They’re looking for an extra uh, drink at Starbucks or they’re looking for an extra date night out. So just know what your goals are with your business and what type of pay is going to work best for you and look at that when choosing the business. So those are the seven reasons. The cost to start, are they consumable items, the price point of the product? Who is your target audience, your passion for the product, the amount of time it takes and how and when do you get paid? Now those are the seven things, but there are two things that I hear all the time that did not even make this list and I want to talk about those for just a brief second as well. Never, never, never did I say look at how many people are selling the products because I think product saturation is just a myth.

I am told that a lot of times, I know so many people that sell your product and I think that that is insignificant. Let me give you case in point why I think that’s inconsistent. Incon, my words are not working for me today. I think it’s unimportant. Let’s talk about if you were selling coffee and you wanted to open a coffee shop and you say, oh, but there’s so many coffee shops around guys. There is a corner in the town over from me that I frequent all the time on that exact corner. There is a Starbucks, there is a Rocket Brothers, which is a um, local-ish chain of coffee and there is Dutch Brothers coffee, three large coffee shops. There is always a line at all three of those coffee shops and if you go just another mile or two over there is another Starbucks, also a Duncan.

So within a couple miles you will see tons and tons of coffee shops and always they are all busy. So there’s no saturation in coffee shops and I bet there’s no saturation with your product as well. There is always going to be different pro different people that like different specific things about your product. There are also all different customers that are gonna choose to purchase from different consultants for different reasons. There might be a lot of people in your circle that sell the product, but are they really working it as a business and looking to grow? So saturation did not even make it on the list. The other thing that I often hear that did not even make it on the list is ground floor opportunity. I have heard that so many times. Oh, you got in at the right time. Oh, you got in on the ground floor guys, I did not get in on the ground floor.

I have been with this company for 14 years, but I did not get in on the ground floor. Also, my company is pushing 20 years old, but I have people all around me that are joining and starting and growing huge businesses. If you are willing to put in the work, listen to your mentors and do the things it takes to grow a business, round floor opportunity is insignificant. Guys, I hope that this has been super helpful. If you’re intrigued on the company that I’m with, just shoot me a message, post a Best Scentsy Scents comment on this video or pop over to social media and it’ll be pretty obvious. Let me help you to change your life with an opportunity. All right guys, we’ll talk to you guys later. We live in a world where we are taught to look for a job and not an opportunity. Therefore, the government finds it Very important that I show you this. Look, I’m not telling you this is a get rich quick scheme. You’re not gonna be rich today or even tomorrow. You probably won’t ever be a billionaire. But if you take a chance on this opportunity just like I did, and you’re willing to put in the work and make the sacrifice, this opportunity quite possibly could change your life.