Good morning guys. Maybe I shouldn’t say good morning cuz you could be watching this in the afternoon or maybe even in the middle of the night. But hello, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jamie. Jo sells Wax. I sell Best Scentsy Scents products, which is a fragrance company. If you have never heard of Scentsy, we started out with wax and warmers to fragrance your home. But we have really branched out into fragrance for all areas of your life. I have been with the company since 2008. The reason I have stayed with Scentsy for so long is number one, the products are amazing. I fell in love with the products first. I started as a customer and I was buying so much of it. I just jumped on board, decided to give the opportunity a try and I have loved it ever since. Um, I’ve been selling since e since all the way back in 2008, loving the products and also helping other people grow their Best Scentsy Scents businesses as well.

I have mentored thousands of consultants into growing a life by their design. Really, uh, different people join this company for all different reasons and I have loved having the opportunity of helping them do that, but we’re not here to talk about that today. We’re here to talk about fun little treats to put in an Easter basket. Easter is just right around the corner and Scentsy has tons of different fun products for an Easter basket. Now, traditionally Easter baskets were just full of sugar and sweets or maybe even uh, protein basic eggs <laugh>. But we are in a world now where every holiday has like exploded and gone over the top and Easter is no different. Also, I love to put items in Easter baskets or other fun holiday treats that are useful and won’t just get tossed to the side and and thrown away. So I have some great suggestions for you for Easter Baskets for people of all different ages.

So I’m going to start with our littlest Scentsy fans and I want to show you a Best Scentsy Scents buddy clip. Now don’t fall in love with Sebastian here cause he’s no longer available, but I wanted to show you what a buddy clip was and then we can talk about the different ones that are available right now. So what is a Scentsy buddy clip? CSI buddies are the larger version. These over here of our scented stuffed animals. Now the larger ones have a zipper pouch in the back where you can custom design the fragrance. The Scentsy buddy clips have a fun little clip at the top. Some of them are the smaller clip, the newer ones have a a bigger ring on there so they’re easier to clip. But in the belly of all the buddy clips are the same beads that you find in our sit packs and also inside our Best Scentsy Scents pods.

So if you are familiar with those products, you know what is sewn inside the buddy clips. So some fun little smelly stuffed animal. Fun for your little one. The clip is great for diaper bags, it’s great for backpacks and so many different uses. I also sell a lot of these buddy clips for older people driving age and above to put in their car. A lot of people like to hang these from their rear view mirror cuz they smell great and they’re super cute too. So I told you our friend Sebastian here wasn’t available anymore, but we do have some really, really cute options. We have a mermaid right now. We have a sea turtle. I’m flipping through the catalog to find that page for you. Here we go. We have a fun little mermaid, we have a sea turtle, we have a cactus and a pineapple and a purple unicorn.

We also have a golden snitch. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know all about the golden snitch. This guy right here, he is available as a buddy clip as well. Perfect for Easter Baskets. Now a few minutes ago I jumped on my website. I noticed that there were two buddy clips. Actually I think there were three buddy clips left in the clearance section on my website. Um, two cute little dinosaurs and a Frankenstein. So if you have someone that loves Halloween, even at Easter time or a little dinosaur lover in your life, you can even save some money by scoring those that are in the clearance section. So buddy clips, perfect for the little Best Scentsy Scents lovers in your life. Let’s talk about big kid Easter baskets or big Kid Easter eggs and a couple things that might be great to tuck inside there. So the first thing I wanna talk about is our travel twist.

Travel twist is just a great um, go anywhere product. So it’s this little circle thing right here and you just give it a little twist. It opens up and you can see that there’s like a little piece of felt down inside there that is fragrance. And you can use this to fragrance anywhere. These are absolutely perfect for school lockers, for office desks, for anywhere like that. Now same idea of just tucking an item anywhere is our sent pack. These are what is designed to go inside our larger Scent Buddies. But these scent packs, again perfect for lockers. These are great for gym bags, great in a vehicle. Dresser, drawers, linen closets. Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. A scent pack is fabulous. So that’s another great idea for a big kid Easter Basket or Big Kid Easter Egg. Along the same lines is our car bar. So anyone that you have that is a driver, the car bar would be perfect.

This is fragrance for your car, obviously a little elastic strap on a plastic Scentsy bar shaped item that is fragrance. So this is great for any of the drivers in your life. Now these do have to hang freely, so I do not recommend them for anywhere that they might um, touch up against clothes or anything like that, but they are fabulous, fabulous, fabulous for your car. Another great idea for your big kid Easter Basket is a Scentsy room spray. Guys the best room spray that you will ever find on the market. I have no problem saying that I know it’s the truth because I’ve been using these for well over 14 years. I absolutely love, love, love our Scentsy room spray and this is available in like 80 plus different fragrances. So you’re sure to find a fragrance that your Scentsy fan will love in a Scentsy room spray.

Now I think the best product for a big kid Easter Basket is our mini fan with a set of Scentsy pots. Now you see it displayed here how I use it in my car. But let me take this off and show you what you get and what I’m talking about. So a mini fan, our fan products are our answer to mess free fragrance and the mini fan is obviously the smallest and the minist of those options. So you will see a fan down inside of here. The mini fan comes with a cord with a USB port. So it can be used anywhere that you have a USB option or you can get an adapter and put it right into an outlet at any place. A Scentsy pod is this little cage full of Best Scentsy Scents fragrance speeds, just the same beads that are inside our buddy clips, our scent packs, all that awesome stuff.

Also inside the Scentsy pods. Now normally that little blue strip that was over the top is wrapped around here to tell me the fragrance, but when I use my mini fan in my car, I don’t want my pod to fall off of there. So I just pull that sticker off the top of the pod and just add it right around my mini fan and pop it right on there so my pod doesn’t fall off and it works perfect that way. So I’ve given you quite a few different options of great items for Easter baskets or Easter eggs and everything that I’ve shown you today is $20 and under. So fabulous, fabulous price points. If you are looking to shop for quite a few different people and need quite a few different little fun items for Easter baskets, please, please, please reach out to me because we can work up some package deals and save you some money along the way.

So anytime that you need to order your Scentsy products, there are two ways to do that. You can always text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or you can jump over to Jami Jo sells, J A M I J O sells and grab all your CSI there as well. But like I said, if you’re looking to purchase quite a few different items, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me because I can always work on some combin and save deals, save you a little bit of money. As always, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask, but I want to know from you, comment below and let me know what are the ages of the people that you are Easter shopping for this year. So put that in the comments and we can talk about some fun different ideas of what to pop in their Easter basket, Scentsy and non Scentsy because you know, we gotta fill that basket full of stuff. But do that in the comments like and subscribe. So you can always be on top of all things Scentsy. So I can let you know of all that good stuff. Just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy and help you fill up those Easter baskets with all the smelly goodness.