Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am from Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company selling Best Scentsy Scents products. I’ve been selling since all the way back in 2008, and I have also built a team of amazing consultants that are doing the exact same thing. I love Scentsy. I absolutely love the products. I fell in love with the products first. I started as a customer. I love the products because they’re safe and more importantly, they work, they’re cute, they smell good, they’re affordable. I love all the things about Best Scentsy Scents, but I also love that this company has afforded me a life of freedom, both financial freedom and time freedom. So I am wholeheartedly sold into Scentsy and I love this company and love these products. But here’s a problem when you get to be a Scentsy addict like I am, you want all the cute warmers for all the seasons or all the holidays.

So one of the perks of being a Best Scentsy Scents consultant is the fact that we can subscribe to the scent and the warmer of the month. So if you weren’t aware, Scentsy Fragrance is mainly a warmer and wax company. Now we’ve branched out into fragrance for all different areas of your life. But warmers and wax is where we started, and that’s what most people absolutely love about Scentsy. So warmer ient of the month is a privilege for consultants. Now here’s a really cool thing about it. We actually get it before it goes live to the public. So we get it typically about two weeks before the warmer goes live. And the warmer ient of the month is usually holiday specific or season specific. Not always, but usually. And this month it totally is holiday specific. So I have my box right here. It came to the porch last night.

I wanted to wait and share it with you guys. So I started to open it, but I thought, no, no, no, no, no. I’m gonna wait and I am going to do that with you guys. So let’s see what we got this month. I mean, I know we got a warmer and wax, but let’s see what we’re looking at. Okay, so first of all, wax is on top one bar, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and eight bars. We get eight bars of wax in this, and this meant it is strawberry lemon cake. Let’s see what their description of this is. I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Um, fresh strawberries add a sweet surprise of a lemon zest and vanilla buttercream creating a perfectly delicious confection, and it is in the bakery fragrance family. Now, I will tell you guys, you’ve been following me for any time at all. You know, I’m typically not a food smell person, but I do love some of them.

Hmm, that’s crazy. It really does smell like a ba a cake baking. Now if you guys notice, I turn it over, I always smell a fresh shaar of wax on the bottom. Um, if you did not know most of our waxes stored like this, the reason for that is we are a paraffin wax. That’s one thing that sets us apart from all other waxes on the market. We use a paraffin wax, which first of all, non-toxic, perfectly safe, but paraffin wax will hold more fragrance oils than any other type of wax. So we load our bars full of fragrance. Sometimes you might even see like an oily substance on the top. That’s because we have put so much oil into our wax, um, that sometimes we get on the verge of it not being able to hold it all, but that oil is heavier than the wax.

So when we store our bars like this, the scent oils tend to go to the bottom. So it’s best when you get a new bar to turn it over and to smell the bottom of it, you’re always gonna get, um, a better indication of the true fragrance. I hear people say a lot, well, I liked the bar when I smelled it like this, but when I warmed it, it was completely different. And the reason for that is you need to flip it over and smell the base of it. So as I’m selling it, it is definitely cake. Like almost like I can like taste the cake in my mouth. There is definite strawberry with just a little hint of lemon. It’s almost like a strawberry cake with some, uh, lemon drizzle and with lemon zest on top. It’s really good. Um, I’m normally not a bakery lover, but this I would, uh, this I would warm.

It’s good, it’s sweet, but it’s not like sickening sweet, if you know what I mean. I’m gonna have to give this one a try. I typically will not warm the bakery since, but I’m gonna give that one a try. We might need to go put it in the kitchen in a little bit. I like bakery since reserved for my kitchen. Um, I’m not gonna show you the warmer yet because that’s gonna be a good surprise, but as a consultant, we also in the scent warmer of the kit sit and warmer of the month kit, uh, we get this package of 50 flyers. So these are great to mail out to my customers. Um, super, super great business tool. Now we have a warmer in here. So exciting. Before I open the warmer, I wanna show you another cool thing that comes in. We get scratch and sniff stickers.

Um, we get a package of 72 scratch and sniff stickers. I love to use these on my customer mail, like my thank you notes, different stuff like that. Um, who doesn’t love a good throwback to a scratch and sniff sticker? I mean, how fun is that? I remember when I was in kindergarten and we used to love, love, love to get those scratch and sniff stickers on our papers from the teacher. Okay guys, let’s check out this warmer. I told you it was very holiday specific and it is, it is, it is. Look how cute. Look how cute this bunny is. Now guys, this is a ceramic warmer, but I’m gonna hold it really close. It almost has like a carved wood look to it. How cute is that? You can display all the different sides of it. How cute. Now this is an element warmer.

If you guys are not familiar with how our warmers work, there’s really two methods that we use to warm our wax. Um, a lot of our warmers have a light bulb. So you’ll see my aerial warmer back here. Um, it’s, it’s bright. It has a light bulb inside of it and that is what is used to melt the wax. But this is an element warmer. Some of our element warmers have a separate dish. This one does not. This is just all one piece. So what we have done is there is a warmer plate underneath that dish, a warmer plate built into the Best Scentsy Scents warmer. So when you plug it in and turn it on, there is an indicator light. This little thing right here is gonna light up, um, orangeish red to let you know that the warmer is on. Now that warmer plate underneath the dish is going to warm up and melt the wax.

If you’ve never used Scentsy wax before, it is totally up to you how much wax you use in a full size warmer like this. I prefer to use three to four cubes, pardon me, three to four cubes. The more wax you use, the better the experience of the Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. So I like to use a little bit more. I like to fill my dish all the way full three to four, um, cubes is what I will be using in this warmer. Also, let’s talk about the fact that this doesn’t have a dish. So how am I going to change the wax? I get that question a lot from people, especially on these element warmers that don’t have a separate dish because I found that a lot of people are picking up their dish, walking over to the trash can and dumping it out. The problem with that is you can trip, fall, drop your dish, whatever, break your dish, and then what are you gonna do?

Because without a dish you can’t use your CIN water. So Best Scentsy Scents has these amazing things called cotton cleanups. Guys, that is just a honk and huge piece of cotton and I promise you it is large. So what I would do when my wax was fully melted in this warmer, I would put the cotton cleanup in there and it’s just going to soak up all that melted wax, soak it up into the cotton. You might need to give it a little wiggle around a little swoosh. Um, but that cotton cleanup is going to be full of wax. So you’re just gonna toss that. I can usually clean out two warmers with one cotton cleanup. I told you guys this was big. It is. I can usually clean up two different warmers before I toss the cotton cleanup and then I’m gonna be ready for fresh wax.

So that is the easiest way to change your wax in these element warmers. But again, this is our warmer of the month for March. For March. It’s called Hoppy Easter. I mean, come on Friends <laugh>. I just love how it, it has that wood carved look but it’s still a Scentsy warmer. I absolutely love it. Again, this is available March 1st. This warmer is going to be 10% off the entire month of March. So that is going to make it at the price point of, let’s see, $54. What a great deal. 10% off. This is normally a $60 warmer, makes it $54. Our cent of the month is also 10% off. Normally $6 a bar, it’s gonna be $5 and 40 cents. Um, so this is a great deal available March 1st, only discounted in the month of March. So don’t hesitate, don’t wait. Um, this is a super, super cute warmer and I have a feeling it’s gonna sell great and might possibly sell out.

We never know with warmer of the month. We are always going to make it for you even if it does sell out, but sometimes it goes on back order and you have to wait a super long time for it. So I wouldn’t wait. If you love this, we wanna get it out for your Easter Day court anyway. Um, you can order it by texting me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or jump on over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. You’re gonna see it there. Um, do not wait to get this. It would look so cute with all your Easter decorations. Get that bunny out there with all the other fun stuff and make sure that you like and follow me cuz a lot of my reels now are fun little holiday things too. So you might find some really cute decorating ideas there as well. All right guys, just to remind you, my name is Jami Jo. I’m with Jami Jo sells wax, and I’m here to make you nose happy.