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If you want to know about Tulsa’s Best Scentsy Scents consultant Jami Jo, you are in the right place. Before she became the most reviewed consultant in the Tulsa area, she was a public school teacher in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She came across Scentsy at a church fair and as she was talking to the consultant at the time she realized that she would love to have the products in her classroom since they cannot use candles. She purchased a basic starter pack and when she saw how much the warmers changed the environment of her classroom, she knew she needed to be more involved with this.

After trying to get with Best Scentsy Scents, Jami Jo decided to start her career as a sales consultant. within a week she had made over $600 in order so looking at the starter kits, she would make so much more from that in commissions from those orders. she considers it to be one of the best decisions that she has ever made in her life because not only was she able to find something that she loved doing, she was able to focus on family first and it allowed her and her family to experience and try new things that they wouldn’t have been able to do without Scentsy.

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Best Scentsy Scents | Why Scentsy?

Best Scentsy Scents Is an easy to join Company that you can have many different benefits from joining. If you are looking into adding some sort of side hustle to your life then this is a great choice for you. There are many great reasons Beyond financial reasons to start with us. First off we are a company that will pay you for your hobby instead of draining you. We cost very little money to join and start up and you can grow the skills you learn through this company into a passion. Many people that wouldn’t consider themselves an artist have grown and developed lots of skills in things such as graphic design and editing and they have found their passion and you will too. Through something you can also learn new skills to better yourself and your resume. Since this can easily be just a side muscle for you, you can add many new skills that you learn to your resume to help you build yourself up through the workforce. This company helps you to build yourself some confidence and how to regulate and build your time management skills so you can guarantee that you will learn something while having fun with this company.

Best Scentsy Scents Has an amazing community. you learn to grow your circle of friendship and influence many different people with Scentsy. Most people just start up to earn some extra money but then they find that meeting new people and growing your circle of friends can be one of the many benefits of this company which causes them to stay with us. You will make friends from all around the world and learning about people that might not live right next door to you can be a huge benefit to you for your relationships and it can give you connections that you might not have had without this company. so as you can see there are many many reasons that you can consider joining Scentsy has a side hustle. If you want to increase your income or grow as a person and learn more skills, we can do that for you and we are very excited to do so.

Best Scentsy Scents is also very flexible. Any other job that gets you an extra income will have scheduled hours and you would have to clock in and out on a very rigid and stressful schedule so if you’re looking for something that gives you flexibility while also getting you a good amount of money, you should consider this. you are able to grow a business while still focusing on your family and friends. your needs should always come first and we believe that you’re a sense you so we keep things easy going for you.

Scentsy Is a fantastic company to join as a side hustle or full-time job. It pays for itself and helps you learn new skills to build your confidence and many other skills such as time management and staying organized. This company has a fantastic and amazing community that will allow you to make tons of friends from all over the world and grow your circle. if you want to start your journey with us then you should visit our website right now at JamiJoSellsWax.com or if you have any further questions at all you can give us a call at 918-888-9690 and we can help you out with whatever you might need or any reassurance that you want to get before you start a career with scentsy. We hope that you make the decision to work with us and we cannot wait to get you started.