When shopping for our best scentsy scents make sure you take a look at our Disney princess Limited collection. These fragrance products are inspired by many Disney Princess Characters. These products will add a magical feel to your home. When you are shopping for Scentsy products, make sure you use our consultant Jami. Our consultant will make sure you have the best possible experience shopping for Scentsy home and fragrance products. She is the highest rated consultant and for good reason. She has so many positive reviews from satisfied customers. she will make sure you are also satisfied. you will be raving to your friends and family about how wonderful of a consultant Jami is. she will make sure you find exactly what you want and you are not disappointed.

The Disney Princess collection has many different types of fragrance products. For example, they have Scentsy wax bars. There is a general princess Wax Bar, as well as if you specific princess wax bars such as Cinderella and ariel. They each have their unique scent that is used from one of our best scentsy scents to make sure you have the best possible quality of fragrance. The designs on the Wax Bar containers are beautiful illustrations that are customized to be exclusively for Scentsy customers.

Along with the wax bars, there is also a wax warmer that is shaped as the Cinderella carriage. It is a unique and classy and elegant design that will fit perfectly into a princess themed room or any room with eclectic taste. The wax warmer has a beautiful glow coming from inside the carriage that comes through some of the details on the carriage and will provide a beautiful light throughout your room. You can use this wax warmer with any of our best scentsy scents as well as the Disney Princess wax bars.

There are also two unplugged fragrances that you can use with no electricity. They are Disney princess themed and they have amazing unique smells. They can be used anywhere in a room to fill the room with an amazing fragrance and to add a little bit of Disney princess magic into that room. The design has Disney princesses on the base with a pink flower coming out of the vase that diffuses the scent into the air. Lastly, there are Scentsy wall fans that could be plugged into any Outlet to diffuse a beautiful aroma into the air. on each of the wall fans, there is a picture of Three Princesses and a light shines from within so they are beautifully lit up in your room.

If you are looking for a new addition to your home fragrance collection, look no further. we will make sure you are satisfied with your products. be sure to check out the Disney Princess limited collection before it is gone. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you just want to get in touch, make sure to give us a call at 918-888-9690 or start your shopping on our website at jamijosellswax.com.

best scentsy scents | The NFL Collection

If you are looking to buy one of our best scentsy scents, make sure you check out our limited NFL collection. This is an officially licensed collection from the NFL for all of your sports fans. If you know someone who loves sports, we know that they would love one of these specially curated items from this collection. When you are shopping for fragrance, make sure you use our consultant, Jami. She will make sure that you find everything you need and that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you are shopping for someone else, she can help you find the perfect gift for anyone. be sure to read about her on our homepage.

If you are a sports fan or you know a sports fan, make sure you take a look at our NFL collection. There are so many products and fragrances that fit perfectly with game day. make sure you are game day ready with our licensed fragrances and warmers. We have a specific NFL Wax Bar that is perfect for your home. it will definitely get you in the sporty mood. We also have a lot of mini warmers that are perfect for plugging into your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else that you have outlets. All of these mini warmers have the symbol of the team on the outside of the warmer and the name of the team on the inside of the warmer along with the team’s colors. use any of our best scentsy scents with these Mini warmers.

You can also use any of our best scentsy scents With our limited edition NFL full-sized wax warmers. Each full size wax warmer is shaped like a football with the football ribbing on the side. Each wax warmer is in the colors of your chosen team and has your team’s logo on the side. You can use any of our wax bars to melt in your full size NFL wax warmer.

If you know anyone who loves sports, this is the perfect gift for them. These are affordable gifts that are great stocking stuffers for that special person in your life who loves sports. or, if you love sports yourself, just get it for yourself. These are perfect for game day or for rewatching your favorite highlights. we know you’ll be satisfied with your licensed NFL scentsy products. make sure you grab one of these wax warmers, or two, with your favorite team on it. show how much of a fan you are with your NFL wax warmer.

This NFL collection is perfect for anyone who likes Sports in your life. These are great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion. make sure you give this to someone you love. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or you just want to reach out, make sure you contact us by phone at 918-888-9690 or you can start your shopping on our website at jamijosellswax.com.