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When you are interested in getting the best scentsy scents but you do not want to plug anything in, that is okay. We also have stuff that is unplugged just for you. We just want you to enjoy your favorite fragrance wherever you are at home, even if it can’t be plugged in, or even on the go. One place that is perfect for your office is in the car. We have these things called fragrance flowers that fit perfectly in the cup holder of your car, so you can get those for you. They are also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they add an amazing Aroma as well as an amazing piece of Decor wherever you are.

Also in our unplugged collection, we have Scentsy car bars. These are packets of scent that you put on your rear view mirror and it disperses an amazing Sun throughout your car. We also have room spray so you can get the best scentsy scents in any room without having to plug something in. We also have sent packs where you can put in your backpack, your laundry, or anything else that you want to stay fresh all the time. and we also have these things called travel twist that you can put on to the air conditioning of your car so out of the air blows out, your air is coated with an amazing fragrance that blows through all your car.

If you want your fragrance to be a travel companion, you can also get our travel twists for that. All you need to do is Twist open the lid. That’s how simple it is, and then you experience a little bit of fragrance. or, if you want a lot of fragrance, you twist a lot. This is perfect for you and we know that you will love everything we do for you.

we want you to get in touch, so text Jami now at 918-888-9690. You can also go to her website to check out all of her products at JamiJoSellsWax.com.

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We have the best scentsy scents that are for you. If you need fragrances everywhere in your life, but not everyone can be plugged in, we have an unplugged section just for you. you can enjoy all of your favorite home fragrances even if you are not at your home. We have a variety of ways to experience these amazing fragrances for you. so, if you want something for your car, on the go, you’re bad, your purse, or anywhere else you might be that cannot be plugged in, make sure you look at our unplugged section on Jami’s website.

We have so many unplugged products for you. One of our most popular is our fragrance flowers. These are just a little faux flower that is inside of a glass vase with the scent in it. The spell flower is coated with an amazing scent so that way you can have the best scentsy scents wherever you go. The best part about these flowers is that they look so beautiful. These also fit perfectly in your car. These will fit amazingly in the cup holders of your car, so wherever you go, you can have the amazing scent as soon as you’re getting your car. If you also want something else for your car, we also have car bars that you can put on your mirror and it will make your car smell amazing.

We also have room sprays that have the best scentsy scents period so, if you want to quickly spray if fragrance you can have a little extra boost, we have the room space for you. All you need to do is go to the arm plug section of our website and you’ll be able to see the amazing rooms that we have. These room sprays give you the Freedom to spray a little or a lot, so you can have a lot of fragments or a little bit of fragrance, whatever you need at that moment. We have it for you.

We also have amazing scent packs and travel twists so you can keep them with you wherever you go. If you want to have a little fragrance travel companion, you can get our travels personally. All you need to do is just open the lid to enjoy a little or a lot of fragrance. We also have sent packs that you can put anywhere. You can put it in your closet so your clothes always smell good, or you can put it in your backpack so you’re always smelling good as you go. Whatever you need to do, we have unplugged products for you and wherever you go.

so, if you are interested in getting any of these products, or you want something that could be plugged in such as a warmer, diffuser, or so much more, you can get in touch with Jami by giving her a text at 918-888-9690 . Though texting is the best way to get in touch with her, there are also other ways to contact her listed on her website, so if you want to do that, check out JamiJoSellsWax.com.