Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I have a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have partnered with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. That is when I partnered with them. So I’ve been working with Scentsy products for over 14 years now. I absolutely love Scentsy products. I started out as a customer myself, fell in love with them and decided that I love them so much that I wanted to share Scentsy products with all of my friends, hence why I partnered with them. So today we are going to be talking about the best Scentsy scents and top selling products from last week for Scentsy. So every single week we get to find out what our top sellers were from the week before. And I want to come and share with you today what our customers were absolutely loving last week, which was the first week of June, 2023.

So our top selling product, and this was no surprise to me, our top selling product was something that we have in our clearance section, and it is a mystery warmer bundle. Now, this warmer is an amazing, amazing deal. That’s why I’m not surprised that it was our top selling item. In this mystery bundle, you get two full size warmers. Now, our full-size warmers range in price, typically from 30 to $60. You’re gonna get two of those full-size warmers of Scentsy’s choosing, and two of our smaller nightlight plug-in warmers, which are valued at $25. You’re gonna get two of those of, Scentsy’s choosing for drum roll, please. I wish I had some sound effects, but I don’t. You’re gonna get that for $60. Two full-size warmers and two mini nightlight warmers for $60. Guys, that is an amazing, amazing deal. Now it’s a surprise what you’re going to get in this bundle, but I have seen what some of my customers are getting and trust me, it’s super fun and the best Scentsy scents.

These warmers are from all the way back a long time ago, like some of these warmers that people are getting I haven’t seen for years and years and years, and they have not been available for a super long time. But people are getting some super awesome, amazing, best Scentsy scents products. Now, let’s say maybe you don’t need for new warmers. What better thing to have on hand for a last minute gift than Scentsy products? Everyone loves to receive Scentsy, so it’s always good to have a a product or two setback for those last minute gifts. So that was our number one selling item last week, no surprise at all. Number two was our CII Wif box. Now I will tell you that I ordered this, so I’m in that number. I’m one of the reasons that this CII W Box is the number two product on the list.

Now, I’m not going to open this box today. I want you to stay tuned to my channel. Make sure you subscribe because there will be a complete separate video of the unboxing of the June with box. I will tell you however, that we have a limited number of with boxes and I have a feeling this month is going to sell out. We have not sold out of the Wif box in a while, but this month might be the month, especially if you love cheetah print stuff. That’s the only hint that I’m gonna give you today. But if you love cheetah print stuff, you need to get the Wif box. The Wif boxes are priced at $35. This month’s Wif box is over $52 worth of product. Now I told you it’s $35. If you add it to Scentsy Club, it’s only 31 50. If you have it on CII Club as your half price item, it’s only 1750 for $52 worth of product.

That is a super amazing deal. So if you like surprises, if you love cheetah print, don’t sleep on that. Let’s get you set up for CII Club so you can get that for just 1750. The third top selling product for last week, I’m gonna show it to you right here because I don’t have one on hand yet. It is our Scentsy travel pillow, this adorable little unicorn travel pillow. How cute is this for best Scentsy scents? It does have a zipper pouch in the back just like all of our Scentsy buddies have, and that’s how it is Fragranced. So, so, so cute. We are hoping that they will get a boy style or more boyish style coming out very soon, but they are testing the market with this. So if you love this kid’s product, definitely get you one ordered. This is a limited time offer product, so it’s not promised to be carried in stock.

The next thing also, I’m gonna show you a picture of it. It’s this summertime warmer. This is the warmer featured in our summer collection available in both full size and mini. The perfect warmer to put in your house if you decorate for the different seasons. This is also a warmer, that can totally change based on what color of light bulb that you put in it. If you did not know Scentsy light bulbs come in several different colors. So you can change the look of many of our warmers just by changing the light bulb that you put inside. And this is one of of those. So the next item that was on the top seller list, I’m gonna show you a picture of it here. I had this in stock, but one of my customers came over and snagged it up because she loved it. This is called On the Seashore.

If you love sea glass, you are going to absolutely love this warmer. These are all separate pieces of glass that are kind of, I don’t know what you call it, mortar, cement, whatever put together. I don’t make ’em. I just love them and share them. Um, so it says, hand painted glass tiles capture the deep turquoise hues and subtle brown accents. Accents where the sea meets the sand. The cool thing about this warmer is every single one of them looks different. Now that happens with a lot of our warmers because all of our warmers are handmade, but this is one of those that really lends itself to being very different based on the different color tiles that are put in each of the warmers. So if you love a beachy look or just that, that beautiful aqua green color and turquoise, that warmer is definitely one for you.

Now the next item on the top selling list is something from our bring back my bar list. Bring back my bar, if you were not aware, is a program that we have going on this month. There are 20 different best Scentsy scents fragrances on bring back my bar, but one of our top selling fragrances or one of our top selling items is from this list, and it is the fragrance beach. Now, this is another item that does not surprise me that it’s on the top selling list because when Beach was one of our regular catalog fragrances, it was one of our top sellers, I was super surprised that they ever discontinued it. So it’s no surprise to me that it is on the list of top selling products. It is papaya and honeydew sweetened with a hint of coconut. I really love this fragrance because it is the sweetness of those fruits, but that coconut milk kind of tames it down and kind of chills it out a little bit.

It’s a great spa-like fragrance, wonderful for bathrooms, living rooms, any area that you want a noticeable fragrance, but something that’s a little more subtle and subdued. So beach is a great fragrance. Two more items that are on our top selling list, and one of them is one of the fragrances from our sunshine state of mind, which is our summer collection, and it is the Pineapple Dragon Fruit bar. Now, pineapple dragon fruit is a bubbly mix of pineapple dragon fruit and sparkling lemon with a touch of crystallized sugar. I really like this fragrance for the kitchen. It’s very bright and sunshiny, definitely, definitely citrusy, but it’s got that sugar on top that kind of tames it down just a little bit. To me, this is the scent of summer. You can get this of course in a bar like you’re seeing in my hand, but you can also get it in hand, soap bathroom cleaner or counter clean.

So if you like the best Scentsy scents and citrusy scents, pineapple dragon fruit is for you. And we are going to round out our top sellers from last week with our scent of the month, which is Pacific Mist. If you love a spa-like fragrance, this one is for you. I would almost put this in a laundry fragrance category. It is so very good. Let’s see what’s in it. It is Misty Ocean air wafting through coastal sea salt and driftwood with a tr a touch of tropical nectar. So you’ve got the driftwood, that’s a real earthy fragrance. You’ve got that coastal sea salt, a more spa-like fragrance, and then that tropical nectar, so some fruit on top of it. This is just a happy little mix of different scent categories. But my first initial thought when I smell this is a laundry fragrance. So if you love, um, fragrances, like inner peace, uh, magnolia linen, clothesline, clean breeze, any of those fragrances, you’re gonna like this one. Now it’s a bit more subtle, so not as strong as clean breeze. But if you like laundry fragrances, you definitely need to grab this one. Guys, you can get all of these products online right now at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or you can shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I’d be happy to help you with your order. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to help you know the top trending items from Scentsy, our top selling items from last week.