That scentsy provides home fragrance in form such as wax warmers, diffusers, and Air purifiers, but did you know that Scentsy also has unplugged options to provide fragrance for your home? experience the best scentsy scents in a variety of ways that don’t require power. Our unplug products are a convenient way for you to use our fabulous fragrance products anywhere, at home, in the car, or anywhere else you might go. our unplug products are so versatile, you can use them virtually anywhere.

One of the most popular forms of Scentsy unplugged products is our Scentsy car bars. They are perfect to put over the rear view mirror of your car to provide a wonderful scent throughout your car for long-lasting freshness. shop some of our best scentsy scents for your car. We have several different fragrance families such as fresh, spice, citrus, bakery, and more. Our Scentsy car bars also come in different colors so you can match Your design style. Our Scentsy car bars will help you get through those long road trips by giving your senses a calming aroma. If you want to upgrade your car experience, be sure to grab one of our Scentsy car bars.

Another one of our popular unplugged products is our room spray. shop some of our best scentsy scents and spray them directly into your air. you will be gifted with an immediate aroma of the scent of your choice. These room sprays are long-lasting And affordable. They are a great gift to family and friends because of their compactness and fair price. The most difficult part is choosing a fragrance. we have so many fragrances to choose from, you might as well get several room sprays. we will make sure you are not disappointed with your experience.

Add a bit of beautiful Decor to your space with one of our unplugged fragrance flowers. We have so many scents to choose from. Most of the Fragrance flowers come with a white Dahlia placed inside of a clear glass base, but check out our website to see some special exceptions. We currently have a Disney collection that includes different colored flowers with a Disney character on the base. We also have a few seasonal fragrance flowers to give your space a bit of seasonal decor. pick your scent and watch your room transform into a beautiful yet fragrant place to be.

Though many of scentsy’s most popular products are plugged into a wall of some sort, we also have many unplugged options so we can meet everyone’s fragrance needs. to see other unplugged options not mentioned in this article, such as scent circles, sent packs, and travel twists, be sure to stop by the unplugged section of our website. With that said, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or you just want to get in touch, you can reach us by phone at 918-888-9690 or to get more info and start your shopping, go to

best scentsy scents | Diffusers and More

If you’re looking to transform your space with our best scentsy scents, look no further. scentsy has a wonderful line of diffusers and oils to disperse wonderful fragrance into your space. The calming Aroma of fresh ingredients can change your mood and in turn change your life for the better. Although it may seem minuscule, fragrances affect our mood and our day significantly. With a clean and fresh environment, it is easier to have a clean and fresh and productive life. take a step to eliminate stress when you purchase one of our diffusers.

Shop some of our best scentsy scents in the form of our oils. Our fragrance oils use natural essential oils and other ingredients to make an exclusive product that you can only get through scentsy. Our ingredients are naturally derived to make a premium fragrance that is well worth your hard-earned money. We strive to be authentic but exclusive and our fragrance oils are the epitome of those goals. Our fragrance oils are designed to transform a space through scent. However, they are designed for fragrance only and should not be used topically or internally. Our ingredients are sourced globally to provide the highest quality we can offer. Our oil blends are handcrafted for the most premium experience.

When looking for a diffuser, come to us first. All of our Scentsy diffusers come with a limited lifetime warranty. for details, visit our website. Our diffusers come with settings to personalize your diffusing experience. For example, you can Adjust lighting to make your diffuser enhance the atmosphere you were trying to create. along with the brightness of the light, you can also adjust the color to match your interior. You can also adjust the fragrance strength so if you need more fragrance, you can strengthen and the oil is fragrance, but if you are Scentsytive or need less, you can lessen the strength But also have enough scent to calm your senses and add a number through the house. use any of our best scentsy scents in our diffusers to have the best possible experience for your purchase.

Using our diffusers is simple. First, you must pick your diffuser. We have many different kinds of diffusers with different designs and at different price points. find the one that is best for you. then, you must choose your fragrance. we have so many fragrances it’ll be hard to choose just one. When you have found one or two or three fragrances, just add water and a few drops of the fragrance of your choice, then close the diffuser. Finally, choose your settings, adjust the lighting, color, strength, and enjoy your transformed space.

We make it simple here at Scentsy. Just take a look through our website and we will guide you step by step through choosing what is right for you. We want to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. For all of your scentsy needs, or if you just want to get in touch, feel free to contact us by phone at 918-888-9690. For more info, to learn more about us, or to start your shopping, check out our website at