Hello guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. So over 14 years now. Guys, today I am so super excited about an awesome new idea that I have for my business. So you might be watching this as a consultant, and if so, I hope that I spark some ideas in you as well. If you are watching this and you aren’t partnered with since yet, I hope that you might be considering that. And I just want you to know that I have been with the business selling the best Scentsy scents for over 14 years. I have figured out what works, what doesn’t work. I’m always willing to trial and error, new idea coming at you today. And so if you’re thinking of starting a Scentsy business all on your own, I would be happy to mentor you and guide you along the way.

All you have to do is jump onto Jami Jo sells wax.com and click the getting started. Or maybe you have questions and you have lots of things to consider before you jump on board. I’m happy to answer those questions for you. You can always reach out to me by text is the best way at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. But guys, let’s talk about this idea that I have right here. Now, this came kind of from two different angles and they collided. The first thing is, I am going on vacation next week, but I don’t want my business to just be sitting stagnant and not doing anything while I’m away on vacation. So I got to thinking of different ways that I could work my business. And I know that tester parties and catalog parties are a fabulous way that you can be gaining sales even when you’re not fully present in your business.

But I kind of feel like been there, done that, asked that before. So I wanted to find a way that I could put a fun little spin on this. And I was reminded by something that I heard from my friend Chase Fryer, and she had been talking about payday party packs. I questioned her a little bit about it, but it’s been a hot minute. So I dug back through some old texts and found some information that she gave me about it, a graphic that I totally recreated to make it in my style. But here’s the idea of the best Scentsy scents payday party pack. If you’ve been with, since you’ve heard of tester parties, bag parties, whatever you wanna call them, that’s essentially what it is. But the idea of it is for it to happen at an office, doctor’s office, uh, law office, wherever, anywhere that there’s a business, you can do a payday party pack.

How many times have we heard in our business, man, I’d love to order, but I can’t do that until payday. So it’s kind of taking the best Scentsy scents tester party, the bag party idea and the omg, I gotta wait until payday and mushing them together to make a new way that you can work your business. Now here’s my payday party pack. You’ll notice it’s in a really official bag right now. This is a Ziploc bag, guys, a gallon size Ziploc bag. Now essentially I would like to have a little bit nicer bag, but two things. Number one, I wanna get this out. Now I only have like two days to get some of these out and working my business before I jet away on an airplane. The other thing is essentially I don’t wanna have to get this back. It’s old testers in there. It’s samples that I want them using anyway, a catalog that I want them to keep.

And I haven’t invested any money in a bag, so I kind of like just the Ziploc bag. I don’t really love that label there. So maybe I’ll make a a cute sticker to put over that, but I think I might just leave it in the gallon size Ziploc bag. Nobody says this stuff has to be fancy. So there’s my bag. Let’s talk about what is in this bag. Now, I told you that my friend Chase sent me a graphic. It was super cute, but it was Canadian numbers, which didn’t work for me and I couldn’t figure out how to edit it all. Cute. So I jumped over to Canva, totally recreated one, and I am going to share a link in the description of this video of a blank of this. And then I’ll also share the Canva template in the comments as well. So if you’re familiar with Canva, you can edit it or there’s a blank that you can just put your info in.

So basically it just says, this is a payday party pack. Who’s gonna be my hostess? What they need to do and what they’ll get. It just tells ’em, sniff the best Scentsy scents testers, use the samples and order your faves. It tells them my tax rate and the shipping. And then it just says, once you reach 200 in orders pre-tax, you can start earning rewards. And the best rewards are unlocked at the 500, $500 level. And then it has my contact info on there, my texting phone number, and my website, and can’t love picture of myself in case they’ve never seen me. Okay, so that’s just the basics of it. Then of course they are going to get a catalog. I’m gonna pop in the flyer for the warmer of the month. I have some extras on my newsletters. I’m gonna go ahead and pop it in there because it has samples of the summer collection, but also it has the list of bring back my bars.

So I’m just gonna pop a newsletter in there. Um, a small stack of order forms. Now they are also going to have an affiliate link on my website. So some of them might just order that way, but if they want to place bulk, a bulk order to split up the shipping, I have the order forms in there. I have some samples, sample of counter clean. I have a sample of washer lifts, a sample of laundry liquid, a sample of body cream. And then I have also put in a scent circle. And like I said, I don’t want any of this back. They can keep it. And then there are 15 testers here. Now let’s talk testers for a minute. You can order if you are newer to the company or still considering partnering with Scentsy. You can order an entire set of testers. One will come in your kit, but you can also order extra sets of testers.

You do not have to give a hostess the entire set of best Scentsy scents testers. You can split up a set of testers. But what I have here and really why I don’t care about getting them back, I hang on to my testers for one full calendar year. I have friends that have buckets and buckets and buckets upon buckets of old testers. They never throw them away. I do throw them away, but I wait one full calendar year, meaning last spring and summer when those transitioned to fall and winter, I hung onto the wind that were discontinued. At that point, we had fall and winter happen when this new spring and summer came out. I ordered my transition set of testers, but I still had some old ones that did come back. So those are my testers that I freely hand out. I have tons and tons and tons of them.

So I just randomly chose 15. 15 different testers are in that bag. Like I said, they’re old. I don’t care to get ’em back. The, I think that’s what I love about this idea, and especially in the Ziploc bag. I do not have to hassle a hostess to get this pack back. And I absolutely love that. I’ve never done that before. Also, I could do this easily in the mail. I could mail this whole set to a potential host, put it in an ice pack to mail it this one time, but then not have to worry about them getting it back to me and everything melting. They can fully keep this set. That’s what I love. Okay, here’s why it’s perfect for my business. While I am away chilling on the beach, I’m gonna have affiliate links open. I’m gonna have hosts working for me, gathering those orders.

My business is not sitting stagnant. I have hired employees, temporary little employees in the form of testers and hosts to work my business for me. So I’m running with this right now. I am going to hurry and get a couple more of these made up, blasted out on social media, send a text to a lot of my local customers so I can get them started doing this so my business can be working for me even while I am away. Like I said earlier in this video, if you are a consultant already, I hope that I’ve sparked a little idea in you. If you are considering Scentsy as a side hustle or a side gig, I’m telling you there’s no better decision than you joining and partnering with Scentsy. And I would absolutely be honored to be your mentor and help you achieve your goals as small or as big as they are.

Guys, I started selling Scentsy just so I could blow a little cash and not hurt the family budget. I love to shop the best Scentsy scents and all I wanted was some shopping money essentially for shoes, but it’s grown into shopping money for more than just shoes. So if you’re considering, let me know. I’d be happy to answer any questions or if you’re just ready to jump on board, like I said, Jami Jo sells wax.com. Click that getting started button, shoot me a text anytime at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help spark an idea for your Scentsy business.