If you are trying to figure out which of the best scentsy scents would be perfect for you, make sure you talk to our consultant, Jami. Jami will make sure that you are not disappointed with any of your purchases. With that said, our Consultants have curated specialty discount bundles for you and all your fragrance needs. Just talk to Jami to figure out which bundle would be best for you.

If you’re in the holiday spirit and want to experience our best scentsy scents, make sure you check out our holiday bundles. One of our future holiday bundles is our Holly jolly, by golly 6 bar bundle. This bundle includes six fragrance bars which are wax. you can melt this wax in any of our wax warmers. check out the website or talk to Jami to figure out which wax warmer is best for you, your decor, your home, or if you want something big or small to fit in your space. The Holly jelly bundle includes six fragrance bars, including silver bells, snowy spruce, perfect peppermint, candy cane buttercream, and red currant wreath. We know you will be pleased with the amazing holiday Aroma that will be Whispering its way through your house.

You’re not in the holiday spirit but you still love to feel cozy in the cold, check out our best scentsy scents letter included in the what a winter full life six bar bundle. You’re almost like a winter wonderland with these wax melts. This includes a 6-piece gift set that has six wax melts. you can use these fragrant wax melts in any of our wax warmers as previously stated. The six bar bundle has fragrances such as cozy cardigan, Frosty air, snowberry, Winterberry Apple tea, eucalyptus wreath, and polar bear hug. with so many amazing Winters from, you will have your home smelling deliciously different for each snowy day you may encounter.

If you’re not a fan of the winter months or you get winter blues, you should try out our bundle called the tropical escapes and happy heart aches six bar bundle. for only $30, you can get six wax bars that you can then put in any bar wax warmers. Your home will feel like a Tropical Paradise with our tropical escapes bundle. This six bar bundle includes wonderful fragrances such as Amazon rain, by the sea, Sunkissed citrus, perfect day, coconut lemongrass, and blue grotto. We know you did not regret having this amazing Tropical Paradise in your home.

When shopping for yourself for others, why not get a discount with one of our six bar bundles? don’t waste your hard-earned money getting them separately, use perfectly curated bundles as gifts for your loved ones. make sure you talk to our consultant Jami to figure out which bundle would be best for you and your home. After all, she knows everything about Scentsy and she knows what you would love. make sure to contact Jami by text at 918-888-9690 or check out her website at jamijosellswax.com.

best scentsy scents | Club Perks & More

If you can’t go without your best scentsy scents, make sure to join our Scentsy club. Just shoot a text to our consultant, Jami, and she will make sure you are all set up. When you join the club, you will never run out of your favorite Scentsy products. you will always have them on hand and they will be delivered to you when you want it to be. Just talk with our consultant, Jami, and you will have all the discounts and perks that are Scentsy Club offers.

When you join the Scentsy Club, all you have to do is go through our consultant, Jami, and create a subscription to her. then you will choose your product. pick any of your best scentsy scents that you already love and even include more if you are feeling it. After you have chosen your most loved products, then you will create your shipping schedule. your shipping schedule will work exactly how you want it to. you will not be disappointed with how easy our Shipping schedule is to set up. All you have to do is tell us what products you want and when you want them. we will make sure they are straight to your door on that exact day. you will never run out of your favorite products.

along with getting your best scentsy scents exactly when you want them, you also get to take advantage of Club exclusive perks. One of our favorite perks is always getting my bar. This means, if we ever discontinue a Scentsy bar that you love, we will make sure that you never have to go without it. Even if we discontinue your favorite scent, we will still continue to make that bar specifically for you. That’s right, I will make a bar just for you because you love it. However, you have to have a subscription before we discontinue that bar or we will not be able to make it for you.

so, why are you waiting? make sure you talk to our consultant Jami, to make sure you get signed up for our Scentsy club. You can also get so many rewards such as extra discounts and you get to take advantage of our referral program. Our first program is amazing for a little bit of money while you buy gifts for your friends and family or if they buy gifts for other people. Everyone lives scentsy, so why not be the one selling it to your friends and family so you can earn a little bit of cash on the side? Just make sure you talk to Jami and she will spell it all out for you in the most simple way possible so you have full control of what is happening with your referral program.

Now you know how amazing this club is. However, before you join make sure you talk to our consultant, Jami. The easiest way to reach out to her is by text at 918-888-9690 or you can check out her website at jamijosellswax.com for more information.