Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and I own a business where I have partnered with Scentsy Fragrance and that business is called Jamie. Jami Jo sells Wax. So our main product line is warmers and wax. But today I want to talk to you guys about something other than that, I wanna talk to you guys today about our best Scentsy scents buddies because there is a huge, huge, big special sale going on right now called the Buddy Bonanza. So what the Buddy Bonanza is, Scentsy has selected several different buddies of theirs and they have marked those prices way, way, way down. So normally our buddies have ranged in price from $30 on up to $50 depending on the complexity of the buddy, the licensure, all this kind of stuff. But right now, Scentsy has several of their buddies as low as $20, there’s one that’s even $15 one that’s 1750.

Several of them $20, 20 different selections are in this sale. So I have a few of them to show you, but I have the entire list that I’m going to tell you about. But first, let’s talk about what is a since Scentsy buddy and why do you even want one. So my favorite of the Scentsy buddies that’s on sale is peeking over my shoulder right now. So I am going to grab Sebastian from the Little Mermaid and show you exactly what a Scentsy buddy is and why they are so fun. So a Scentsy buddy is just a fun plush toy and every single one of them has a zipper pouch hidden somewhere on the buddy. So Sebastian’s is right on his belly. As I unzip that pouch, I am going to pull out what makes this a best Scentsy scents product because Scentsy is fragrance, so everything Scentsy is going to smell super yummy.

This is how we add that fragrance. So this is a scent pack. You will see that this one is designed specifically for Sebastian, but a scent pack is essentially just a fragrance sachet. So one side is going to have, if it’s a logoed, a licensed Sentsy buddy, it’s going to have a fun little cute picture. The back of it is like a mesh fabric and you can see those little plastic beads inside those plastic beads are wet, holds the fragrance oil and makes this Scentsy product smell amazing. So any of the Disney or licensed, cuz not all of them are Disney licensed, but any of the licensed buddies come with their specific paired fragrance cent pack. But some of our buddies are not licensed, they’re just cute plush animals. And with those you get to choose what fragrance you want in there. Now the regular ones, you have a quite an extensive list of fragrances that you can choose from.

These included in the Buddy Bonanza have a shorter list of fragrance options, but it’s because it is all the ones that are clearance to this price is so low that they are pairing it with one of our Clearanced sent packs. So let me go through the ones that I have in stock that are on this sale and then I will read you the list of all of them. Sebastian right here, only $20, which really surprises me with the release of the movie and everything. What a great deal that that’s only $20. Now this next one is essentially a Christmas buddy, but there are so many different people that collect gnomes. So Norty the gnome is a super cute buddy with him, you get your choice of sent pack. His zipper pouch is hidden right on his back under his little flannel shirt. So that is one of the buddies that is a $20 option. We also have tango. The two can now two cans are all the rage right now. I have seen so many different trendy outfits and little decoration trends that are two cans and cheetahs right now. So a two can is super, super trendy. Again, a great choice to have on sale. He is only $20. Where is his little zipper pouch?

Where is his zipper pouch? It’s hidden in his fur I assume. Okay friends. Oh, it’s on one of his wings. How fun is that? No, maybe it’s not. Okay, is this a joke on me? Where is his zipper pouch? Uh, okay, I am truly baffled.

Where is his zipper pouch? No it, it’s on his wing. I was right the first time, I just couldn’t find a little zipper zip part of it. So that’s really fun. His zipper pouch is on his wing. So you can see that is where you would tuck , the little sit pack. Yeah, thanks for hanging out with me on that best Scentsy scents debacle. So Tango, the uc can $20. You get to choose the fragrance from the list that goes with him too. Now this one Cosea the Koala. She is just precious and this one I’ve been saving because I have a little grandbaby girl on the way and this is going to be gifted to her. Is she not adorable? She comes with her little pink sweater with a little button and you can take it off if you want to. She’s super cute with it or without.

And her zipper pouch is on the back. Most of our normal shaped creatures, the zipper pouch is on the back. But as you can see with the two can, it gave me quite the challenge to find it. So Coi the Koala is one of your $20 options. Like I said, I am hanging onto this one for my brand new brand New brand baby. Yeah, whatever brand new grand baby. So it does make a fabulous baby gift. Now I have two more licensed ones. This is the Black Panther. So like I said, with those licensed ones, they come with their specific scent pack. So this one comes with Marvel nine realms, black Panther right there. You know, sometimes it’s hard to find pluses for a more masculine look for for boys essentially. I’m not saying that you have to be a boy to get Black Panther, but you know what I’m saying.

It’s sometimes hard to find squishy soft toys that are more boyish in nature. His zipper pouch is right in his lower back right there. So that’s where his best Scentsy scents pack goes in there. Black Panther is $20 and again comes with the sent pack. Now here’s the super cool deal that sent, sent Pack alone on the license ones is valued at seven 50 on the regular ones valued at $7. And the fact that these are only $20, I mean figure that out and you’re really getting it for $13. Bug’s Bunny right here. Now I have Bug’s Bunny in stock, but his buddy Sylvester is also on the sale. Bugs Bunny is one of our larger ones. So he is quite a bit bigger. There is some little stuff in his ears that make it stand up, but he’s been in that box for for a hot minute.

So Bugs Bunny also comes with the signature Looney Tune sent pack. His zipper pouch is on the back and he is $20. So all of them that I have shown you right now are our $20 options in the Buddy Bonanza. Let’s go through the list, see what else there is. If you are a fan of Moana, we have both. Hey, hey and Pua. Both of those are only $20 Polar, the Penguin is so super cute, a soft gray color, silver color penguin. It’s not the traditional black and white. Um, it’s, it’s a bit more subdued. She is only $20 or is it a he? He she, I think it’s a, he has a little tuxedo on um, gr from Guardians of the Galaxy is only 1750. We also have the Red Panda named May from Disney and Pixars turning Red. That is $20 I showed you bugs.

Uh, we also have Taaz, the best Scentsy scents Tasmanian Devil, $20 Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is only $15 guys, I am blown away at that price. You could also get Darth Vader River. The reindeer is just precious. I have ordered one of those for my little grandbaby as well. I told you Bugs Bunny as d Daffy Duck to partner with him. So Daffy Duck is 20 Shoe. Shoe. The Panda is super cute. My sorority mascot is a panda. So I think I might need to snag one of those two. Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy are on the list. Um, the Black Panther Norty, the Nome and Tango. The two can, I think I’ve gone through all 20 of them. So amazing, amazing prices on these. We are just at the start of summer, but it is not too early to start your Christmas shopping at this price point.

These make amazing Christmas gifts for all the kids in your life. And these are also really good to just always have on hand. You know, your kids have those last minute birthdays where you don’t wanna run to the store and buy a gift. These make great gift closet items to keep on hand for those last minute birthday gifts that you need. This is a limited time offer. As soon as these sell out, they sell out and they’re gone. So Scentsy will be adding new buddies each week, I know through the month of June, I don’t know if they’re going to continue to do it after that. But like I said, the Buddy Bonanza is limited time best Scentsy scents offer. You can jump online at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Scroll down to the kids tab and that is where you will see those. Or you can always shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I’d be happy to help you with your order. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to give you all the great deals that Scentsy is offering right now on Scentsy Buddies.