Like the second time ever that we’ve had an event in Tulsa. So I’m super, super excited. Um, so 14 years I’ve been with this Best Scentsy Scents business. I started as a hobbyist guys, I’m a kindergarten teacher by heart. So I think if I can manage kindergartners, I can manage a room full of hungry adults. I’m hoping, I’m hoping. Um, but this business has truly changed my life. I like to say it’s given me it’s, it has given me a life by my design. Now, when I want time off, I don’t have to write sub plans. I don’t have to ask my principal for time off. I don’t have to do any of that stuff. So Scentsy has awarded me the opportunity to quit that job a long, long time ago, um, I have raised three kids. I have had a successful marriage for 25 years now and thank you. And guys, I’m gonna be grandma.

So first grand baby coming in July and we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy yet. So I’m gonna take a little poll. Who in here thinks I need a little boy grandbaby? Woo. You guys are my people. Cause that means the rest of you want me to have a girl, right? I need the girl. I need some more hairs in my life. Okay? I’m gonna try and calm down now cuz that grandbaby’s got me really, really excited. Um, guys, I did not know what corporate would be speaking about right before I got up here. I didn’t know that they would touch on time management. I didn’t know that they would touch on managing priorities. So thank you ladies so much for uh, giving me a little intro because that is exactly what we are going to spin the next 30 minutes. Talking about specifically time management, setting business goals, business planning and preparation, and managing your priorities. Now I use that word business a couple times. How many of you in here feel like you have a business, a legit business?

That’s what I thought. That’s my thought. How many of you are in here because you love Best Scentsy Scents and it’s a fun little hobby? Okay, I figured there would be a lot more hands for that. And that is the case for most consultants. But here’s where I think a lot of us miss out. If you treat this like a hobby, it’s going to pay you maybe like a hobby. But if you treat this like a business, a legit business, even if you’re just squeezing it into the nooks and crannies of your life, if you have that business mindset, this can pay you like a business. Like I said, I was able to quit my teaching career thanks to this business. How many of you guys would love to walk away from where you’re punching a time clock right now?


Yeah. A lot of you, a lot of you. So switch your mindset to treating this like a business. Keep that in mind as we spend the next little bit of time talking. So I know you guys are getting a little antsy. You’ve been sitting down for a really long time. So we’re gonna do some stand up. Sit down, stand up, sit down. I used to be a Catholic school teacher. Have you ever been into a Catholic Catholic service? Yeah. So I’m not gonna make you meal today. You’re welcome. Um, but we’re gonna start by doing some stand up, sit down. So I want you to stand up if you have a job outside of Best Scentsy Scents and if you are a mama, you have a job.


That’s like the biggest, biggest job. Okay? So most of the room, awesome. Sit down. Now it’s time for the next prayer. Um,


In here is married? Stand up,


Stay standing if you enjoy date nights with your spouse.


People Sit down.

<laugh>. I

Won’t you.


Have seat, but stand right back up if you have little kids at home, quite a bit of you. Okay? Uh, stay standing. If those kids are in sports, dance anywhere that you had to taxi them. Woo. That’s a sweet spot.


Okay, thanks. You can have a seat for a second. One more. I want to know if you are busy. If you are busy. Stand up.


Yeah, it’s what I thought. All right guys, you can have a seat.

We have a lot on our Best Scentsy Scents plates. A lot. You guys were standing up and sitting down a lot. So the next 25 minutes now I’ve already wasted five minutes. At 25 minutes we’re gonna talk about how to manage those priorities and get all of those things done. So I’m curious, have you, and you don’t have to stand up for this one, you can just answer your head. Um, have you ever felt like you worked so hard all day and at the end of the day your spouse came home? And uh, Paul often says this to me, Hey honey, what’d you get done today? And I go,

<laugh>. And

I was, I was busy today. What? Um, I got a load of laundry done.


I know I was busy all day. I did all the things.

But if I can’t really pinpoint what I did, it was a day wasted. We need to know what we’ve done or what we need to be doing to get all the things done. So that is managing your priorities. You can’t manage your priorities if you don’t know what they are. And I would guess that a lot of you have all these to-do lists spinning in your head, but you haven’t managed those priorities and put them down on paper and really, um, like ordered them. What is the biggest priority? What can wait until tomorrow? I heard, uh, someone up here on stage earlier talk about balance, work life balance, something like that. I just wanna tell you right now, it’s a complete myth. It does not exist.


There is no balance in life. It’s a juggle. Life is a juggle, but we need to figure out whatever we’re juggling. If it’s apples, I, I like to use the analogy of balls, but then it gets really weird when you start. So we’re gonna talk about apples. So let’s say maybe we have rubber apples or glass apples. So the, the rubber apples can be dropped and they can bounce. So we have to keep the glass apples in the air. That’s your priorities. That’s where priorities to come in. Okay? So we are going to determine what we want. This is gonna help us set our priorities, determine what you want. Uh, on that page in your notebook, I don’t know what page it is, what page are we on? 14, 14, 14, 14. On page 14, I want you to determine what you want this year. Let’s focus on one thing. You might want a lot of things, but focus on one thing. Maybe it’s prb, maybe it’s more team members. Maybe it’s to grow leaders. Take a second and write that down. Really specific. If you wrote down prv, I want you to write down a number. I don’t care. This is your notes. Are you talking monthly? Are you talking yearly? Are you talking weekly? Just give the number if you want. New team members. How many new team Best Scentsy Scents members do you want? If you’re looking to grow leaders, how many get specific friends?

Okay, you have that specific goal. Now I want you to write down actions that are going to get you that goal. If you wrote down more p r v, what do you need to do specifically to get that prv? I would love to hear some of your ideas. If your goal was to get prv, shout out one of your ideas with other parties. Both more parties, okay, but that’s not an action that you can do.

Meet new people. Follow events,

Meet people, meet new people. How are you gonna meet new people at


Book events be at events.

Social marketing, follow up, reach

Out to your customer. Follow up. Social marketing. Here’s the thing, I want you to make sure you’re concentrating on that. You are writing down income producing activities and it’s really, it’s hard to figure out what’s income producing and what’s not. But then again, it’s not If you are face-to-face with a person or screen to screen with a person or phone to phone with a person that is income producing. Making samples will make you zero money handing out the sample will make you zero money. What makes the money is the follow up connection after the sample is given out.

Booking parties isn’t gonna make you money getting a lot of people in front of you. That’s where the money is. So as you’re writing down your specific Best Scentsy Scents actions to get to your goal, make sure that it includes face-to-face, voice to voice, text to text, message to message. Cuz that is where your money is at. Now I’m curious how many people just by raising your hand, earned either any level of the incentive that just wrapped up. Raise your hand if you earned the incentive. Great job. We have a lot of people in here that’s awesome. I will tell you that they didn’t earn that incentive by having x amount of PRV points

Might be a little confusing cuz that’s really how we’re judged, isn’t it? How many points did you get? But that’s not how they earned the incentive. They earned the incentive by having communication with people. We earned points by selling items. We earned points by recruiting and helping that person achieve the next level in the business. That takes face to face communication. So those are the things that really, really matter. Now it’s all great to know what we need to do, but if you don’t have a plan to make it happen, you won’t make it happen. That’s why I love this quote right here. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

So you need to work hard to get a plan to make your goal happen. Now here’s the thing, planning looks different for everybody. I’ve heard already heard that today. This business is different for everyone. You are the CEO of your business. So you get to make the different decisions for your business. Some people really like digital things. They work by Google Calendar or they work by Trello. I’ve just heard about a, a new one to me. It might not be new, but something new called artful agenda. Curious but you can ask my husband, honey, how well do I do with digital planning?

He does. He lives his life by Google Calendar and he’s like, Hey Jamie, if you would, if you would do Google Calendar, it would make our life so much easier. And I tried it for like week and no guys, I was a kindergarten teacher. Give me a cute planner. I need the was tape. I need the markers. I need to check mark it off and, and touching the check market doesn’t do it for me. I need to check mark it off. So I am a paper planner girl. I I brought a couple cuz I’m a paper planner addict. I brought a couple to show you now the Best Scentsy Scents planner, it’s getting there friends, it’s come a long way. It’s getting there. But this is my favorite company and I brought three different sizes so you can see what size she might want. <laugh>. Um, this is the happy planner 365.

Yeah. And I have um, had an ebb and flow in my business, but currently I like the big boy. I like the big boy because I can print off my own pages and put them in there. So we are gonna talk about how a planner works for me and how a planner might work for you. Now I’m gonna tell you to do a lot of things and I only have 15 minutes left with you guys. I tell you that cuz I know you can hold off that crumbly tummy for 15 more minutes. Um, so I’m gonna tell you to do a lot of things. You’re not gonna have time today to do all these things. This really takes some quiet time. It takes some mental power. So what I want you to do is just jot down, jot down a few notes as to what I’m gonna tell you to do. So then when you have 30 minutes of quiet time, you can sit down and really do this. So the first thing that you will want to do is to write down all the things that you do.

That’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? All the things that you do. So I’m gonna help you out. I want you to start by listing out your must do things. If you have a job outside of Best Scentsy Scents, what do you need to, what are your hours for that? Um, if you go to church, when does that happen? If the kids have practice or games or cheer matches or regattas as I used to have to deal with, I mean used to have to go too. I said that wrong. Sorry Kenzie. Um, date night. Get it on your calendar. The next thing you would put down is all your chores. What chores do you do? Laundry, paying bills, filling up your car with fuel. All the things that you have to do. Now we’re at a Scentsy event guys, I want you to talk to yourself. Write down all your business tasks that you have to do.

Guys, this list is big, isn’t it? I’m not talking about the things you do every day. I’m talking about all the things. All the things. Even if you do it once a month, once a week, whatever you do things like thank you notes, scheduling out your social media posts. I schedule mine out. I don’t do them on the whim. Making deliveries, texting your customers, all the things. You’re gonna write it all down. So guys, you might have like a full huge sheet of things to do. You might have two or three <laugh>, really? Okay, so then what I want you to do if, if you’re like me and you like pretty colors, you’re gonna pick three different colors of highlighter. You might circle, you might star, you might underline whatever you want to do. But you’re gonna divide these things into daily, weekly, or monthly. Is this task done daily, weekly, or monthly? So you’re gonna determine those things on your to-do list. Here’s the best one, here’s the best piece of advice that someone taught me. Pick the three things on that list that you hate doing and circle them big. These are the things that you procrastinate and you put off cuz you don’t want to do them. Now your challenge is to find a way to get out of them. <laugh>.

Is it something that you can hire someone to do and you say, I don’t have the budget for that. Well maybe you would if the time you spent procrastinating or grumbling to yourself while you’re doing the task is some time that could be spent connecting with customers. Guys, my biggest flex in my business is not that I got to quit my job. My biggest flex in my business is that I hired a housekeeper. <laugh>. I was a terrible housekeeper and I would procrastinate about it. I would put it off. My husband is a clean freak. He likes things clean. I could care less <laugh>. But for the sake of our marriage, I hired a housekeeper <laugh>. And he will tell you it’s the best money that I spend every single month is to pay that housekeeper. So that was one of those reds on my to-do list. I hated cleaning so I hired a housekeeper.

Um, I hated making deliveries. Absolutely hated making Best Scentsy Scents deliveries. Guys, I don’t make deliveries. Don’t do it. And do not do it. My customers have the choice of discounted shipping. If they contact me or they pick it up on my porch for free shipping, the only way they’re gonna get free shipping is if they pick it up on my porch. I stopped making deliveries. It took away one of the things that I hated doing. So look for those things in your schedule. Are there other people that could do that? Or can you hire it to be done? Or is there just another way to make it happen? Then here’s the big one. It’s time to make your plan. Now I’m gonna show you my plan, but remember everyone works their business differently. Some of you digital people, my pretty planet go work for you.

But you can see it and use it as a guide for what works for you. So I have my big honk and huge planter and I don’t even use the planter pagers that came in it. I ripped ’em all out and I bought my own hole punch to fit in there. And this is week one of my planner. So the things at the very top are things that I only do one week a month. My daily tasks the Monday through Friday, that is gonna be the exact same every single week. And guys, there’s some of this that is not gonna make sense to you because I use abbreviations and I just talk to myself in weird little ways. So this is what works for me. Week one, week two, oh, oh yeah, did we go away? Okay, yeah, there’s three and week four


You don’t have to take pictures of it cause it’s not gonna work for you.


I’m gonna move it. Ha


You don’t get to take pictures cause it’s not gonna work for you. Cause that’s and your life isn’t my, you’re


Because here’s the thing guys, I sent those slides in two months ago. My planner doesn’t look like that anymore because that was two months ago. Every single week I reevaluate. Did last week work for me? Oh, I need to move this task to this take or I can eliminate this task completely. It didn’t serve me so I wasted time doing it. I evaluate this every single week. I redo it now I have the base, I have an idea, but I can change it every single week. Here’s what you really need to do guys. You have got to eliminate your time oysters.

You guys are busy people. I saw you standing up for all the things you’re busy. You’ve got to eliminate the things that are sucking time out of your schedule. What is it for you? Are you a binge watcher? Do you feel like you’re in church now? You’re like, pastor got <laugh>. Are you a binge watcher on Netflix? Oh, I heard, I heard some loud yeses. I mean I would tell you friends, I have my favorite shows, but I’m very intentional with my time that I can jump into those shows. Oftentimes people will ask me and Paul, oh are you watching this? And we’re like, no we don’t watch tv. No we don’t watch tv. We’re both business owners. We’re busy people. We don’t watch a lot of tv. Are you a scroller? Do you get lost in the scroll?

The rabbit hole of scrolling? Yeah. Set a timer for when you can scroll guys, my husband got like serious about this. He took Facebook off of his phone. Now he’s still on Facebook, but he has to sit at his computer and be intentional about it. What’s it like? Like that <laugh>? If you’re asking that you’re spending too much time on Facebook. I have even gotten to the point where I’m very intentional about my texting and my chatting. Where’s Jacqueline at? Oh, you’re right in front me. Hi baby. Um, so we were in a group chat and it was on a text thread, right? And I said, is there any reason that this is on a text thread and not in a Facebook chat? And everyone was like, well not, I don’t really, we just did it that way. And I was like, can we move this to a Facebook chat?

And they were like, what? Sure weirdo. Like, why do you wanna do that? What does it matter? It’s chatting. If my text goes off on my phone, I just feel like I, I have to address that. I have to address that. That’s an immediate need. But for some reason in my brain, a face with messenger chat can sit and I can ignore it. So yeah, we’re doing business in this group chat, but there’s a lot of socializing happening there too. And so when it was a text on my phone, I was, I was feeling pulled to chit chat more than my schedule had time to allow. So now that we’ve moved it to a Facebook chat, I’m a lot more intentional about the time I spend on that chat. Now Jacqueline’s probably like, yeah, she ghosts us for six hours sometimes. Yeah I do, I do because I’ve made that choice that I’m not going to frivolously spend my time social chatting. I’m going to wait until I have time to focus on that. So maybe you felt that little gut punch in some of those things. Those are things that you really need to reevaluate. Here’s another thing I wanna touch on. You need to choose your hard. You’re telling me Janie, getting Facebook off my phone, that’s hard.

Building a business is hard but it’s worth it. There are a lot of things that are hard, but life is hard. Friends clocking in at school every single day and being, giving most of myself to the kids in my classroom, that was hard. Giving my kids my leftovers, that was hard. But working my business was hard too. But I knew if I worked my business hard, I could stop the clocking in at the classroom. So I could choose my hard. We have a lot of decisions in life. You just have to choose what’s hard. Life’s hard friends, choose your hard and which one is worth it. Okay, let’s talk about tracking and measuring real quick because you have your goal, you wrote it down in your book, you know that’s what you want to focus on and measure on. Are you tracking what you wrote down? If you put down that you want to increase your prv, are you tracking your PRV daily? If you wrote down that you want to bring in new team members to recruit more people, are you tracking how many recruiting conversations you have? You have got to do these things if you want to get better at it because if you don’t track it and measure it, you’ll lose track of it. You have to track and measure those things. If you don’t track it and measure it, it’s unlikely you will achieve it. So I want you to go back to the goal. You decided at the very first when I started talking and I want you to write down next to that goal. How are you going to track it and measure it?

Write that down. Are you a pretty color person? Do you need a bar chart? I think it’s Christina Stainbrook makes the pretty like color in charts. Maybe that’s your jam. I’m a spreadsheet girl. Delinda Lin’s, my spreadsheet queen. How many spreadsheets do you track stuff on, friend?


Everything. She tracks everything. But there’s a reason that she’s sitting here at the level that she’s sitting at too. It’s cuz she tracks everything. She’s figured out what works for her. You have to figure out what works for you. Like I said, p r d daily, check your numbers, raise your hand if you’re checking your numbers daily. Not just looking at them but writing them down and tracking them.

Good. I wish I saw every hand up in here because that is a huge, huge thing you need to be doing in your business. Track your numbers. Here’s why. Here’s why guys, I’m a weight watcher, uh, winner. And I think the reason Weight Watchers works is because of the accountability and it’s not accountability to everyone in the room at a Weight Watchers meeting. It’s the accountability to your little book and now it’s an app. It’s that accountability of, of knowing that number. And there is nothing that gut punches me more every day than when I have to write down the exact same PRV number that it was yesterday.

That’s awful. I didn’t sell a single thing today.

And when you have little baby gut punches like that, Emma kick you in the booty and make you get out there and work a little bit harder. So tracking and measuring is about accountability to you. So daily number checks. Write down all your conversations. If it’s incentive time, I encourage you to find some sort of spreadsheet where you can map out a plan and constantly, constantly check it because when you track and measure it, often it’s easier to overcome setbacks on those days that I’m like, oh, I didn’t sell

A single thing.

I could easily, if I didn’t look at those numbers, I could easily get in a track of like three or four days not selling a thing. But if I have to write down that number every single day, I’m like, oh, I wrote down the same number yesterday. I’ve got to get out there and do something


So it’s easier for me to overcome that cycle.

Guys, this is huge for me right now because there is a big goal in this business that I have never earned before. And that’s annual sales award. Been selling for 14 years. I’ve never earned an annual sales award. And this year I thought, dang it, I’m gonna win that. Not win it, earn it. I’m gonna earn that this year. And I started tracking it. I’ve never been close to it before. I’m a little bit behind right now, but because I’ve tracked it, I know exactly what I need to sell every single month till the end of April to earn that award. If I hadn’t been tracking it and measuring it, I wouldn’t have known where I stood with that. So now I know exactly what I need to do to earn annual sales

Award. Yeah, but I don’t like that girl,

Not a digital girl. That stuff doesn’t matter to me.


Whatever works for you.


So I wanna know who is excited to get started on that goal. They wrote down.


I was gonna say, wait, one

Of you <laugh>,

We gonna start this over again? You gotta wait for lunch.


How many of you have an idea of something new that you want to implement to make things happen?


A lot more of you. Um, so here’s the big question. How many of you are going to make a new plan for your business?

Woo. I don’t care. So what,

So what? And that’s the question I want you. It’s not really a question. The thing I want you to say to yourself over and over at any Scentsy training that you go to today or any of them in the future, at the end of a session, I want you to say to yourself, so what? Because you getting pumped up and excited and having a few giggles here and there, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter if you don’t implement it into your business. How many of you in your head, you don’t have to raise your hand. Really. How many of you in your head today said I’m gonna do that as soon as I find a cute planner? <laugh>? I know some of you said it. Um, how many of you said, you know what I, that art VO thing, that sounds like a fun app. Maybe I’ll get this started once I get that app. Some somebody said it, I don’t wanna room this thing. Somebody said it. Or how many of you, you guys, this is gonna get everyone. How many of you said to yourself, I’m gonna do this as soon as I have 33 minutes to write down everything that I do

<laugh>? Cause

You don’t have 30 minutes, but you’re gonna have to make it. If you want to make changes in your business, you have to make changes in your mind and in your priorities. And if you don’t make it a priority to make priorities, how many times can I say priorities? You’re not gonna do the things. So we are breaking for lunch very soon. Very soon, I promise. So here’s one thing I want you to do. Before you get Gavin to all your friends, I want you to write down three things that you can do this weekend. Guys, we’re halfway through it. You really only have one more day. What are three things that you can do tomorrow before Monday morning to start working towards that goal that you wrote down? Three things. Because when you do the things one step at a time, you can look out and see the big picture. Thanks so much guys. I think they have a few more things to touch on. I can’t tell you. You

Can eat just yet. Is it food time?

Girl, my tummy. I’m gr I got a grumbling in

My Do you wanna skip the next part and go to lunch? I say yes, <laugh>. Okay. Thank you. First of all, you’re amazing on you. I was like energy. You’re good. No nonsense.

It’s the hair. It’s all in the hair. Hire the hair closer to God. That’s,

Thank you so much everyone. Give her.