If you want to share the best scentsy scents with your kids as well, look no further. our consultant Jami will ensure that your kids enjoy our fragrances just as much as you do. We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible and our consultant will help you do that. will give you a personalized and unique experience just for you that way you can have your needs met just how you need it to be done. your experience will be like nobody else’s experience. When you work at the consultant, we will ensure that your experience is uniquely you.

We currently have products that are just for kids. One of those includes our Scentsy buddies. Scentsy buddies are little stuffed animals that are adorable and plus their kids love them. They are also filled with one of our best scentsy scents so that when your kids hug their stuffed animals, they will always be met with a calming Aroma of goodness and good smells. they will love hugging their new Scentsy buddy. We have a lot of different Scentsy buddies from Disney characters to baby animals. and each Scentsy buddy is packed with an amazing fragrance of your choice that your child can appreciate calming fragrances as much as you do.

Another one of our products for kids is our Scentsy buddy clips. Our Scentsy buddy Clips are a smaller version of our Scentsy buddy, but they have a clip on their back so they can be attached to anything. some things you can attach the Scentsy Buddies to our backpacks, bags, purses, or anywhere that they can hang from in their bedroom. your kids will love their new Scentsy buddy clips. Our Scentsy Clips are also filled with our best scentsy scents. Just like the full size Scentsy buddies. When going to school, your Scentsy buddy clips will love accompanying them on their backpacks so that they can smell the goodness all day at school. your kids will love showing their friends their new Scentsy buddy clips.

Although we do have products specifically for kids, your kids will also enjoy things that you enjoy too. An example of this is your laundry spray. your kids will love the smell of their beds as they’re getting tucked in and as they wake up in the morning if you clean their laundry with our amazing smelling laundry detergent and fabric spray. They will also love our body care. they will be excited to have bath time with their amazing smelling Scentsy body wash. Your kids can have fun with fragrance all over the home with multiple of our kid safe products.

fragrances for everybody. Kids enjoy good smelling things just as much if not more than adults do. make sure you think about your kids when buying Scentsy products. Our Scentsy buddy Clips are amazing stocking stuffers for Christmas and our Scentsy buddies are great for birthdays, special occasions, or just as a little treat for your child. If you want to get in touch just contact us at 918-888-9690 or check out our website at jamijosellswax.com.

best scentsy scents | Improve Your Personal Hygiene

Use our best scentsy scents in your personal hygiene routine to make yourself smell amazing all day long. Scentsy has an amazing body product line that you can use everyday, or multiple times a day. He’s probably still keeping you smelling good all day long and your friends and family will wonder where we are getting this amazing smell from. Here at scentsy, we are determined to make your fragrance needs possible. We are here to ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it. Just have a talk with us and we will make sure you get exactly what you want.

Not only are our body care products filled with the best scentsy scents so you can smell good, but I also help to relax your mind as you wind down with these high quality, premium products. have a spa day with our rejuvenating body wash. just pick your favorite scent, put it in the bath, and watch it bubble up. you get to have fun and get clean at the same time. After you get out of the bath, then hydrate your skin with our intoxicating body cream. is smooth as butter and you will want to keep putting more on. it will leave your skin glowy and dewy for a long time and it will leave your skin smelling amazing.

When your hands are dirty, just use our hand soap to disinfect and smell good at the same time. our hands up comes in all of our best scentsy scents.Our hands up lathers amazingly and cleans thoroughly. After you’re done using the hand soap, check out our hand cream. it will hydrate your hands without leaving them sticky. it is fast drying so you can quickly start using your hands again. Our hand cream smells heavenly and you can choose which fragrance Suits You best.

When caring for your body, why not get the bundle and save? The moisture medley is only $31 and includes a hand cream, body cream, body wash, and hand soap. you get to choose what scent you want for each product. so, your entire bundle is completely personalized and unique to you.We know that you will love our moisture medley. If you want to smell good and care about your personal hygiene, this is the way to go. you will not regret choosing our body care for your routines.

When shopping for body care through scentsy, make sure you purchase through our consultant. She will make sure that you have a personalized experience and that you get exactly what you are looking for. she will check up on you and make sure you don’t need anything else to do with home and fragrance. If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, or you just want to get in touch, make sure you reach out to us by phone at 918-888-9690 or check out our website at jamijosellswax.com.