A New best scentsy scents with Harry Potter Hedwig Scentsy Mini Warmer is swooping in and it’s not alone! The original Hedwig Scentsy Warmer is returning with all four Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Bars for a limited time. This detailed mini warmer features the iconic Snowy Owl with a letter in her beak complete with the Hogwarts seal! This intricately detailed warmer features the iconic Snowy Owl perched wisely on a stack of books, as she fixes a protective gaze on you. Details include a cutout on the back that casts a crescent moon-shaped pattern when lit, and large vent holes to help release fragrance. July 31 is Harry Potter’s birthday, making this the perfect time to celebrate with New Scentsy Harry Potter.

When it comes to the best scentsy scents , typically one month after products are discontinued you can find new discontinued products for sale; that means in April and October. However it’s also something you want to check regularly because you never quite know what will be in there at any given time. It’s not a special flash sale. It’s not a special promotion. It’s just a wonderful little section where you can always find treasures at a great price. Scentsy Closeout Sale Clearance has always been there, and all the products have always been Limited Supply. When they’re sold out, they’re gone.

Otis the orangutan monkey is our newest best scentsy scents stuffed animal. He’s only available for a Limited Time, so to adopt this lovable little guy, get him now at Jami’s website. Choose your scent pak from 43 available fragrances. Our Scentsy buddies are perfect for young and young at heart. The scent pak goes in a secret pocket in his back and generally lasts about 30 days longer for some noses. Others choose to use the pocket to keep treasures, notes, or even teeth for the tooth fairy. In addition to the new Scentsy monkey, see all the other snuggly scented buddies we currently have.

When it comes to our sense we want to make sure that we’re going out of our way 100% of the time to make sure that our customers are satisfied. we’re going to assure you that with our products your rooms are going to smell the best that they can possibly be. We have over 80 products, and fragrances that you can choose from. whether cameras or sprays, or even the wax melts itself we can assure that they’re going to be the best that they can be. We even have things for kids, which are like a sincere stress ball. this releases a smell, why also giving your child the likeliness of being able to have a stress ball.

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When you are in search for the best scentsy scents find enchanted love in the Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for! Capture the magic of a timeless fairy tale love story with our Enchanted Love Scentsy Warmer in the Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection. A Beauty and the Beast warmer has been one of the top-requested products, and we just know you will fall in love. Inspired by the Enchanted Rose, this beautiful collector’s item features hand-painted details, LED lights for a lovely glow, and nods to the beloved characters from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

We’re also introducing the best scentsy scents which is the new Disney Belle Scentsy Buddy and bringing back the rest of our fan-favorite Beauty and the Beast products so fans can complete their collection! And don’t forget to pair these enchanting products with the exclusive fragrance inspired by Beauty and the Beast, The Last Petal Fresh pink grapefruit and sparkling bergamot kick off the radiant first chapter, while scattered flower petals write an unforgettably romantic ending. Enchanted love Miss Potts chip Bella Beast in the list goes on and on and we know you are just going to be so thrilled.

Give your favorite mom a gift that will keep on giving the best scentsy scents. Sweet, thoughtful and memorable gifts for every mother figure with scented candle wax, wickless candle warmers, and sola wood fragrance flowers. One of the most popular products that we have is our fragrance for laundry rooms. This is great if you’re wanting to refresh anything. you just simply spray it on the area, or even the surrounding things then you can have a great smiling room.We look forward to making sure that you get the most success for you and your family 100% of the time. we want to make sure that your room’s going to smell the best that I possibly can 100% of the time.
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