Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jami Jo sells Wax and today we are going to be talking about, Scentsy’s sugar scrub, this stuff is absolutely amazing. Now, I’ve been a fan of Sugar Scrubs for a long time, but I absolutely love this Best Scentsy Scents Sugar scrub. Now, good news and bad news. Good news is Sugar Scrub is 20% off in the month of February on my Best Scentsy Scents website. The sad news is Scentsy has told us that they will no longer carry sugar scrub in the regular catalog. However, they have promised us that they will continue to make sugar scrub on a limited time basis and bring it out in, um, special limited time offers throughout the year. Now the one that I’m showing you here, this whipped to vanilla Lavender was actually a release last Mother’s Day. I fell in love with the fragrance, absolutely stockpiled it, like literally stacks of it in my closet and I’m down to my last one, which I’m super sad about.

So I definitely will be taking advantage of that 20% off this month to replenish my sugar scrub before it leaves until the next limited time off. But let’s talk about sugar scrub. What are the benefits of it? Why should you be using it? And then we’re gonna talk about the best way to use it because there definitely is, um, a procedure in how to use sugar scrub and you might have been using sugar scrub, but not using it in the proper way. So first let’s talk about why do you need to use a sugar scrub. The the main thing that sugar scrub does is it exfoliates. It’s an amazing exfoliating product. So a lot of people don’t even know what that word means. They hear the word exfoliate, but what does it really mean? Exfoliating means that you are removing the top layer of dead skin.

So when you think about the texture of sugar, if you’ve never seen a sugar scrub, it’s kind of like, it’s not really a soap cuz it doesn’t bubble. But, um, you can kind of see there, it’s, I don’t even know how to describe it, but you can’t feel the texture perhaps you can see it. There is actual sugar in this, so you’re gonna rub it on your skin and the texture of that sugar is going to slough away the dead skin that is on the surface of your skin. So it’s going to smooth the skin’s surface. Um, it will also remove buildup of things that are on your skin. Think about all the things that, that we put on our skin or that just gets on our skin on a day-to-day basis, whether it be moisturizers and lotions or just things in the atmosphere that end up on our skin.

Using a sugar scrub is going to remove all of that dead skin and debris from your skin. Also, a sugar scrub is actually going to help you rehydrate your skin better. When you think about all those things that are sitting on the top of your skin and you put lotion on top of that, there’s a barrier on your skin so the moisture can’t get underneath your skin’s surface If you’re using a sugar scrub on a regular basis, and we’re gonna talk about how often you should be using it. If you’re using a sugar scrub on a regular basis, you are removing that debris from your skin. You’re, you’re schlepping off the dead skin and making your skin more able to rehydrate with the use of e lotions or body cream. Also, using a sugar scrub is going to brighten your skin. You think about, you know what dead skin is actually dust is a lot of dead skin.

So just think about your, your skin having that. Um, well just that, that dullness to it, like a powder finish to it. And I know that beautiful illuminated Dewey skin is very trendy right now. Uh, we never want our skin to look like it is, um, dehydrated. We want to look refreshened, moisturize and Dewey and sugar scrub is going to have that exact effect. Now let’s talk about who should be using sugar scrub. Really anyone can benefit from sugar scrub as long as you don’t have extremely Best Scentsy Scents skin. But people that enjoy spray tans or using self tanners sugar scrub is the product for you because it is going to exfoliate your skin beautifully and allow your skin to absorb that tanning product that you’re using. If you are a self tanner user, you already know that you need to exfoliate before you add on that tanning product.

So this is a great way to exfoliate your skin right before you add self tanners. Um, also anyone that regularly gets waxed or sugared sugar scrub is a wonderful product for you to use to, to eliminate or to reduce the amount of ingrown hairs. Even if you don’t wax your skin. If you are normally prone to ingrown hairs, a sugar scrub is going to be very beneficial to you if you start using that on a regular basis. It’s just going to eliminate those in-grown hairs. And also there is a myth that people with dry skin should not use a sugar scrub and there’s nothing further from the truth. People with dry skin are probably the people that are going to benefit the most from using a sugar scrub product. So now that we’ve talked about why you need to be using sugar scrub and who should be using sugar scrub, let’s talk about the proper way to use this product.

So the first thing that you’re going to want to do is to either soak in a hot bath or take a warm shower. Sugar scrub is best used on very damp skin and skin where the pores have already somewhat opened from the use of heat or warm water. Then you want to wash your skin before you use sugar Scrub. Sugar scrub is not a soap, so you need to cleanse your body before you use your sugar scrub product. Again, that is just going to be um, another way that you can get rid of the nastiness on your skin so the sugar scrub can work even better. The third thing that you wanna do is use generous amounts of sugar scrub and you wanna put it on your hands or your fingertips first and then apply it to your body. Any area of the body you wanna use.

Um, medium pressure but work in circular movements. Circular movements when you’re using sugar scrub and you’re just gonna want to rub for maybe one to three minutes in the same area. Um, I love to use this on my legs, on my arms, up on my shoulders and it’s just a nice, um, relaxing thing for me to use in the shower. After I’ve already done my showering routine, then I grab my sugar scrub that I keep on the shelf in the shower and um, just kind of give myself a nice little massage right there in the shower while I’m using my sugar scrub. Then when you’re done rubbing it into the skin or rubbing it on the surface of the skin, you’re going to want to rinse with warm water. Not extremely hot, but just warm water to rinse that away. Do not use soap afterwards.

You’re gonna want to leave the oils from the sugar scrub on your skin. That’s another way that our products are going to moisturize your skin because not only is it just sugar in water, there are moisturizing agents in there as well. So after you have applied the sugar scrub and and rubbed it in a circular motion, just rinse it off with warm water and then if you need to shave, you can shave at that point after you’ve used the sugar scrub. But then when you are done with your shower or your bath and you grab your towel, you just wanna pat the skin dry. You don’t wanna really rub the skin to get it dry because you have all that awesome oil moisturizers on your skin from the sugar scrub and you just wanna tap the excess moisture off but not rub those oils off.

Then now it’s time for you to apply your moisturizer. I recommend CSI’s Body Cream. It’s my favorite moisturizer. Now we have an entire line of bath and body products with Best Scentsy Scents. I like all of them actually. I use all of them and I’m going to do a couple other videos on some of our other products as well. But in my showering routine, there is a body wash in my shower. There is sugar scrub in my shower and then the body cream I’m using right after I get out of the shower. If it’s um, daytime, I’m adding a little bit of the fragrance mist on top of that. So when I layer on all those items, all those products, my fragrance lasts and it’s noticeable without being overwhelming or overpowering to people around me. So I absolutely love the Best Scentsy Scents Sugar Scrub. I think it’s an amazing product and I promise you if you use it, you are going to love it too.

Like I said at the first of this video, February is the last month that it will be offered on our regular website offerings. It is 20% off in February, but after that you might be able to find it in the clearance section. So check my Best Scentsy Scents website, check under the tab that says last chance to get your sugar scrub to find it for 20% off after February. Go to the specials tab and look at the clearance tab. Cause if they have any leftovers, I have a feeling they’ll probably pop them there. And then just keep in touch with me on this YouTube channel or on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com for limited time offers where we might bring out new fun fragrances of CIN sugar scribe for you at a future time. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to help.