Hey friends, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Joce Wax. I have been selling Best Scentsy Scents fragrance products since 2008 and have built a very successful business selling those products, but also helping mentor others and guide them to do the exact same thing. Scentsy does have the most amazing fragrance products. They are safe, they work and they’re affordable. So I think those three things make this company amazing to both purchase from, but also to look at as a business as well. Cause those are the things that consumers are looking for, things that work, things that are affordable and things that are safe for their families. Now in selling these products, I’m often asked if there are different ways that we can style or that we suggest styling warmers. And this warmer right back here, this aloe vera warmer is my favorite, warmer of all to style.

Now I have my favorite way that I style the hour zero warmer, but I’m gonna show you a couple of different ways using, again, very affordable products to style this warmer. So let’s take a look at all those different ways that you can use this warmer. All right guys, so here we have the first way that you can style this Best Scentsy Scents alovera warmer. I have a tray that I picked up at Spots playground in Target. It was probably three or $5, uh, this tray. Guess where it’s from? Yeah. Uh, you’ll figure out that I love to shop at Target. That’s from Spots playground too. Now I love this setup because it allows me space to have some of my other bath and body. So my bathroom items, of course, I’m showing you today all Scentsy products. So I have some of our body cream. This is some of our cream shaved soap that we’ve had in Father’s Day collections in the past. And a room spray still got that warmer there, tucked right in the back. Um, it’s up so the wax doesn’t easily, the wax dish doesn’t easily get knocked over. Um, so this is one super cute and easy way that you could style this alle vir warmer. But let’s look at a couple other different ways. I’m gonna go ahead and remove these products. I’ll just tuck them over to the side.

I’m gonna take that tray away. Both of them actually just set them over here.

And I have this fun little bucket. I probably picked this up at Marshall’s or Ross knowing me. Oh, looks like maybe Michael’s <laugh>. So, uh, just a cute little galvanized bucket inside just for some hype. I do have a little stand again, give you one guess where that came from. Yeah, that’s a target. Uh, so I can just grab this warmer, pop it right in there. Now I will tell you that this bucket is a little large for the, this display. I didn’t purchase anything extra for making this video. I was just using things that I had around the house. So I would choose a bucket that was a little smaller, or what would be super cute is to fill this with some different rocks and then get some other fake succulents to tuck in there and have them kind of spilling over the edge. I’m gonna show you something very similar to that at the end of this video, and that’s actually the way that I choose to discipline this warmer.

But this is, um, just a fun, easy way that you could display a warmer and it still be fully usable. So in that same idea, I found this cute little bucket not long ago. Yes, we are <laugh>, yeah, at Target and another little stand inside. Just it’s, it’s hard to find lower buckets. So that stand just gives a little bit of height in there. Um, I tried this earlier and absolutely love this. Look, I think this one is absolutely adorable. Um, if I hadn’t gone to all the work for the one I’m about to show you in a second, this is actually probably the way that I would choose to display this warmer. Um, so the fabric basket is super, super cute. This one is actually the perfect size. So you don’t even have to worry about adding rocks or adding the fake succulents or anything like that in there.

This is absolutely perfect and a great find, um, from just here of my house for things that I was digging through. So I absolutely love this and I think it’s a really, really cute look. However, uh, let’s check to my favorite one. Now, this next one I’m about to show you is quite elaborate. I actually have a full like 20 minute video on this of how I did this <laugh>. So this is a rather large bucket. Let’s scoot back just a little bit so you can see rather large galvanized bucket for this little bitty warmer. But I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So since this bucket was so large and so deep, I’m gonna turn it just a little bit so you can see there’s actually styrofoam down in here. I used styrofoam to fill a lot of the space because it was just such a large bucket.

Now then I put the white rocks in there and then I purchased all of these succulents not from Target <laugh>. I got them on Amazon. They came all in a set. Now the short story of how I did this, like I said, there’s a, there’s a full long video on my YouTube channel. The short story of how I did this is I put all the styrofoam in there first and then I placed my aloe vera warmer in there to see how much space it was going to take up, and I kind of just eyeballed that. Then I threw the rocks in and I started placing the different succulents. So I knew exactly where that warmer was gonna go. So this is how I display this warmer. This is my gust bath that we’re in right now. And this is how this warmer always sits. Now I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on cuz it had been off and it is all set.

I get so many different compliments on this warmer. Um, let me grab another camera angle while I put some wax in so you can see exactly what it looks like. Okay, so here is that view from above of the warmer so you can see exactly what it looks like with the rocks and all the different succulents in there. I just think this gives this warmer, a completely finished look at. Absolutely love the look of this. And like I said, I get compliments on this all the time, people wanting to buy the whole setup and I have to have that conversation of, of how I designed it. But it is time for me to add some wax in there. I am going to be adding in green tea smoothie. This fragrance is no longer available, but I have it on my Scentsy club because I added it in there while it was a bring back my bar.

So Best Scentsy Scents always makes this fragrance for me. Before I put the wax in, I wanna show you something. Now mind you, this dish is terribly, terribly dirty, but hopefully you can see the little number four inside of there right in that dish. Most of our newer dishes, well all of our newer dishes, but many of our warmers have that number right in the dish. That is the number of recommended cubes of wax for that warmer. So Scentsy has done the math on the size of the warmer, the size of the dish and the scent throw of that warmer, and they recommend four cubes for that. So I dropped my four cubes in there. Um, I’d already turned the warmer on before I put it inside. So we are all set to go. So like I mentioned earlier, there are tons of different ways that you can style cin warmers.

You can use a warmer just basic like it comes and our warmers are absolutely gorgeous and that does work. But I think the aloe vera warmer definitely lends itself to a little bit of styling. Hopefully these fun ideas that I’ve given you has just sparked a little bit of creativity, but have some fun with Best Scentsy Scents. Make it fit your space, make it exactly what you want it to be. There is no right or wrong way to style a Best Scentsy Scents warmer. I’ve just given you a few ideas right here. So if you are interested in getting this aloe Vero warmer or any of our other Scentsy warmers, you can either text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or you can just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. That is j a m i j o sells wax.com. But I’m curious, which of the stylings that I showed you today was your favorite.

Drop me a comment below and let me know. Did you like the tray with the different bath products on it? Did you like the smaller galvanized pale? Maybe you preferred that fabric pale. I absolutely loved that and had never tried that one before. Or maybe this more elaborate succulent garden is more your jam. But let me know in the comments which you liked best. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, please click the like button and please subscribe to my channel. Um, I share with you all kinds of tips, tricks and ideas for your Scentsy products. And just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy and help you have a little fun playing around with your Best Scentsy Scents warmers.