Hey guys, it is Jami Jo from Jami Jo sells Wax, and I am going to be talking to you this week about several different Best Scentsy Scents products that sadly we’ll be leaving the CSI catalog after this month, after February of 2023. Now, C, he has promised us that these products are not gone for good, but just gone for a regular basis and they will be transitioning them to limited time offers. So that’s why I’m still taking the time to do this video to talk to you guys about a product that’s leaving the catalog for two different reasons. You can still get it for the month of February and bonus these items are 20% off in the month of February so they can clear these out of their warehouse, but also, like I said, since has promised us that these products will be coming back. So I still wanna take some time and talk to you guys about these awesome and amazing products because they are awesome and amazing.

And today I’m talking to you about Scentsy’s fragrance mist. Now I’m showing you my favorite fragrance mist, which is shimmer, and I stockpiled this one when it was discontinued a while ago, but we do have eight different fragrances available right now in this fragrance nest at 20% off. So first of all, let’s talk about what is a fragrance nest, and then I have some tips for you to help you make the scent last a little bit longer. So what exactly is a fragrance mist? If you’ve never used a body spray or fragrance mist, it is used similarly to perfume or cologne. Now they are not as strong as a perfume or a cologne. They are more of a light refreshing scent. So one of the complaints we sometimes get from people is the fact that the scent just doesn’t last as long as they’re used to with a perfume.

So I have some tips and tricks to talk to you about today to let you know that there are ways that you can make your fragrance mist scent last a little bit longer. Now, the very first tip that I want to give you is the fact that if you layer your fragrances, the scent will last longer. Now, what do I mean about layering fragrances? I mean getting several different bath and body products in the exact same fragrance and doing exactly what I said, layering it on top of your body. So with Cy Fragrance, we have um, body wash, we have hand soap, and we have sugar scrub. Those are the different products that you can use to wash or to clean your body. Then we have body cream, which I love, love, love our body cream, grab you a body cream or a hand cream.

That’s gonna be your moisturizing step of the layering process. Then of course we have our fragrance mis that you’re gonna put on top of that. We also have Scentsy soak as a bath option in the layering process. So if you like to sit and relax in a bath, you might add Scentsy soak into that layering process as well. So anytime that you take a single fragrance or fragrances that pair well together and you layer them on your body, that scent is always going to last longer. Your second tip that I have for you for making your fragrance mist scent last longer is the fact that fragrance lasts longer when it’s applied to damp and well moisturized skin. So I would suggest that you use our fragrance mist fresh out of the shower or step outta the shower, dry off. Use our body cream there. We’re putting two principles together, layering and well moisturized damp skin.

So out of the hot shower, your pores are wide open. Put that body cream on there to moisturize your scr skin and then top it off with fragrant smiths. That scent is always gonna last longer when it’s applied to damp and well moisturized skin. So another thing that I want to talk about is where should you be putting this on your body? And really there’s no right or wrong way to be using our fragrances, but I will tell you that your body is designed with several pulse points. Now, what is a pulse point? The major ones are behind the ear on your wrist or behind your knees. Now, why are they called pulse points? If you are looking for someone’s pulse, those are areas of the body that you are going to look to find that pulse. Hence the name pulse points. So it’s best to put any fragrance including cin.

He’s fragrance mist on those pulse points of your body. Now, as a young little girl, as I was putting on perfume or watching my mom put on perfume, I would see her spray it on her wrists or maybe in the inside crook of her elbow and then she would rub. And actually that does not work well with fragrance mist with a high-end perfume or high-end cologne. Yes, you absolutely can do that, but with a fragrance mist or a body mist, any lighter fragrance, it’s not a a good practice to rub the area that you have just sprayed. It’s better to just spray it on those areas and just let it be. So tip number three was sprayed on those pulse points and do not rub it in. Now I’ve told you to spray it on your pulse points, but also if you’re spraying it on areas like the inside crook of the knee or the inside of the elbow and then you get dressed, you’ve just covered up that fragrance.

So add into your pulse points before you get dressed. Those are the areas that are going to emit fragrance from your body the most. But then as soon as you get dressed, the great thing about our fragrance mist is it is a light mist that you can spray on top of your clothes. I always keep a fragrance mist in my gym bag and refresh my clothes when I change after the gym or even if I don’t have a chance to change, just refresh those clothes after a good workout. Um, one other fun tip is to spray a fragrance mist in your hair. Our hair is a part of our body that really traps both fragrance and odor. Fragrance being the positive, odor being the negative and your hair can actually trap in a lot of odor. And adding fragrance mis to your hair can really help combat that negative odor that you might experience.

You know, as women, we are now finding out that it’s not good to wash our hair every day. Um, I can’t get on board with some of you guys yet on the three or four or five days, but I do wash my hair every other day. But I find on that day that I’m not washing my hair, that there is a different smell of my hair. I don’t really think it’s offensive. Maybe it is and I’m just clueless to it, but I don’t think it’s offensive, but I don’t think it smells good either. So I use my hair products that I normally use. You can’t get hair stand in this fig without product. So I use the hair Best Scentsy Scents products, the hairspray, the volumizer that I normally use, but while that hairspray is freshly sprayed on my hair, so obviously hairsprays like a spray glue. Um, so while that’s fresh on my hair, I add some fragrance mist to it as well.

The Best Scentsy Scents hairspray is going to help lock in that fragrance on my hair and just give that good fragrance to my hair. If you are not a hairspray user or a product user, you can even just spray your hairbrush before you brush your hair, spray your hairbrush and it’s gonna get down in the bristles of your hairbrush. And then as you pass that through your hair, it’s gonna give the fragrance off onto your hair as well. So those are my tips. Um, oh, one other one. While we’re talking about different things with the head. Um, I know it’s wintertime here in Oklahoma right now February, and I am wearing a beanie quite a bit to keep my ears warm, just keep my head warm. I love to spray fragrance nest on my beanie before I put it on my head. Um, you could spray it on after as well.

I just do it before. So if you are a hat wearer, doesn’t matter what kind, I just find myself wearing Best Scentsy Scents beanies in the winter. If you are a hat wearer, fragrance mist is a fun little trip. To just add some fragrance that way is to spray it to your hat. So we’ve covered quite a few tips and tricks as to make that fragrance last a little bit longer. Um, but I do have one fun trip that I absolutely love about the fragrance mis in the summertime. Not necessarily something I’m doing right now in February, but in the summertime I love to leave fragrance mist in my refrigerator guys. I am at the age where I am dealing with hot flashes and it isn’t miserable, but I love when I am experiencing one of those hot flashes to be able to go into my kitchen, grab this outta my refrigerator, give my body a great mist of cooling down fragrance.

So if you work outside a lot where you’re hot and sweaty, um, or if you’re on board with me and having those hot flashes, this fragrance mist is going to be a fun little trick that you can use if you store it in your refrigerator for a great cool down. Well, guys, that is quite a bit of information about our fragrance mist, like I said at the first of this video, um, Scentsy is pulling this out of the catalog, but they have promised us that they’re not going to discontinue it forever. In the catalog, you can see that we have eight Best Scentsy Scents fragrances right now. I say in the catalog also on the website. We have eight fragrances right now. They are 20% off, but if you’re watching this video later, after February, check out the clearance section of our website might possibly still be in there.

And then like C’S promised us, this will be coming out as limited time offers different times throughout the year. So I hope that you take the time to give C’S fragrance mist. Fragrance mist a try because I really think that you’ll love it. Jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Check the soon to be discontinued tab or the clearance tab, um, or the limited time offer tab. Any of those places you might possibly find CSI’s Fragrance Nest. All right guys. As always, if you have any questions at all about Scentsy products or giving Best Scentsy Scents a try as a business, hit me up, ask me questions. I’m happy to help.