Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sells Wax, and today we are going to talk about how to get your favorite Scentsy products for free or at a great discount. Unfortunately, we are in a time in society and in the economy where a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet. A lot of people’s paychecks are going to pay the bills to put food on the table and there’s not much left over after that. But we still have all these things that we love, these things that we want to buy and these things that we really want to have in our home to enjoy. And I’m here to tell you that there is a way that you can still have your Scentsy addiction enjoy your Best Scentsy Scents products without breaking the bank. That is our topic for today. Now, there are several different ways that I can help you as a consultant to get discounts and even free Best Scentsy Scents products.

The first way that I wanna talk to you about is with a home sip and sniff. So this is like the old school home party, but for some reason that word party kind of gets an icky feeling. We think back of the companies where these, these people would come into your home and and high pressure you into buying things that you didn’t want. And that is the furthest thing from what I am going to do. If you invite me into your home. I would love to come into your home to meet your friends and family, share the Best Scentsy Scents products with them and just sit down on the floor with them going through testers, spelling the fragrances and talk about different memories that are evoked from smelling these testers. But I do know that many of you watching this video are, you live a distance away from me.

You live quite a ways away from me and that’s just not doable. So I have several other options that we can do. So the next one I wanna talk to you guys about is probably my favorite way to help people get discounts and earn free Scentsy. And that is with an affiliate link. Now this is kind of a buzz term right now, affiliate link, a lot of people are using that. Basically it’s just a personal shopping link. So I have the ability in my Scentsy workstation to assign a specific web link just to you. So what you would need to do is share that, link out, that affiliate link out to your friends and family, and they go on there to place their orders, which in turn earns you discounts and free product. So you might be wondering how do you share this with them?

And the possibilities are endless. Of course, I’m telling you to share this with your friends and family. So you could even just call them or text it to them, uh, private message it to them, whatever you wanna do. But you could also share this on social media. I would encourage you to share your favorite products and not just blast out the link, but this is an awesome low-key easy way that you can build up rewards and free stuff with Scentsy. So a little spin on the affiliate link is a texting party. So I can create a custom website just for you that has short videos talking about each of the products that we offer with direct links to your affiliate links. So it’s kind of, um, an affiliate link stepped up in game. And again, you can share this through text, through private message, um, even on social media, it’s up to you what you do with that website works the exact same way.

You are going to build up sales, which in turn will earn you rewards like discounts and half price items. There’s also something that we can do, um, called a borrow bag. I can create a bag or if you’re at a distance, a, a package that I can mail to you, it is going to have different fragrance testers, different samples of some of our consumable products and a catalog with some order forms. Of course, I’m always going to create an affiliate link for you too, so people can just jump onto that and place their order. But this is a step up because you are going to have samples with you and um, people can smell the wax fragrances. We are a fragrance company and it is so much easier to sell our products and to build up your rewards if you are sharing out those fragrances with people.

So those are all the ways that you can essentially build up rewards and use them as discounts and half price items. But I’m not done talking about ways that you can get your Best Scentsy Scents product at a discount. If you haven’t heard me talk about Scentsy Club yet, now is the time because Scentsy Club is the coolest thing that Scentsy offers for our fragrance addicts and people that love to get a discount. Scentsy Club is part of our website, my website where you can jump on there, click a button and set up an autoship subscription of your favorite Scentsy products. So you get to make all the choices. You get to choose if you want it every month, every other month or every third month, you get to choose exactly what you want to be shipped to you. And there are discounts built in. Anytime you have a Scentsy Club order of $30 or more, you get 10% off.

Anytime you have a Scentsy Club order of $60 or more, you get that 10% off, but you also get a bonus half price item. The cool thing with Scentsy Club is when you become a cluber, you get, I’m trying to decide how to explain this. You are going to be given a code, for lack of a better word, a code. And if you share out that code to your friends and family, they decide to jump onto Best Scentsy Scents Club as well. You are gonna build up points which can then be redeemed for free and discounted Scentsy. So you automatically get your discount at that $30 price point, but then you get that code that you can share out to build up those discounts and those freebies even more in the month of February. We’re almost there guys. By the time this gets published, it’s going to be February and February is 10% off month.

It’s our transition month and the company. So we’re clearing out all that follow winter step to make room for spring and summer. So most items in our catalog are 10 to 20% off. It’s our big, big discount month. This means that you can even get discounts on the big ticket items like the air purifiers, the premium diffusers, all those high ticket items are going to be discounted in the month of February. What is perfect is you can do an affiliate link or any of the other, um, sip and sniff options, anything that I talked about earlier, do it in February and you’re gonna capitalize on those discounts. Always, always, always. When you jump over to my website, there are two things that I want you to make sure that you look at and that is clearance and bundle and save. These are going to be under the tab on my website that says specials clearance is obviously we all know what clearance is.

It’s stuff that’s been discontinued but discounted and it’s your last chance to get lots of these items. Bundle and save is something that’s offered all the time on our Scentsy products and a great way to get discounts on those Scentsy products. Most of the smaller consumable items, the wax, the scent circles, the car bars, the pods, all those type items are all buy five, get one free. So you can save lots of money by bundling those deals. We also have bundles on things like a warmer in three bars or um, a wall fan diffuser and some pods. We have tons of different discounts. The um, Scentsy clean bundle is a great one. If you’ve never tried our cleaning products, you can get a dish soap, a bathroom cleaner, and a counter clean, all for a great discounted price. Laundry love bundle is another one. If you are intrigued by our laundry products, laundry love bundle and save is a great way to give those products a try.

So here were lots of different ways that you can earn discounted and free Best Scentsy Scents, and of course I can’t talk about discounts and freebies without offering you the opportunity to give Scentsy a try yourself as a hobby, as an addiction, or as a business. So no matter what your goals are in this company, your goal can just be to constantly get discounts and I welcome you onto the team, but if you are looking to make a little side hustle, cash, or even full-time income, those are possibilities. Feel free to reach out to me, talk to me, chat with me, comment all the things. I have been doing this for 14 years and I would love to mentor you on your journey as well. As always, if you guys have any questions about what I’ve talked about here or any questions that I didn’t even touch on today, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to help you.