Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jamie. Jo sells Wax and I have a fragrance company that I think you’ll love. I sell Best Scentsy Scents products. I’ve been doing that since all the way back in 2008 and I have built a team of tons of amazing consultants that are doing just the same thing. Friends, I fell in love with Scentsy because the products are amazing. I got my first Best Scentsy Scents warmer for my classroom. Like I said back in 2008, I fell in love with the products and I’ve been using them ever since. But I love the product so much that I decided to go ahead and get started with my own Scentsy business. And I have not regretted one single minute of it. I love this business because it gives me freedom, it gives me both financial freedom and time freedom. I now get to live a life by my design and I don’t have to answer to anyone else’s rules.

Guys, today we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is what we call World Tour. This is like a little mini convention, but I’m so excited because of this table right behind me. This table has all the new products that are coming out in the next few months. Some of these products had never been seen before by anyone. And I’m gonna walk you down the table and we’re gonna take a look at all the new stuff that’s coming up. So we are gonna start right here. I absolutely love this flamingo warmer guys. Flamingos are all the rage right now and this warmer right here, this is going to be a super big seller. So if you love flamingos, this guy comes out March 1st. If you love flamingos, do not wait to get that ordered. I mean it’s in the catalog so they will continue to make them even if it sells out.

But I have a feeling that that one’s gonna go pretty quick. And how beautiful is this one? I can picture this one in a little girl’s bathroom. Just so sweet and dainty with those spring flowers. Now this is one of our mini warmers, but we have it set on a tabletop base. So normally these mini warmers have the plug that goes directly into the wall right at the outlet, but on these tabletop bases, it gives them the freedom to sit on a countertop anywhere. Now right here in this case, I’m seeing all of the brand new spring and summer fragrances. Guys, I’ve already done a video to show you all of these, so if you want to know what those smell like, jump back a little bit and you will see that video of all the brand new spring and summer since right here we see the Mango Creations of Mango is the scent trend for this season right now.

And oh guys, if you love Gogo Mango, you need to get this whole collection cuz it’s four different fragrances all with a mango base. If you love mango, you’re gonna love this. But guys, let’s just walk down the table a little bit so I can show you a few other things. I am a fan of sunflowers if you can’t tell, I have a few tattooed on me. <laugh>, absolutely love the sunflower. And this warmer I adore. I’m trying to think of what room in my house that this warmer might work in. I don’t have a lot of rooms with a lot of yellow in them, but friends, I’m gonna find a spot for that warmer in my house. Um, anyone that is a Peacock fan, check out this warmer. I can only imagine what this would look like in a dark bathroom. How beautiful would that be?

Just illuminating out. And guys, this one right here, bubbled Iridescent was one of our full size warmers, one of our best selling warmers last season. And I love that Best Scentsy Scents has made it in a little mini version as well. As we continue to go down the table, you are my son and moon and my stars. How cute would that be in the nursery? I absolutely love that warmer, just the simplicity of it, the basicness of it. But it’s so, so cute. This one Dyes beautiful simplicity again. And that’s what we’re seeing a lot this season is just simplicity in all of our products. So this has just some, some fun motivational sayings and fun things on it. Beautiful, beautiful basic flowers. We’ve got that. Now this is going to be perfect for any small space that you have. I love these element warmers. They don’t give off any light so they’re perfect for bedrooms, perfect for any small space that you don’t want.

Just like a loud glaring light. If you have a room that is coastal or beach thing, this warmer is absolutely gorgeous. This is going to go perfect in that room. And hello Animal print back here. I love how it’s like print on print. It’s not just one design. It’s almost like there’s a warmer within a warmer and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Guys, this right here, if you have watched any of my videos, you know that I am a fan of boho. I am a fan of I Twine Wicker Indian of Apple. This is an essential oil diffuser. And look at this shape. Here’s what I love about our essential oil diffusers. If you already have an essential oil diffuser from Best Scentsy Scents, you already have the base and that’s the most expensive part of the diffuser. This is actually a piece, well they must have it locked down on there so no one takes it.

But this is a piece that would slip right off of their normally and you can totally transition your diffuser that you already have and transition it to this brand new one just by buying the new shade Here. We’ve got some fun new buddy clips. Oh my goodness, how cute a turtle. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a turtle buddy clip. So these are fun. They have this um, little attachable ring. Great for backpacks, great for diaper bags. How cute is that? Hello, we’re Scentsy. They smell amazing. This one’s like a fresh beachy scent. I also, you love it. And since we’re on the beachy theme, oh why not a mermaid? How cute is she? Another one of the buddy clips perfect for backpacks or diaper bags. But friends, but friends. Do we have any Harry Potter fans out there? Because look at the golden snitch.

Oh my gosh, I am like practicing the biggest self-control not to just like this on my belt loop right now and walk away with it. This will be in my order on March 1st. I promise you that. And if you have not smelled the Wizarding world, Harry Potter, I have this in a bar at home and so good. It’s like a masculine fragrance but not like in your face cologne. I absolutely love this fragrance and I love the fact that we now have it in a scent pack. So if you have Hedwig the Owl Csy buddy, you need this, you need this to go inside of it guys, as we continue down the table, it’s all special release items. So a lot of these things you’re not gonna find in the catalog, but you will see me advertising them, um, periodically throughout the season. So we have a brand new cleaning line, I’m sorry, cleaning and let me see what I’m showing you.

Oh, this is our new cleaning line in the Daydream Oasis. But what I want to tell you about is the new body line in just breathe guys. I used to think that just breathe was just a winter fragrance because it’s eucalyptus, it’s meant think of like a VX smell. But I have a lot of friends that have gotten the pre-release of this and they say that in the body line. It’s perfect for the springtime cause it’s just a great natural light set. So body line and just breathe. We have a new cleaning line in Daydream Oasis, which is a fabulous spring fragrance. And check out these guys. This is a brick. Have you ever seen a brick of wax? This is our normal size. This is a break. Look at the difference in that size. But the sign, I didn’t even know these were coming out guys. The sign tells me that we are going to have these in the screen, the bricks. So cucumber and cactus, water, beach, daisy pink, apple and neck drink. Guys, I have to smell that cause it, it sounds like it’s gonna be amazing.

Oh, this is springtime, absolute springtime right there. And two more orchard by the sea. Hmm, interesting. I’m guessing some apple in that. Let’s see. Oh yeah, that’s like a mixture of um, Johnny Apple seed and buy the seed. Interesting mix, but I like it. And then we have summer berry melon. All of those will be coming out in the spring in our giant brick size. I love the bricks cuz they last forever and ever. Looks like we will be having a wolf box. You’ve heard of the W box from me, but this is a wolf box and Cy Pets in a wolf box form. Oh my goodness, I have some pet lovers. You guys are out there. I know you are and you’re gonna love, love, love that wood box. So as we continue down all the new Easter stuff, this is coming out very, very, very soon.

Look at this gorgeous little bunny warmer guys. Yes, it is Easter, but why could that not be up all springtime? Um, do you peep what’s behind there? Do we have any Wonder Woman fans? Guys, I’m gonna scoop some stuff outta the way because you have got to see the base of this Best Scentsy Scents warmer. Oh my gosh, it has the Wonder Woman logo right on the base. Look at what is that rope called? Her Rope of justice or something like that. <laugh> Width of justice. I don’t even know <laugh>, but I know that some of you Wonder Woman fans are absolutely going to love that warmer. Some fun summer stuff here. Hello Sunshine. I’m ready for that this winter weather needs to go away and bring in the sunshine. But, but, but, but these last two things guys. Um, hi, how cute is this? Any of you like to travel?

Do you have little ones that travel with you? Yeah, that’s a neck pillow. And it’s stinky guys. It smells amazing. But that’s squishing as I can just imagine A little bitty, loving sitting on an airplane with this around her neck. Love it. And look how cute is this? Another one of those buddy clips that I’ve been showing you, but a cute little rainbow is, I don’t even know when this is coming out. I haven’t ever seen this before. I’m so excited to see this here at the preview at World Tour. And last but not least, I want to show you right here the Flower Garden Festival Collection. Now here’s the cool thing guys. We are the official fragrance for Walt Disney World Resorts. And we have a display in Epcot down in Florida. These are three fragrances that they are featuring there. And we’re gonna do a little sniff test here.

Mint Fields, McKenzie, you know, I always talk to you about what you’re gonna love. This is totally your jam. My daughter McKenzie absolutely loves Mint and she’s gonna be so excited because she also loves Rose. And we, we have heirloom Rose. I have so many customers that beg for a good rose scent and it’s here. They finally got it. They’re like the best rose scent ever. Uh, Sandra, I’ll be reaching out to you about this one. I know you’re gonna absolutely love that because you’re always looking for good rose scents and soft plumer. I think of high school when I think of Plumeria, there was a lotion that everyone used to wear that was plumeria. Mm. So so, so good. Guys, I know I just blasted you with tons of information and tons of sneak peeks. But stay with me. Follow me on YouTube and you’re gonna see tons of these Best Scentsy Scents products throughout the season. But make sure that you’re also following me on social media. You can find me on Facebook at Jami Jo Sells Wax, also on Instagram at Jami Jo sells wax. If you see some stuff here that you might want, jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. And if it’s already released, it will be there. Otherwise, shoot me a text 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and ask me when your favorite product that you saw is gonna be available. Thanks so much for joining me today. Have a great day.