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Here at JamiJo, where we have the Best Scentsy Scents around, You can get started on your own since the business with just a click of a button. On our website, you can see at the very top of the left side of the screen you can hit the button that says get started and it will bring you to a separate site that gives you information on how to join. It is a very easy process that can do you some good. You can work whenever and wherever you would like because of how easy this process is. One of the perks of being a Scentsy consultant is that there is a possibility of earning all expense paid trips to amazing destinations so start packing because you need this in your life right now. and your Scentsy starter kits you will receive your own wax kits, catalogs, on the go fragrances, full size body car from each line, fragrance testers, laundry product, Guides, brochures and more. Again, this is a very easy process that anyone can go through to become a sales consultant for Scentsy and we highly recommend it to all of our customers, especially the repeats.

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Best Scentsy Scents | Why Scentsy?

With the very Best Scentsy Scents, you can accomplish so many different things through the sales world. If you are looking to make some extra money, selling Scentsy is a very simple and fun way to earn some additional income with a huge variety of tons of different products that everybody, ranging from kids to adults can love. You can work wherever and whenever you would like because it gives you the amazing flexibility to master a work and life balance and it also gives you time for what matters most in your life. If you want to go exploring or love traveling and adventures, one of the many many great perks of being a Scentsy sales consultant for JamiJo is that you have the possibility to earn an all expense paid trip to a very remarkable place, so start packing your bags because this is the spot for you and you are going to love this company.

You might be wondering how much am I able to make by working as a sales consultant with the Best Scentsy Scents? By working with Scentsy, you make 20% in commission, plus tons of bonuses and perks. So for example, if you were to make $200 in sales, your potential income would be about $40. If you made $800 in sales your potential income would be about $160 so obviously and clearly it is a very beneficial place to work. you can earn 20% on the very first 1,000 points in lifetime personal retail value and then 25% on all of your sales after that.

Your consultant sponsor is Jamie Sullins and she is one of our top sponsors here at Best Scentsy Scents. She recommends joining something because it is a really good investment to have and you can make tons of money from doing this. You might be asking what makes Scentsy so special? The Scentsy family has an indefinable quality that is called Scentsy spirit. It is the way that everybody shows how they express passion, encouragement, enthusiasm, and drive more than 250,000 people to come together to serve a greater purpose which is why we believe that Scentsy is one of the very best direct selling companies and you should join us today with just an easy phone call or online application. If you’re looking for a replacement dish for one of the holiday lights, you are in love because we sell this dish for only $8. That is right you heard only $8 you cannot beat these unbeatable prices.

JamiJo has the best opportunities for anyone looking to purchase scents, join the sales team, or get a starter kit and it is so incredibly easy to do so from our website which you can access from or if you have any further questions you can contact us personally at 918-888-9690. We are extremely excited to begin business with you and we hope you become a lasting client or eventually join us and become a sales consultant which gives you so many new and different opportunities.