Well, hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jamie. Joe sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008, so over 14 years now. And I am so excited today because I just got a shipment of the best Scentsy scents in and this is a rather small box because most of these orders were off my personal website and were drop shipped to my customers. But I am excited to open this box because I do have three customer orders in here, but the rest of what’s in this box is mine and I paid very little for it. And I am going to tell you guys the secret of how to get the most Scentsy for the littlest amount of money. A lot of the stuff in this box was absolutely free to me, so make sure you hang out with me while we unbox this.

So I can tell you my secrets for getting your best Scentsy scents for absolutely free. So I told you this is a pretty small box. It might look pretty big, but in relation to customer order boxes, this one is pretty small. Now I will tell you, like I said, I started all the way back in 2008. Online sales were not a huge thing. Then when I got started with the business, I was a full-time teacher when I got started and I started with the company because I fell in love with the products. But a lot of my teacher friends were wanting Scentsy as well. So I would do a lot of what was called catalog parties or tester parties where I would loan out my CII testers and catalogs to people. They would collect orders and they would then come to me, I would deliver ’em and that was that.

Also, I did a lot of home parties or home sent events way back in the day and I still do those and I still love to do those. Still love to do catalog and tester parties too. But I will tell you, the majority of my sales at this time in my business come from online. Now I do still have hostesses a lot of times that are sharing that link for me and when they share that link and their friends purchase the best Scentsy scents through that link, they are earning free and half price items. What’s in this box was one of my own personal shopping links. So my regular customers were shopping through this link and I was racking up the hostess rewards at the same time. So that is a brief overview of how I got all of this product for free and discount. But let’s see exactly what all I got and then I’ll go over the details of it with you.

Oh, we got stuff falling out. Okay, so there’s always packing paper and the reason for that is Scentsy is really good to package orders really well, what I love about that packing paper is it’s fully recyclable. Also, if you have an elementary school near you, a lot of art teachers love that because it can just be pressed out and it’s just fun, cheap, free drawing paper for their students. Okay, I’m gonna dig through here. Now, some of this stuff, like I said, was for customers. I have three customer orders in here. The rest of it is mine. So first I’m gonna pull out Joe’s order. This is an air purifier filter. She grabbed two of those because she has two air purifiers. I’ve been talking to her about Scentsy Club and I really, really know that she needs to do Scentsy Club. So when I deliver this, that will be another conversation I’m gonna have with her.

But she also got some pods. Um, one of the air purifiers is in her husband’s face, so she grabs him weathered leather. She told me to grab something citrus for hers, so I chose coconut lemongrass. So the air purifiers are absolutely amazing and my friend Joe loves hers and is sold on it. Okay, the next order I see it right in here is a gorgeous warmer and I do wanna unbox it and show it to you guys. It is the twinkle warmer. Now my friend Denise is who ordered this warmer. So let’s take a a quick little sneak peek if you were not familiar. Our business actually started with wax and warmers. So that is still our top selling item is our wax and warmers. And this is an absolutely gorgeous one. Look how beautiful that is. That is like all glitter, absolutely gorgeous. So I like to always open up the warmers that come in my orders just to do a little last minute quality check before I deliver it out to my customers.

Of course, if they’re ordering online, I don’t have the opportunity to do that, but if they were ordering directly through me, that’s one of the perks. That way, if there are any problems, I can take care of the exchange before the customer ever has to worry about it. I’m gonna set that to the side and worry about boxing it up properly later. Okay, so the next order I had is for my customer, Christie, and she ordered quite a few different things. She grabbed a couple things off of the clearance section of my website. So she got a really good deal. She got some best Scentsy scents Bud suds. This is our pet shampoo and we have discontinued that item from our catalog. So it’s in the clearance section for a grape price. She also scored some drier discs. Now we do still have dryer discs, but the fragrance she chose was a discontinued fragrance. So again, in the clearance section she got a room spray, aloe water and cucumber. That is a really great choice for a room spray. Our room spray bottles, they might look teeny tiny, but trust me, they pack a punch and they’re gonna have way more fragrance than those big bottles you would get at Walmart or Target. All right guys. Now this, I love it when I see this because this tells me that Cy is paying attention to the weather in our area.

This was delivered to Oklahoma. I live in Oklahoma and it’s getting hot here. So they watch the weather and if they think there’s any chance of melting happening, they use one of these fully insulated bags. This is an ice pack. So I’ve been to the warehouse. There’s just huge freezer bins full of these ice packs. That one’s fully melted, so thank goodness it was there. She grabbed some of the best Scentsy scents, jammy time, rainbow Sherbet, pink coconut, coastal Sunset, one of my favorites. Summer Moonlight, which I just discovered I really like. And here comes the Sunflower. So what a great colorful wax collection collection that she got. Okay, so that was Kristy’s order. The rest of what is in this box is mine to do with as I please. Now I’m gonna show you everything that I got and then I’m gonna tell you exactly how much I paid for it.

I got three of our fragrance flowers, one, two, and three. Now these fragrance flowers I am going to use to spoil some of my awesome customers. So I like to have a lot of products on hand, but I don’t have to pay for ’em cuz I’m doing things like this. I like to have a lot of products on hand that I can just spoil my customers and gift those to them for people that really support my business. A swivel air wall, fan purifier, no wall fan diffuser words, swivel wall, fan diffuser. I love these things. So they are fully plastic, so very difficult to break. There is no wax. They use pods instead of wax. No spill, no fuss. And I have the perfect spot in my home that I was needing another one. So I was glad to be able to score it with some hostess points and hostess goodies.

I always like to have light bulbs on hand. So I got um, three pack of the 20 watt, three pack of the 15 watt hand soap. Guys. I love the fact that I can use my host rewards for items that I need around the house anyway. I often use my hostess rewards for my laundry products, my cleaning products, and my bath and body products. This time I knew I was running low on soap, so I scored a couple of those best Scentsy scents and the rest of my hostess rewards are all in this bag right here. A whole bunch of scent circles. Now I love to just always have a huge variety of scent circles on hand and I like to have those because they’re just a great gift to give to people, to spark a conversation about the business, whether they’re looking for a Scentsy consultant, whether they’re looking to get some at a discount or whether they’re looking to make a little side cash.

So if I ever have one of those conversations with someone out and about maybe a waiter or a waitress or a clerk at Target, wherever I might be, I always keep one or two of these on hand in my purse to gift to those people. I also love to just have these on hand. So if I have a customer that I wanna send a little extra goodie to in the mail, I can do that as well. So again, just to recap, three fragrance flowers, a wall fan fuser, six light bulbs, two hand soaps, and I think there’s 12, yes, 12 cent circles here guys, with tax, with shipping, with everything. I paid only $28 and 21scentsfor this. That’s fabulous because one fragrance flower alone is valued at $16. So to get all of this for just $28 and 21scentsis absolutely amazing. Now, I told you I was gonna tell you my trick of how I did this and I kind of alluded to it throughout the video.

So while I am a consultant, I can also earn post rewards along the way from gathering orders from my best Scentsy scents customers. So I work to always have an online link open. Now I want to tell you that because if you choose to shop my website, I would love it if you always click on a party link. You might see some hostess names there and you choose to support one of them and I love that. If not choose the online order link or I, I name ’em different things from time to time. The reason for that is I use those rewards to get free product so I can spoil you guys my customers. So I gathered quite a few different orders and used my hostess rewards to get this stuff for free and for discounted. I love for my links to hit $500 in sales cuz that puts them to the top tier of rewards, which gets 15% of the sales in free product and then three half price items.

So this link did reach that $500 mark. So I had over $75 in credit and then three half price items. That’s how I’m scoring these products at such a huge discount. So a few things that you can do to get this discount yourself. You don’t have to be a consultant. I would love to just set you up a ordering link that you can share with your friends and family and earn the rewards just like I do. But if you wanna sweeten the deal a little bit more because I made commission off of all those sales and still reaps the benefits of the host rewards, if that’s something that’s appealing to you, let’s talk about you partnering with Scentsy just like I did. There’s quite a few different kit options and some of them are as low as $0 out of your pocket. So even if you are looking to make a little side cash, a little side hustle and money is super tight, we can still make this opportunity happen for you.

So there’s a couple different ways that you can reach me. My website is Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can jump on there anytime and order message me to set up a party or partner with Scentsy just like I did, or feel free to text me anytime. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Whether it’s about ordering, setting up a link or more information about partnering with Scentsy. I can answer all those questions through that text number right there. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. It’s also in the description of this video in case you didn’t get that number written down. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you get your best Scentsy scents for an amazing low price with freebies and discounts just like I do it.