Hey there guys. It’s Jami Jo again and I am with Jami Jo’s Sales Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now. Been partnered with the company since all the way back in 2008. Today I have an awesome collection for you guys. I have another six pack pick and again, this six pack pick has endless possibilities because the fragrances alone are so, so good and so all over the board, they don’t really like fit together when you think about these fragrances. But not only are the fragrances amazing, I have six different recipes to share with you guys again today. So the possibilities are endless with this six pack collection. Like I said, I have been with Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years. I fell in love with the best best Scentsy scents fragrance for three main reasons because the products are freaking amazing.

They work, they smell super good, they last a long time and they’re super strong. I know that they’re safe, they’re safe to have around my family and my pets, and I love that these products are affordable. Now the products are affordable just as it is, but I always come to you with a six pack pick because that is a great way to get stocked up on the best Scentsy scents wax. Cuz every time you buy five bars you’re going to get a bar free. So six packs are the way to go when you’re thinking about the smaller consumable items from Scentsy Fragrance. Let’s jump right into this scent collection. I’m gonna go through the fragrances for you. I’m not reading the official descriptions, I’m just gonna kind do ’em off the top of my head, tell you what I’m smelling and then we’ll talk about those recipes. So the first bar in this wax collection is Apple Teeny Splash.

Now this one is new this summer. Actually, I think maybe all of these are new this summer. Some of them are coming back. We’ve had ’em before, but they’re all summer fragrances. Okay, this is really good. You do smell that Appletini Appletini Splash. You know there’s gonna be apple in it, but it’s not like in your face Apple like Johnny Appleseed is. It’s a bit more mild. I mean if you can smell like a sparkling water, that’s kind of what it is. It’s definitely a more tame apple fragrance, but super, super yummy. Now this next one is one of my newer favorites. We had it in a collection last year and I’ll tell you I didn’t fall in love with it in the collection last year, but this year I have, I finally learned how to say it. It is I said that and now I, now I’m questioning myself.

I’m gonna say Kuck, Kie and Coconut. I’m pretty sure that’s correct. So I love this fragrance. Coconut is always a mild chill fragrance, but that kooi is a Hawaiian flour I believe. Maybe a Hawaiian fruit. Maybe I should have got the official descriptions out, but I just love it. It’s definitely a mild fragrance, but strong enough to smell. If you’ve been following my videos for any amount of time, you know that I love fragrances that you can smell and this one you can. I love it. It’s that coconut freshness but a little bit of punch on top of it guys, as soon as this one came out, lake my day, this is brand new this season. As soon as it came out, I knew it was gonna be above my best Scentsy scents and favorites lake. My day to me is definitely a masculine fragrance. I’m gonna guess there’s some samble wood in there cuz usually I love samble wood fragrances in the men’s collection. And this one definitely has it. Like my day, as soon as this came out, I got it in a scent circle and hung it in my car cuz I love it. Raspberry hibiscus tea. Now in the wintertime, if you are a Winterberry Tea fan, this is your summer version Raspberry Hibiscus tea.

I think this is so yummy. I wish that I had this in like a glass of ice right now because I would drink this up super fast. It’s so good. You can smell that raspberry sweetness, but that touch of floral undertone with a bit of earthiness and uh, as weird as it sounds, you can smell the tea Vitamin unwind. Now this came out in a limited time offer collection of vitamin fragrances, but everyone loved this one. I will tell you personally, not my jam. It’s very, very, very light, very unassuming and like I said earlier, I prefer fragrance fragrances that are in your face. However, this is a great one to have on hand if fragrances tend to be a bit too much for you or if we’re gonna do like we’re gonna do in a second and do some scent mixing. Sometimes a lighter fragrance is always good to have on hand.

We’re gonna round out this collection with Watermelon Tangerine. Again, this was in a summer collection last year, I believe. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Watermelon and tangerine. You can smell the tartness of that tangerine, but kind of like that watermelon, bubblegum undertones. It’s really good. It’s really fruity. Um, I do enjoy this one. So that is your six pack pick, but I told you it was gonna get a little better. We do have some recipes that we’re gonna go through with these fragrances. So Lake Life, we’re gonna take Lake My Day and Vitamin Unwind, which I think this is gonna be a great pairing because this one’s super in your face. This one is a bit more tame. This fragrance mix, this recipe is called Lake Life. Oh, I would’ve never really put these two together guys. I didn’t come up with these recipes. I found ’em online from some of my Scentsy friends, but they really nailed it with this one. That’s fun because it’s the masculine noticeability at first, but then it kind of chills out and tames it back a little bit. I like that lake my day and Vitamin Unwind. That’s a fun best Scentsy scents mix. Um, the next one we’re gonna go to Raspberry Refresher. Of course we’re gonna grab that Raspberry Hibiscus tea and watermelon Tangerine. Oh, okay, okay, okay.

Oh that is tart. That is noticeable. Very fruity. If you’re loving fruit fragrances right now, this is a good mix for you. Let’s keep moving on. Lakeside sips. Oh, how fun. Appletini Splash and Lake. My day down here in Oklahoma, we have lots of lakes. People are spending tons of time on the lake and many of the marinas around do have cocktail hours. Oh, you know this. It’s not what I expected. It really takes on more of an earthy fragrance. This mix. I never would’ve expected this. The earthiness of the lake. My day definitely mixes well with the fruitiness of the Appletini Splash. So good. Okay, soon as I stop this video, I’m doing this mix up in my living room. Yeah. Ooh, I’m gonna put those to the side. Yeah. Miam, um, summer Spa Day Coco and Coconut and Vitamin Unwind. Oh, I bet this is gonna be a really good chill fragrance. Oh yeah. If you need to chill out that this is the mix you need to do. Vitamin Unwind and cuckoo E and coconut. Very spa-like very fresh, very unassuming Summer vibes, which is Appletini Splash and Watermelon. Tangerine. Hm. This one’s gonna be fruity for sure.


I smell a lot of the watermelon in this best Scentsy scents mix. Watermelon and apple. What a fun mix. I like it. I think that would be a yummy little cocktail. Grab me some watermelon pucker and some appletini. I don’t know. Okay, we’re gonna round this recipe session out with Hawaiian raspberry, which is Coco and Coconut and the Raspberry Hibiscus tea. Now guys, remember you can mix anything you want. These are just suggestions and you can do one and one, two and one. If you like one better, like the one that was like my day and Vitamin Unwind, I would probably do two of the Vitamin Unwind and one like my day. If you have a scent that is super powerful, you can always cut it back and double up the other one. What are we doing here? Hawaiian raspberry, coco and coconut and Raspberry Hibiscus tea?

Huh? I’m not sure about that one. I’d have to warm that one and and really see about it guys. I would love to know what recipes and what mixes you guys are doing. I’ve shared a couple of these videos with you guys, but I would love to know what recipes you guys have come up with and I would love to feature them here on a video and give you a little shout out for that. So if you have a favorite recipe or scent mix with your Scentsy wax bars, put them the comments. Let me hear what you guys are mixing up and loving. But as soon as this video’s over, I’m gonna go do this mix, this Appletini splash and Lake my day. It’s super yummy. Mm. Of course. Like my day is one of my favorites. Anyway. All right guys, if you wanna get the six pack, you can jump onto Jami Jo sells wax.com, go to specials and under specials.

That’s where you will find the bundle and save options where you can get that free bar with the buy five get one free. Uh, or you can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I would be happy to help you create a set mix of your own, a six pack of your own. You can get your own best Scentsy scents six pack pick. So let me help you with that guys. Just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you come up with some fun little scent mixes and scent creations of your own.