Good morning, good afternoon, <laugh>. Maybe I should say good evening. I don’t know when you’re watching this, but no matter when you watch this, I am so glad that you are here. My name is Jami Jo and I have a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells wax. I specialize in Best Scentsy Scents fragrance products and today I have an amazing six pack for you. So we are going to talk today about six Scentsy fragrances that not only smell amazing on their own, but with these six different fragrances. I also have six different recipes for you. So I am going to tell you 12 different fragrances made from six bars, but really the possibilities are endless cuz you can mix and match fragrances anytime. So we’ll get into that in just a second. Guys, I told you my name is Jami Jo and I have a business partnering with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance.

I have been working with Scentsy fragrance products since all the way back in 2008. So over 14 years ago I partnered with Best Scentsy Scents and I have never looked back. I absolutely love the products, I love the opportunity that this company has afforded me, and I love the perks of having my Scentsy business. But let’s talk products because that is really what matters. If you’re looking at fragrances, I love the FR products because they work, they smell amazing, they’re strong, they last a long time. I also love that they’re safe. I found Scentsy when I was a public school teacher. I was using it in my classroom. I knew it was perfectly safe to have around all those kids, but I also started using it in my home, around my family and around my pets, and I knew I had nothing to worry about. And the third reason I fell in love with Best Scentsy Scents fragrance products is they are affordable.

I love that I can afford these products. It’s a nice little treat for myself that doesn’t break the bank. So 14 years ago, I fell in love with them for those reasons, and I’m still using them today and still finding new things that I love about Scentsy, especially scent mixes and scent recipes. So let’s jump right in today and talk about the six pack picks that I have for you today, and then the different recipes that I’m going to share with you. Now, I often do six pack picks and I am asked a lot, why six? What’s the magic number of six? What? What’s the deal? And the reason that I always choose a six pack pick is because with Scentsy fragrance, when you buy five of our small consumable products, you always get the sixth for free. So just like you enjoy a six pack of soda or another beverage, you will also enjoy a six pack of Best Scentsy Scents fragrance.

So today’s six pack, let me go through the different fragrances, tell you a little bit about those fragrances, and then we will jump right into the recipes. Guys, I’m not even getting the actual description out of the catalog because these are pretty self-explanatory. The first one that we have is baked apple pie. Guys, you know what a baked apple pie smells like. Think of those yummy cinnamon apples with that vanilla crumbly crust. That is what we are smelling right here with baked apple pie. An amazing fragrance on our own, but we’re gonna make it a little bit better after that. We have blueberry cheesecake. Now, blueberry cheesecake. Fun story about it. When I was still teaching, I often taught life skills in my classroom because I specialized with students that had special needs. We were teaching life skills to these kids. And cooking is one of the things that I often did.

Anytime I warmed a blueberry cheesecake in my classroom, everyone that walked in just automatically assumed we were baking muffins. They call it blueberry cheesecake. I think they missed the mark on that because to me it is a blueberry muffin, no questions asked. That yummy, creamy, thick batter with those super good, fresh blueberries. That’s what I smell in that one. Now, lemon drizzle cake, pretty self-explanatory. Again, all of these today, I really don’t have to read the descriptions because the name says it all. Lemon drizzle cake. Ugh, it’s that tartness, but that buttery creaminess so good. It’s almost like I, I feel like I can dip my finger down into the icing and try a sample of it right now, but I, I’m not gonna lick that. I don’t think I’ll do that after that. We have Mocha Doodle moca Doodle is a yummy little blend of coffee and chocolate.

It’s a little bit of heaven. If you enjoy coffee fragrances, if you love the smell of walking into your local coffee shop, you’re gonna love Mocha doodle. I will say it’s a little bit heavier on the chocolate side than some of our other coffee fragrances, but a super yummy scent. Nonetheless, after that, I am featuring sugared strawberry. Guys, you know what strawberries smell like, but just imagine chopping them up for some strawberry shortcake, sprinkling some sugar on top of it. That’s exactly what we’re getting here. If you grew up in the late eighties, uh, you might have had a strawberry shortcake doll and she had a yummy little scent about her. And that is what I smell when I smell sugared strawberry. And the last of our six pack pick is vanilla bean buttercream. Guys, this is a vanilla cupcake to a tea. I think they also could have named this wedding cake because I kind of get that vibe from it too.

But really, let’s be honest, vanilla bean buttercream and wedding cake, super similar. So those are the six pack pick. Those are six super yummy fragrances, but let’s do it up a little better. Did you guys know that you consent mix? Absolutely. You can make recipes with Best Scentsy Scents fragrance just like you would anything in your kitchen. Pick two or maybe even three if you’re feeling a little adventurous fragrances, mix them up. Now all of my recipes are equal parts, so I recommend two and two cubes. If you have a full size warmer or maybe just a half cube and half cube, if you were talking about one of the little mini wall nightlight plugins. So the first one is chocolate chip cookies. If you love the smell of chocolate chip cookie, grab you some mocha doodle, grab you some vanilla bean buttercream and, and mix those two together.

Oh, that’s so good guys. I have not tried any of these mixes. I am giving to them them to you first. Um, I grab them from a friend online, but that one, like it’s on point. It’s on point. If you love the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, you’re gonna love that fragrance. The next one is lemon berry trifle. You guys can probably guess what’s in that. Uh, we’re gonna put that lemon drizzle cake. We’re gonna put that sugared strawberry. And let’s see. Oh, you know, I might actually mix a little vanilla bean buttercream with this too. I remember growing up, my mom used to make this dessert. She would get an angel food cake and tear it into little chunks, put it in this beautiful bowl. She would layer the angel food cake, um, vanilla pudding, and then a mixture of fresh fruits and do that a couple times over.

Not only was it a beautiful dessert, but it tasted really good too. So I think, I mean, you could just do the lemon drizzle cake, the sugared strawberries, but I think pop in some vanilla bean buttercream in there too. And it might be my mom’s trifle. I don’t know. Just might be warm apple sundae. Ooh, I see where this one’s going. We’re gonna take baked apple pie, which is already super yummy. Add some vanilla bean buttercream in there. Just give it a little more vanilla sweetness. Oh yeah, they’re calling it warm apple sundae. This is like an apple crumble ode. So, so, so good. Okay, moving right along. Berry Brumble, have you had berry brumble? I’ve never had berry brumble, but blueberry cheesecake, sugared strawberry. I remember my mom used to tell the story of me as a baby. I like to blueberry buckle, which was a baby food.

Oh, this one I might recommend. One blueberry cheesecake and two sugared strawberry. That blueberry cheesecake is just so strong, I’m afraid it’s gonna overpower the strawberry. So maybe one and two. You just have to play around with these mixes until you get it just right. Blueberry lemon cake. Hello. Yes, please. Blueberry cheesecake lemon drizzle. I have a feeling that you’re gonna need to double up that lemon. Oh, maybe not, huh? Those compete pretty well. I, I always think that blueberry cheesecake is stronger, but, but that lemon drizzle cake is super strong too. And they compete really well together. I shouldn’t say compete. It was a really good mix. And then, oh, I should’ve known this one was coming. I didn’t look at this list before I even clicked the Go live button, but strawberry shortcake, I mentioned that to you guys earlier. That’s what these sugared strawberries remind me of. Pop a little vanilla bean buttercream, and they’re with it as well.

That is 4th of July. That is what 4th of July should smell like some strawberry shortcake. So super yummy guys. I highly recommend this six pack just because it’s almost like an All-American six pack, an All-American Summer six pack, but so many different possibilities of what you can make with this. These six fragrances. You can get them online at Jami Jo sells Make sure you look at the tab that says specials. Um, that is where you’re gonna find that six pack because if you just order the fragrances alone, it’s not gonna give you that discount. If you go to the specials tab and look at the combined saves, you can get that six pack. If you have any questions or would want me to handle your order, I’m happy to do that. You can just shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. We can get you all of these fragrances so you can enjoy them separately or have fun creating recipes of your own guys. Just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help your house smell like this All American Summer desserts.