<silence> Hey guys, thanks so much for popping by. Jamie. Joe sells Wax. This is a YouTube channel where we talk about all things Scentsy. So if you are a fan of Scentsy or you will just want to know more about S Scentsy, make sure you subscribe to this channel. I come to you each day and I showcase either the opportunity, a product line, fragrance recommendations. We’re just talking about all things Scentsy related. So if that interests you, please subscribe. My name is Jami Jo and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for almost 15 years now on October 20th, it will be 15 years that I have been with this company and I have loved every single minute of it. Not only are their products freaking bomb.com, but Scentsy has given me so many opportunities that I can make like a an hour video about everything that Scentsy has done for me.

Heck, it could probably be longer than that, but I, bottom line is I love SS Scentsy and I love Scentsy Fragrances. That is the heart of this business. We are a fragrance company and we have so many really good fragrances. Today is a six pack pick. This is my six pack pick for the best autumn and fall fragrances. So if you are a sweater weather loving girl or guy, this is the set for you. Now when I do these scent recommendations, I always do them in a six pack and I’m often asked why I do that. It’s because a six pack is the best way to get your s Scentsy fragrance. ’cause anytime you buy five bars, you’re gonna get that six bar for free. With our combined it say package deal. Also, if you don’t wanna do a six pack pick or, I mean there’s so many other benefits.

S Scentsy club is a great way to get your Scentsy fragrance as well. Any Scentsy order of $30 or more through club gets 10% off. When you bump that to $60 order, you also get a half price item. So if you’re a true Scentsy addict or you just love to always have your Scentsy fragrance on hand, think about doing a club order. It might be the way to go. Let’s jump into this six pack pick. I told you this is for our sweater, weather loving people all fall and harvest. So we’re gonna jump right in with Autumn Hearth. This is a fragrance that we’ve had around for a while and it is clove, cinnamon spice, all those happy, warm, cuddly fall sense right in your face at once. So since

He tells us and it’s kind of, I’m stopped up. Sinuses allergies. So I’m, this is one that I can still smell some of these. Well, actually all of these I could smell ’cause they’re pretty sassy. But when I was going through my wax closet, there were some of ’em. I couldn’t even smell this one. I can though, uh, cin, he tells us, cue up a classic Apple cinnamon and Tonka. That’s what fall is all about. That’s interesting that they don’t even mention clove. ’cause to me, I, this is like heavy on the clove, but I don’t know that I know what Tonka smells like.

Maybe it’s Tonka that I’m smelling and I just don’t know it. But that is Autumn Hearth. If you love spicy, if you love the smell of Kirkland’s, you guys know that’s where Kirkland’s, um, this smells like Kirkland’s to me. It’s just the epitome of fall fragrance. So we have another one with Autumn in the name. This is Autumn Sunset. This fragrance has been around in the, um, fall and winter season as long as I can remember. And I joined in a fall 15 years ago. So it is not wanting to come out of there. If you guys wonder why I always pop the bars out, it’s ’cause you get the best fragrance experience from the bottom of the bar if they’ve been stored like this. And that is how you should store your bars. Always store your bars like this. We scent load our wax like you would not believe sometimes if you storm like this or like this, the oils, we put so much oil in our wax.

Sometimes the oils seep out and they can make a mess. If you stand it like this, it can drip out the sides. If you do it like that, it could, it can drip everywhere. So always store your bars like this. But if you want the best scent experience, smell the bottom of it because all those oils have settled down to the bottom. Now Autumn sunset to me, is a little more chill than Autumn Hearth. It’s still that fall fragrance that spicy, that yumminess. There’s definitely some sweetness on this one as well. If you like in your face fragrance, go with Autumn Hearth if you like. Just a, a more chill, but still a great fall fragrance. Autumn sunsets for you. This one says Apple’s, pumpkins, fall leaves and spices. This is one of our top 10 fragrances by the way. That’s why it’s been around for so long.

I love it ’cause it’s that sweetness, but it has the spicy on top of it. It’s not one of those that makes your eyes water, but it still makes you think of fall. Now this is one of my personal top tens cider mill. I love anything cider. We also have a cedar cider. I didn’t pull it for this six pack pick, but it’s, it’s so good too. I guess I just love anything cider based. Let’s see what I get right off the top with this. Definitely some. Um, I I guess it is pumpkin. I was gonna say like a, a warm vegetable, like a uh, it sounds weird to say something smells like a vegetable, but this reminds me of when I go to Haiti. For those of you who don’t know, Haiti is like my favorite place in the world. Um, I’ve been there nine times.

They have a pumpkin soup and it’s so good. Um, this reminds me of that I’m not normally a pumpkin spice fan, but I love this ’cause it reminds me of Haiti. Uh, this says Cider mill brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat. I would put this like in between autumn hearth and autumn sunset. So on a spiciness level, autumn Hearth, the most cider mill in the middle. Autumn sunset, a little bit sweeter, not quite as spicy. So that’s how I would level those. Let’s move on and turn. Talk about first day of fall. Like it’s crazy. You would think. How many different ways can scenty mix pumpkin apples and spices? But they do and they all smell very different and they all smell very good. Okay guys, I wanna show you, this is a bar that’s been sitting a while.

So you can see like even in the lid, it’s kind of oily. That’s okay. That’s simply what I was talking about, how the oils settle in the wax. So if you ever have wax that looks like this, don’t stress, don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly fine. It will still warm beautifully. You might just get a little oil on your hands. So either you can walk around smelling super yummy or just wash your hands to get it off. It’s not a big deal at all. First day of fall, definitely warmer. This is a deeper fragrance than the others. This is first day of fall. All the best parts are here. Just picked pumpkin, a breath of autumn, woods, ground nutmeg and eight dash of cinnamon. This is the deepest of all the fragrances. So a lot more pumpkin in there. Not as much spice in first day of fall.

Let’s move on to pumpkin cinnamon swirl. Now if you guys have watched my videos for a while, you know I’m not a huge fan of the pumpkin. So sometimes the last six pack pick I did was all pumpkin since. Um, this one is a lot of pumpkin since they’re not really my jam. I’m more of a woodsy girl. But this is my favorite of the pumpkin named ones pumpkin cinnamon swirl. It is pumpkin, it is cinnamon stick and it is whipped icing. So it’s like, it’s like a pumpkin muffin. Well, no ’cause icing muffins don’t have icing. A cupcake is a muffin with icing. So it’s a cupcake, it’s a pumpkin cupcake. It’s got that sweetness of like a pumpkin bread, a pumpkin cupcake, something like that because you do smell the pumpkin, you smell the spice. But that icing just rounds it all out and gives it that sweetness.

So if you like pumpkin but you like super sweet the bakery since pumpkin, cinnamon swirl is for you. And then I’m gonna round out the set with fall feeling. This is one of our brand new fragrances. First time out this season. We have never seen this one before and honestly I don’t remember what it smells like and I’m not gonna cheat by looking at my list beforehand. I’m gonna pop it out and give it a first sniff for you myself. Not that my sniffer’s working really well. Oh, this one’s totally different than those other ones. I would say this one is like a pumpkin spice, but it almost has like a soapy or a clean scent with it as well.

Interesting. Now I gotta see what’s in it. Um, okay fall feeling fresh blood orange and sugared cranberry, cozy up with juniper, sprig, and a dash of sparkling clove on a perfectly crisp day. So that juniper in there is what’s making me think of like, um, a fresh and clean fragrance. The mixture of the fruity with the pine, and then the little bit of spice. Okay guys, I’m not really like a sweater weather loving girl. I mean I love me a cozy sweater, but as far as fragrances go, that’s really not my jam. I’m more of a woodsy fragrance girl. But this, I’m gonna have to warm this full feeling. It’s got some potential for me in my home ’cause it’s a great mix of all kinds of different fragrances. So there is my six pack pick for all things at autumn and fall. If you wanna grab this six pack pick, there’s two different ways you can do it.

You could shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Let me know that you wanna do that or you can just jump on my website. It’s Jami Jo sells wax.com. You’re gonna go to the, I think it says discounts and deals. You’ll have to scroll down a little bit and go to the combine and save section. Do your six pack pick there. The great thing about building your own six pack pick is maybe some of these intrigued you, but maybe some of them you’re like, eh, not my jam. You can make your own six pack pick of whatever fragrances you want out of all of the stents that we have. You get to custom design your six pack pick. So it’s a great way to go for your Scentsy fragrances. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to hopefully help you make your home, your office, all of your surroundings smell super good and get you the best prices possible. Other than that, guys, I just want you to have a scent sensational day.