<silence> Well, hello there. Thank you so much for stopping by. Jami Jo sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I have a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance. I have been working with them for almost 15 years now, loving their fragrance every day of that 15 years. And I am so excited to come here today and share with you guys the best sense since for the holiday season of 2023. Guys, if you love s Scentsy Fragrance, make sure that you like this video. You subscribe to my channel because I am coming to you all the time with new product releases, with um, reviews of SS Scentsy products and sometimes, um, a little teaser about some great things that are going on in the business and the opportunity that the the s Scentsy business could be for you. But today, our topic is the best Scentsy since for the holiday season of 2023.

Scentsy made it so easy for you guys, so easy for me too. I didn’t even have to pick these fragrances. So many times when I make scent recommendations, I’m having to go through all my waxes and make decisions for you, but today I don’t have to because they have curated this super cute bundle just for the holiday season of 2023. When you get the entire collection, you get this super cute little bag with it. There are five bars of wax in here and you know that we’re gonna go through those fragrances, but you get five bars of wax. Our wax is normally $6 a bar in the us but if you get this collection as a set, you can buy them separately. But if you get the collection as a set, you’re gonna get all of them for $25, making them just $5 a bar.

And you get this cutesy, cutesy little bag too. How about that? So let’s go ahead and jump right in. What I love about this fragrance collection is that they have chosen holiday fragrances from several different categories. It’s not just like all holiday bakery sense or all holiday woodsy scents. You guys know that. I’ll do some of those videos for you guys too. So if you are a lover of a certain category, I’ll make sure that you know what to get. But this collection is just kind of all over the board. So let’s jump right in. I am going to give you my first impression of the fragrances. And guys, I haven’t even smelled these yet. They just came in my box. I have not even opened ’em up. So you are truly going to get my first impression of these fragrances. And then we’re going to look at the scent descriptions by s Scentsy themselves to see

What they say about them. So this one is called Cherries Jubilee. Obviously some of these names kind of tell us what’s in them. This smells like straight in your face, cherry, I wanna say like cherry cough syrup, but not in a bad way. That kind of has a negative connotation. It’s a very good scent. Very, very sweet. Um, yeah, the best description I can give is cherry cough syrup, but in a good way, maybe like a cherry wine almost. Super sweet. I, it’s almost like I can taste the cherry pie filling in my mouth. This is a really good one. I’m not normally a super sweet fan, but I’m enjoying this one Scentsy tells us that it’s black, cherry, raspberry and lemon zest. Interesting. Now I’m gonna smell it again. See if I can, I do get that little twist of lemon at the end.

I like it. Yeah, it’s good. Like I said, not not typically my scent style, but I like it. So this one is called Vanilla Barnwood. If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you know that I tend to like woodsy fragrances, so I’m wondering if this is gonna be my jam. Oh, I totally busted this bar. Anyway, we’re gonna smell a really weird looking one. Yeah, definitely woodsy. I, it almost smells like some waffle cone in there though. It’s, it’s not straight woodsy. I’m kind of on the fence. It’s almost a little bakery ish.

Definitely you get that vanilla, but there are some other hints in there. I, I can’t even peg it. So we’re gonna go straight to the description and see what’s in here. Uh, vanilla barnwood. Hmm. Interesting. Vanilla, amber and barnwood. I didn’t know that barnwood was like a real fragrance. Evidently it is. Guys, I still smell a little bit of bakery in there. I don’t know. I, I don’t know that I trust their scent description ’cause I’m definitely smelling some other things in there too. Um, rum, pum plum. That’s gonna be a tongue twister this season. Rum p plum definitely warm. Almost like a mulberry cranberry. I mean obviously by the name I’m gonna assume there’s some plum, those dark fruits.

It gives me a little hint of like the old strawberry shortcake dolls, but not as much as a lot of our strawberry ones have. But it’s got that little bit of <laugh>, I hate to say it, but like plasticy fruitiness in there. It’s is warm. It’s definitely warm. My grandma, her favorite is mulberry and we have not had a mulberry in a while, but I’m gonna have her smell this one ’cause I think she’ll like it. It’s plum jam, vanilla sugar and flaky buttery crust. If you like those warm deep fruits, that’s gonna be a good one for you. Cranberry candy cane. You know, there had to be some sort of peppermint in this collection ’cause I told you it was like all things Christmas. You, I feel like you can’t have a Christmas without peppermint guys. These are not wanting to pop outta here.

And if you’re wondering why I pop them out of the container, it’s because our fragrances at the warehouse are stored like this. Um, and sometimes all the fragrance oil goes down to the bottom of the container. It’s a good thing. That way they don’t get, um, like oily and and icky. But sometimes to get the true fragrance, you have to smell the bottom of the bar if they’ve been stored for a while. Yep, there’s that. Peppermint, this is an interesting mix. I don’t know that we’ve ever had like a fruit and a candy cane or a fruit and a peppermint together.

It kind of is reminiscent of a dental office. But again, not in a bad way. I feel like my descriptions today are kind of negative, but I don’t mean them that way ’cause I’ve really enjoyed all these fragrances. Cranberry candy cane. Hmm. Fresh cranberries, peppermint sticks and pomegranate it. It tells you everything in the name. I really enjoy it. I would say that that cranberry on top of the candy cane. Some it, it like tames it down a little bit. Sometimes the peppermints of the candy canes can be like eye watering ’cause they’re like so strong and I feel like that cranberry on top of the candy cane chills it out a bit. This is when I will definitely be warming for the holiday season. Yeah, that’s probably my favorite so far. We have one more and it’s green. You guys know I love green fragrances ’cause those are usually woodsy fragrances and woodsy is where my heart is.

So this one is called sleigh ride. Let’s see what we’ve got in here. Yep, there’s my pine, there’s my Christmas tree. I knew it was coming. I knew there would be one in this collection. There’s my Christmas tree. It’s again, it’s tamed down. It’s a tamed down version. Normally Christmas tree scent. I go for very snowy spruce. We’ve had it several different holiday seasons. I use an artificial tree in my house and I always put a wall fan diffuser behind my tree with very snowy spruce in it makes it smell like a real tree. Um, this is like that spruce that that Christmas tree smell, but it’s kind of chilled down a little bit. I wonder if maybe there’s some vanilla in it. Let’s see. No interesting crisp air, fallen fur, needle and cranberry. So that cranberry is what’s chilling it out. Okay, so I see a pattern here.

We have cranberry chilling out the pine. We have cranberry chilling out the candy cane. I really love this selection guys. It’s rare that Scentsy puts out a collection of this many bars and I really like them all, but they’ve done it this time. These are the best CIN cents for the holiday season. These release on October 1st, and hopefully we have enough in stock to last the entire holiday season. But they are featured in our holiday brochure, which is limited time offer. Now the thing is, when we say limited time offer, a lot of our products are being made like years in advance. Maybe not years, but a year in advance. So if we sell out of it, it’s really hard for us to get enough in time for that season. That being said, our wax bars are all poured, melted, poured, created here in the US in just outside of Boise, Idaho.

So the only thing that holds them up and causes them to sell out or go on extreme back order is if we don’t have enough of the fragrance oils that are in them. So that is a possibility, but a lot of times if wax collections sell out, they can make more really fast. Um, this is a great collection. I have a feeling this is gonna sell well. As soon as people start smelling these, they’re gonna love them and fall in love with them. Like I said, $25 gets you the entire set. You can grab it at Jami Jo sells wax.com after October 1st, or if you have any questions about Scentsy fragrance purchasing products, earning products for free and discounted or even interested in the partnership with Scentsy so you can make a little cash, feel free to reach out to me. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a Sational Day.