Hey guys, it’s Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sell Wax, and we are hanging out again today In my bathroom, you’ll notice that I have a tub full of water and that’s because I was just taking some shots using our new Scentsy soak. And this room now smells absolutely amazing. So I decided to just stay in here and shoot the entire video before I move up closer. And it focuses that way. I want you to notice this stand back here with several different jars of Scentsy soak because I’m gonna talk to you guys about that in just a little bit. But today we are talking about Scentsy soak. Best Scentsy Scents Soak is by far my favorite product in all of the body line of products. Now, I’ve been telling you about some body products here recently that sad news and good news and Scentsy soap breaking my heart is on that list of items that Scentsy is going to remove from the catalog.

Breaking My Heart, because this is one of the products that I regularly use, if I were to open this cabinet right here, I think there’s maybe like five or six bags of CZI soak in there right now. But I will be stocking up before the end of February because they are 20% off and I know that they’re leaving as a regular catalog item. So I would be grabbing a bunch of them. CINs promised to, promised us that they will continue to make them on a limited time basis. I told you this room smelled so good because my bathtub was run from shooting some shots for you guys for videos. And I am using whipped vanilla lavender. Mm, so good. But it came out last Mother’s Day as a limited time offer. I fell in love with it, stocked up on it, so I’m still using it.

So I would encourage you to do the same. If you’re intrigued by Scentsy soak or if you already know that you love Scentsy soak stock up now and get that for you. But if you don’t know about CIN soak, let’s talk about this product. Now, CIN soak actually is the second of our bathtub products. I’m gonna open this bag so I can show you the actual product. We actually started with bath bombs. Bath bombs were all the rage a couple years ago and Best Scentsy Scents was gonna jump on board. So they started doing bath bombs and we consultants and our customers, we loved them. These bath bombs were amazing, but they were $8 each. And you, you got one bath and that $8 went down the drain. Now some people were getting creative and breaking the bath bombs in half and, but what a mess to just save a little money.

Also, Scentsy was realizing that the cost to make the bath bombs, that’s the reason they were $8 because they were having to pay someone to hand press those bath bombs. There was, I’m gonna say runoff, but that’s not the right word. As people were pressing the bath bombs, the, the stuff that made the bath bump was dropping into a bin underneath and they realized that it could still be used in a tub. So they bagged it up and that’s how we came to scent CIN soak. So you can kind of see here, it’s like a powder stuff. Ignore my nails, I’m letting him breathe. I’m normally a fake nail wearer, but I’m letting him breathe. So look at the soak, not my nails. Um, soak is just crushed up bath bombs. Here’s the beauty of it. I told you a bath bomb was $8.

You only got one bath from it. This whole giant bag here, two pounds worth is $12. You can use as little or as much as you want. So it is so much more affordable. I’m often asked how many baths do I get out of a bag? I am very generous with my cent soap. I don’t measure it. Well, I do measure it to like giant handfuls in the tub, maybe a little more if I’m feeling frisky. So I usually get four to five baths out of a bag. So what exactly is this stuff? It is a fragranced bath salt. It’s a mixture of Himalayan salt and Epsom salt. So if you know anything about Epsom salt, you know that that is what is great for sore mu muscles, achy muscles, anytime that you’re in pain from working out, if you helped a friend move whatever you’ve done to cause your muscles to be tight and sore, Epsom salt is your magic salt that is going to make you feel better.

So yes, it does have the same properties as an Epsom salt that you would get from the big box store, but it also has moisturizers, it has aloe, and it has sunflower oil. So not only are you getting those properties of the Epsom salts and relieving those, that muscle pain, but you’re also getting some great moisturization and hello, this is a Best Scentsy Scents product so you know that it is going to smell great. So that’s what this stuff is. So let me tell you a little bit of a funny story. In our house with CIN soak, we were not really bathtub people. Now that was before this gorgeous tub that my husband put in. If, if you have a tub like this, you become a bath person. But before this tub, when we just had a regular tub, we were not really bathtub people. We had lived in houses that just had showers and then when we did get a tub, it just wasn’t something that we took the time to do.

My daughter actually, um, referred to baths as people soup and we thought that was the funniest thing. We asked her about it. She said that when, when she was younger, you know, kids say the funniest things. She kept calling it people soup and we questioned her on it and she says, well mom, when you make soup, you do a pot of hot water and then you put all the vegetables in it. That’s how you make vegetable soup or you’re making chicken soup. You, you put chicken broth and then you put the chicken in it. So what is a bathtub but just people soup? It’s hot water with the people in it. <laugh>.

So we weren’t really bath people, we did not prefer people soup in our house. However, when Spy came out with their bath bombs and then subsequently their Scentsy soak, of course I wanted to try the product. I like to know everything that I am expected to sell. Being a Scentsy consultant, I tried it and I quickly became a bath person because this stuff is that good. Now, I did have one fear. I often, in the past when I would use fragrance items on certain areas of my body, I was prone to infections. So I was really concerned about that because if you’ve ever had an infection like that, they are no fun whatsoever. So I was hesitant on how often or even if I could use the bath bombs and then Scentsy soak. I am thrilled to say that I have not had an issue with that at all.

And I’ll tell you guys, I’m soaking in this tub with some csy soak at least twice a week, sometimes more. One of the reasons that more people can use Scentsy soak that have not been able to use fragrance bath products in the bath past is because Best Scentsy Scents CIN soak is non-toxic and it is non irritating. It is paraben free. So a lot of other bath products have some nasties in it and ours is non-toxic, non irritating and paraben free. So some great great um, selling points to this CIN soap here is a super important thing, especially if you’re the one that has to clean your house. When I would use any other bath product in the past, if I did take a bath, I would get so annoyed because I would take the bath to relax, I’d get a book, I’d spend some quiet time, and then when I got out of my nice relaxing bath, I would have to clean the bathtub cuz either there was a color ring inside of it or oil was left inside and I didn’t wanna have anyone slipping and falling or there was just residue left in the tub.

One beautiful thing about Scentsy soak is the fact that it rinses clean away. I do not have to wash the tub after I have enjoyed a nice relaxing bath. On top of that, when I get out of the tub, my muscles feel great because of those Epsom salts, but also my skin feels absolutely amazing because what makes us different than a lot of other Epsom salt or bath salt products is the fact that we do add those moisturizers. So your skin is going to feel absolutely amazing after you have a Scentsy soak bath as well. Couple other high Best Scentsy Scents points on the product. These are made in Idaho, so made right here in America. Um, our stint soak is gluten free and it is safe for all ages. Of course we have to say with supervision. So I would highly, highly, highly recommend that you give csi soak a try, grab it, quit because like I said, it is being discontinued from our normal product line.

If you are watching this in the month of February, jump on my website and go to your last chance tab. It’s under specials, you’re gonna find it for 20% off. If it’s after that jump over to my clearance tab. There might be a bag or two on there. And past that point, we are just going to wait with our fingers crossed for Scentsy to re-release some fun fragrances for different holidays throughout the year. If you have any questions about this or any other Scentsy product, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to help as I completely forgot to tell you about those jars that I made you pay attention to. So one great suggestion that I have for you is to grab Best Scentsy Scents, soak in a couple different flavors or synths and grab some jars. Keep those near your bathtub. These are a beautiful, um, just addition to any room, but also that way you or the kids can choose whatever fragrance that you want from day-today. Those Ziploc bags that the Scentsy soak comes in can kind of be a booger sometimes. So I just love having mine In a jar you’ll see that I have a scoop in the top one, but usually I usually just grab a handful of that stuff out of there and sprinkle it in the bathtub. So just wanted to give you that fun little tip to add a cute little look in your bathroom, but also to make using Scentsy soap even easier.