Hey there guys. Jami Jo here, and you have found yourself at Jami Jo Sells Wax. This channel is all about Scentsy fragrance. I love to come to you as a Scentsy consultant and share tips and tricks, give some suggestions, some product reviews, some scent reviews, all things. Scentsy is what I am throwing at you right here, and I am here to solve a problem. Today, we find ourselves in a time of the year where company is always popping by. We never know when someone might be popping by, or maybe you are the hostess with the mostest for this holiday season party. Let’s talk about what you need to have on hand to make sure that your space is the most inviting and the most warm and the most cozy area that your guests can be in. I have a couple products that I wanna share with you guys today and also some scent recommendations.

Now, when I recommend these products and these fragrances, remember they are just a recommendation. We have over a hundred different fragrances. We have tons of different products, and all of our products are absolutely amazing. There’s really only one product that we have that I don’t love. If you wanna know what it is, you should take a guess in the comments. No, ’cause then that won’t be good. You can ask me what it is though. I’m just not gonna say it on the video. How about that? Hmm, <laugh>. But I’m here to be honest. If anything, I am an honest consultant and I am going to tell you what I honestly think about different things. But today I’m going to be telling you about things that I love. ’cause they are things that I absolutely think you should have on hand if you are going to be hosting any sort of holiday event, or just to have on hand, just in case when customers pop by.

Now, I’m a s Scentsy consultant. If you are not familiar with s Scentsy fragrance, we have been around for almost 20 years. The company started with just wax warmers and wax. We are the safe alternative to candles. So here’s the cool thing. There’s other wax warmers and waxes out there on the market, but I promise you that ours is super duper safe because our wax warms at a much lower temperature. Of course, we’re gonna be safer than candles. There’s no fire, there’s no flame, there’s no suit soot going on your walls, none of that nasty stuff of candles. Hands down, safer than candles. But we are also safer than a lot of wax. Warmer is out on the market because our wax warms at a lower temperature. We use parum base wax, and that means that we can lower it, warm it at a lower temperature, still get the fragrance, throw the scent throw, and still have a great product.

But have it be safe. It’s not going to burn skin should little fingers get in it, uh, free tail swish in it. Whatever might happen, you are completely safe with s. So my first recommendations are three different waxes that I think are great to have on hand. Now of course, you’re gonna need a wax warmer. I’m not even going to recommend a wax warmer because it is so specific to, uh, the design of your home, the design of your decoration style that is really going to be important when you’re choosing a warmer. So we have tons and tons of different warmers if you’re needing to know what type of warmer to choose. I have a video specifically on that, that you can find on my channel about the different styles of wax warmers. But let’s jump right into my wax recommendations. I say that every home needs mainly three different waxes.

You need a good kitchen smell. You need a good fresh and clean bathroom smell. And then the, the main living area smells, the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms, whatever, can be the same scent. But I like to switch it up for those rooms and do like a fun seasonal type of scent. So today I am recommending for your kitchen that you get baked apple pie. This is just a fabulous kitchen fragrance. I’m not a huge foodie scent person, so I would not want this in my entire space. But I do think it plays a lovely role in the kitchen, especially at the holidays when we’re all doing a lot of baking and, uh, using a lot of cinnamon and clove, baked apple pie. The name pretty much says it all. You’re gonna smell the buttery crust of the pie. You’re gonna smell the apples, the cinnamon and clove that goes into that.

So baked apple pie is a fabulous sense selection for your kitchen, for your bathroom. I am suggesting polar bear hug. I absolutely love this fragrance. If you are familiar with an older fragrance of ours called Eskimo Kiss, this is actually the very same fragrance. We just changed the name of it. It is fresh, it’s warm, it’s clean, it is ideal to have in your bathroom spaces. Now my recommendation right now for the general spaces in your home is a brand new fragrance, and it’s called meat at the missile Toe. It is actually our fragrance of the month right now in December, which means that you can snag it for 10% off, which is a great deal. You are going to smell, they say it’s missile toe. Most people don’t know what missile toe smells like. It’s very similar to a lighter eucalyptus scent in my opinion.

It is definitely a woodsy and um, botanical scent, but it’s not as strong as eucalyptus. But meat at the missile toe has that missile toe fragrance with a little bit of cherry on top of it, and definitely some spruce or balsam, something like that mixed in there as well. So if you love woodsy fragrances, but you also want a little sweetness for the holidays, meat at the missile toe is a fragrance for you. So the, I think those are the three waxes that you need. But there’s a couple other items that are great to have on hand if you have guests coming over. One is a room spray, and this is definitely a great thing to just have on the counter next to your toilet. Things happen friends, and they have a lot of times in the bathroom stanky things. We’re just gonna leave it at that.

So leave out a room spray for your guests to use. One awesome thing about our room sprays is they are very much an oil-based room spray, which means you can spray it in the toilet bowl before you use the toilet bowl, and then it’s gonna trap all the fragrances under that oil barrier on the water. Then when you flush the toilet, it flushes all those nasty fragrances away too. So it’s kind of dual purpose. It’s gonna stop the stank before the stank. But then if some lingers behind, you can always use this. I don’t recommend spraying it in the air because when it drifts down onto the tile, it can be a bit slippery. What I recommend is tearing off a square of toilet paper, spraying that square just once, maybe twice at the most, and then just laying that in the trash can. That’s a great way to use our s Scentsy room sprays.

Then of course, we are going to be feeding a lot of people. Chances are, so our counter clean is fabulous. I grabbed vanilla mint. It’s just a great Christmas fragrance to use while cleaning your cabinets. Now they call it counter clean, but I swear the stuff should be called magic in a bottle. Counter clean is fabulous to clean so many different surfaces. Now the instructions on it say it’s best for a good sealed surface. Think countertops, think granite, think marble, think for Micah. All of those things. But I have also used it. I use it on the regular actually to clean my tennis shoes. I have used it on the upholstery in my car. One of my friends actually uses this as her stay and spray on her clothing. So many, many different uses for uses for counter clean. We only endorse it for sealed surfaces.

But try your hand at a couple other things because I think you will really like it. Now, I did want to mention our wall fan diffusers. This is if you know you are going to have a lot of little ones around for the holidays, our wall fan diffusers are fabulous instead of wax warmers and wax. Depending on where those are messes and accidents can happen. But the wall fan diffuser stops that from being a problem. First of all, it is completely plastic, meaning that little fingers, uh, can’t drop it and break it. But how it works is you’re gonna see a fan down inside of it. When you plug this product in, it is going to start blowing past that fan. Inside there, we are going to tuck some scent pods. This is a Scent Pods, so you can see the plastic cage. It’s got those fragrance beads inside of there.

When that fan kicks on in the wall fan diffuser, it’s going to blow pla blow past those fragrance beads and put off fragrance. We have event stop words. Hmm. We also have wall fan diffusers that have a downlight. So if you need a nightlight in the hallway or some room of your home, a nursery or a kid’s room, the wall fan diffusers are a great option there as well. These are the things that are really going to help your home smell great and be super inviting for your holiday guests. Like I said at the first of this video, there’s tons and tons of different fragrances and many different products that I think you would love, but these are my top recommendations for if you are hosting the holidays or any other event in the near future. You can grab all of these products at Jami Jo sells wax.com or give me a shout. You can reach me by text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you have any questions or if you just want me to help you with your order, I am happy to do that as well. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.