Well, hey there guys. Thanks so much for flying in. That’ll make sense in just a minute. But thanks so much for flying in to Jamie. Jo sells Wax. I am Jake Jo and I have a business where I have partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance for over 14 years now. And in that 14 years, we have a lot. We have had a lot of exciting announcements and we just got another one of those super exciting announcements. And it has to do with Disney. It has to do with Walt Disney World. It has to do with Magic Kingdom, it has to do with Dumbo. Hence the punt about flying in. Now guys, we have had a partnership with Walt Disney World since 2021, so just a couple of years, but even three years before that, we have had licensing for Disney products. Now, I’m curious if you’re a Scentsy fan and you’re a Disney fan, chances are you, you are both of those.

If you’re watching this video, I want you to jump down to the comments and tell me what has been your most favorite Disney product that Best Scentsy Scents has released. So we have been making Disney products for probably about five years now. It’s blurred out, but you can see my favorite one right up there. I am a little Mermaid nut and I have all of the Little Mermaid products. So those are my favorites. But I’m curious, what would be your favorite? Tell me in the comments now. In 2021, Best Scentsy Scents moved from being just a approved licensing manufacturer of Disney products to the official fragrance of Walt Disney World and Walt Disney World Resorts. Now, at the time when this was announced, consultants and even customers alike, we didn’t really know what this meant because that’s all that was announced was that we were the official Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. That was it.

We didn’t have any other information. But in 2022 during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot Hot, we became one of their sponsors. We being Scentsy, even though I don’t work for Scentsy, I, I still say we because we’re partners. Anyway, anyway, anyway, Scentsy became a sponsor at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Now what did that mean? That meant that we set up a big display. It was right off of the bridge. I have pictures of me added right there. You can see that I got to go and enjoy the Epcot, um, display, the Scentsy display at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. So many words that I have to make sure that I say the right words. Anyway, what that meant is in Epcot during Flower and Garden Festival, we had these beautiful topiaries set up like beautiful, uh, butterfly topiaries and there were five of them.

Each of them had a different fragrance. Also, we were passing out seed packets. Uh, in 22. It was lavender seeds, I believe in 23 it was mint seeds. So some of the Walt Disney World Epcot workers were passing those out at the exhibit and it was so way cool, but we had a feeling there was more in the works. That’s why I’m coming to you today. That was a really long intro to say something really exciting is coming to Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom, in Fantasy Land and at the Storybook Circus. Now, if you are a Disney nut, you know that Storybook Circus is where the Dumbo exhibit is, and very soon we don’t have the exact date, but hopefully very soon Scentsy will become the official sponsor of that Dumbo ride. But also there is going to be a super fun new experience through Storybook Circus.

Now, here is what it is going to look like when you enter into Storybook Circus. There is going to be a little stand there and somehow they’re going to have um, the little Mouse, what was his name? Timothy? Yes, I believe Timothy The Mouse is going to be making a Best Scentsy Scents casting call for I have a hard time saying this. With assistance. With assistance, he is going to be making a casting call for with assistance and there is going to be a cast member there to guide you through the smell Elephants on parade. How cute is that? Smell Elephants on parade. Now this whole thing was inspired by the Pink Elephants parade. Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo. Do you remember that crazy scene in Dumbo? So that is the inspiration for this activity. When you visit the cast member, they are going to give you some sort of paper or booklet and some stickers.

Now, the width systems are going to be guided through Storybook Circus where there are going to be these giant elephant statues or elephant statues where there’s going to be some form of a smith there. Now they did a really cool at Epcot. I’m hoping they’re gonna do it a similar way at Storybook Circus, but you’re just gonna be able to smell this amazing fragrance in front of this smell elephant statue. Now we know that they are all going to be circus themed smells, so we don’t really know what all of them are yet. We do know that popcorn will be one of them. We have been told there will be the fragrance of popcorn. So you are going to go through, the cast member is going to give you a map and stickers at the ticket booth. It’s gonna be just outside of big top souvenirs.

So the with assistance that is a tongue twister. Guys, with Best Scentsy Scents assistance, we’ll wander around Storybook circus. You will find all the smell elephant statues. You will enjoy the fragrance, give it a little sniff, and then you’re gonna get to record it on your map with the sticker sheet to record that you found that smell elephant. So the goal is going to be to go through Storybook Circus and find all the smell elephants. Enjoy the fragrance market on your map. So this reminds me of the first time that I went to Walt Disney World with my kids. And back then Kim, possible was the thing. I love Kim possible. I still have a Kim possible ringtone on my phone. Not that my ring tone’s ever on on my phone. Really, it’s on silent all the time. But if I do happen to switch it to, um, noise notification when I get a text, it’s that boop boop.

You remember that from Chem Possible. Anyway, I digress. When you were in Epcot, there was a chem possible area where similar to this activity, it sounds like you got a map. You knew the different areas that you were supposed to go to and you pushed a button and it gave you a clue because if you know anything about Kim possible, she was figuring out mysteries. So it gave you a clue and you went through this little area at Epcot. It was so much fun with my kids, especially my daughter. She was maybe about 10 at the time, totally into Kim Possible, and that little naked mole rat, I don’t even remember his name. So when they announced this elephants on Parade, it just took me back to that time that I really got to enjoy Epcot with my kids. They were probably, um, 10 and eight at the time.

My youngest two, my oldest son had not even joined our family yet. So that is really a memory from a long time ago. I loved the Kim Possible exhibit. I think that you and your kids are going to love this smell of fence on parade. Now, they announced this at Scentsy Convention, which was held, um, at the last of July, just not too long ago. And Scentsy gave us this awesome eight by 10 to hang up in our office to remember the awesome, awesome, awesome stuff that’s coming on the way. Also, they teased us. We have some new Disney products coming very soon. Some new Dumbo specific Disney products. We got to sniff this new bar. It’s smells so good. If you love the Fragrance Beach, for some reason, this really reminds me of that beach fragrance. But we’re gonna have a new Dumbo warmer.

We’re gonna have all kinds of fun new Dumbo stuff. So make sure that you stay tuned. Make sure that you’ve subscribed to this channel so I can let you know when those products are going to be released. So you told me about your favorite Disney products. I asked you to do that in the comments section of this video. Now I wanna know, do you have plans to go to Walt Disney World soon, within the next year or two? Because I want to make sure that you really give this exhibit, this activity a try. It is going to be in Magic Kingdom, in Fantasy Land, in Storybook Circus. Guys, you can order Disney’s Scentsy products or any Scentsy products at Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions at all, feel free to put it in the comments on this video or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m super excited about all the new elephants on Parade and I cannot wait until we find out the date that this is coming out.